Yeah, the revolution starts now In your own backyard In your own hometown So what are you doin’ standin’ around? Just follow your heart The revolution starts now

Except I missed it. I missed the revolution. Naw, nothing to do with the voting thing altho’ I am proud to have played my part on Thursday evening and Friday afternoon, but more of that anon. No, I was supposed to be joining some folk at the Carnival against the Cuts May Day Rally in George Square last Sunday and I was sure that Chris had said ‘Meet at 1130’ but no; they left at 1130 and I turned up at 1142, had obviously missed them and went to M & S and bought underwear and t-shirts….saves me washing or tidying up bedrooms, doesn’t it?

Hello Scotland, on the Dawn of a new Era. The land of rock hard coco pops. And JackieMcNamara’sRed’n’Yellowarmy.

Cos that was the other revolution I missed this week. Jaymi and I (and a couple of hundred others) had been given the opportunity of being old fashioned bank clerks down at the SECC. The plan? On the Thursday night to verify the Referendum votes with a view to counting them the next afternoon. Not long after midnight, the task was done. Except some supervisors seemed unable to cope with the stats and were thrown by what are known as transfers (numpties who voted and didn’t realise that the different coloured ballot papers related to polling boxes of that colour). One supervisor was using a pencil and rubber. (Can I say ‘rubber’, btw BBC Al?)  

We were being told nothing so people stood up and graduated towards the exit, just before two, only to be told by a security guard that if we left, we’d never work on a count again. Oh, yeah? I was back in the next afternoon. (And can I say a big thanks to Nicola and Evita with whom I shared a table for two days? A lot of waiting around, a few minutes of frenzied activity and it was all over)

Mind you it’s at times like these you need a good employment rights lawyer. And no. No connection. But the gorgeous W has got a new job starting Monday. It’s legal. (Yes, I’m leaving it as open ended as that) Anyway lots of listeners wishing you lots of luck. 😀 😀 😀

And, gosh, exactly one year to the day this Wednesday since Gordon Brown resigned. So  much has happened since then. And I was hoping to bring you up to date with news of some blog friends but we’re still looking at rotas and stuff.

Normally at this time I would then talk of lashings of ginger beer but in the same way I saw cocaine references in Thomas the Tank Engine, I am now seeing bdsm in the Famous Five; that and phallic imagery – the lighthouse. And I have no idea why I put bdsm in italics. I used to do that with erectile dysfunction.

But do you remember the first joke you heard on TV that you laffed at but your parents didn’t understand? I can’t remember my alter ego’s age but the TV was black and white. It was;

Did you hear about the masochist who liked a cold shower every morning? So he didn’t have one.

It has everything. A build up. A false punchline. Timing. And it makes you think a la Limmy. And it gets you sent to bed. 😦 Alone. 😦 😦

And finally, as many listeners know I am soon (Spetember but it seems soon) to go to an anonymous university somewhere in the West of Scotland near Paisley; its very anonymity guaranteed by its hiding place down the road from one of my former mum-in-law’s fave restaurants, Cardosi’s; across from the students’ union which is run by a Partick Thistle fan; where free pool is available all day on a Wednesday (you have no idea how difficult that day of the week is to type accurately these days!); where I can start myown society; and where the pubs and clubs around  include the jolly interesting looking Cafe Borgia and Fridays at Viennas Nightclub and Caffufal’s  Oh, and the university has a library as well. No. No website address as yet.

So I’ll need some kinda research project but where to begin?

Anyway, there is some serious thinking to be done, and soon members of the High Council, those of long standing and those recently appointed will be receiving tapestries of vellum to register the portent of days to come (or an e-mail with attachment or a facebook message saying I’ve sent an e-mail or a multi talloned headless hawk talking in tongues………..I’m still not sure)

cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? tbh, it’s being carried in my car just now for short notice purposes….just in case.

Johnt850, a man of impulse who does not take ‘no’ for an answer but comes back with another idea

And to this week’s serious note, about GPs seeing 5,500 drink-related illnesses a day. Now leaving aside the Herald of Glasgow’s stupid correlation between this report and the recent ‘Battle of Kelvingrove’, I personally don’t think it’s a bad thing.

My own personal experience was that my GPs were willing and able to help with a range of options beyond those that sometimes get prominence. I felt I got more out of my local Health Centre than I think I would out of the Priory, say. And, indeed, my own experience in a rehab ward was brilliant in that for the first time in many years, including mum’s illness, when I hardly ate at all, suddenly I was getting three meals a day cooked for me. That alone was a big help in my recovery.

No I think it’s a good thing that people are going to the doctors for these reasons. Let’s not get this message confused with people fuelled by drink on a hot holiday Friday in April.

Oh,and Steve Earle did the music thing at the top, btw.

There is one female friend regularly referred to as ‘gorgeous’, but I am incredibly lucky to know many good looking women, all with nice hair.  This is for them. I will say ‘Parental Guidance is needed’ but I’m not sure my folks would have understood it anyway. I am the stunt double. And I am still one of the hottest forty-two year olds I know.

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