When all your good days keep getting shorter, count on me. When you’re ’bout 20 cents shy of a quarter, count on me. When you just need a place to hide out for a while, I’ll help you hide the bodies in a little while……….I will be your saving grace.

As ever, when I open with a lyric like that, it is meant for a number of folk out there and you know who you are…….. But it also includes my old mate, Kate (Middleton). Just as I’m saying to the others, Kate, by mail/message, if you want to meet up for a chat or whatever, then you know where to find me. Except with the football season finishing it won’t be upstairs in the Doublet on a Saturday. Try the Aragon a wee bit earlier in the day. Or the Rock. I was there for the first time for ages, the other night. It seems pretty ‘clean and clear’ these days as well.

I enjoyed the wedding. It brought back memories of my own. Paisley Registry office and the Brabloch Hotel afterwards. The rainforestriverman was my best man and we did in a half bottle of Black Label beforehand. I can’t remember who the band was but they came highly recommended. From the CIBA-Geigy Works Club in Renfrew.

D’you think at a Royal Wedding someone goes round halfway through with a list to see who wants to sing a special song? And the Queen was leaving the house for the night so the young ones could have a good time. I know that ‘cos I saw it on Facebook so me and the others went round later and crashed and trashed. Good night.

Apparently, they were having a ‘disco’ with ‘glitterballs’. I wondered where all the gear from the old Clatty Pat’s had gone. And who snuck in the half bottle of voddie, I wonder.

And no-one from Bahrain, Libya or Syria made it to mine either. But there was a couple from Motherwell. The Airbles Road. Wonder if they were invited. No. No reason.

The honeymoon? Arran, but we’d packed for bad weather so had to come home a day early cos the weather was good. Downhill after that, I suppose. Glasgow celebrated the separation with a Year of Culture. Two years later Alien Wars opened at the Arches in Glasgow.

Moving on to other matters.

First, a quick word with the gorgeous W, if that’s okay;


I should have thought at the time. Sorry. What? Talking Japanese. ‘Cos I said so.

And to anyone who escaped the proceedings by going to the Baby Show at the SECC…..did you, really?

And Happy Birthday to K T. xx I would have been down Byres Road tonight but Son Brian warned me off. No. No reason.

Incidentally, I have a cutting here that says ‘Memory lapse studied’…but I can’t remember why.

So, the work side of thing has kinda slowed down but there’s enough still there to bring in some money and I’ve a couple of meetings and I’ve fallen out with someone over non-payment, but I don’t like that sort of thing. I’m creative.  And kindly. And gentle. FFS.

So the intention, this week is to do a wee bit of planning and catch up with people. Some initials and soubriquets have been missing recently and rather than put their names and faces on milk bottles there are pints of heavy, bottles of Miller, glasses of red wine or coffee waiting. Legitimate business expense? I’ll see what my accountant says. After all she was there at Paisley Registry Office, the Brabloch Hotel and Arran as well. 

And finally, Lorraine Kelly is not my favest presenter. She has euphemisms for euphemisms. I don’t think she’d recognise an innuendo if it came up behind her. I suspect that, to her, Essex girls are not vajazzled, but rather they indulge in exotic topiary.

However, brilliant pics in the Record of Daily this week of her. To quote top journo Keith McLeod, ‘she looked a decade younger when she left the Daybreak studios……..rolling back the years.’ Well done, Lorraine. I suspect different diet from the one I adopted, ‘tho, but it does happen. I am living proof.  😀  They are really good pics and I’m beginning to rate her up there with top presenters like Michelle ‘cheese’n’wine’ McManus……..now that is a diet. I miss 😦 But I’m beginning to enjoy the orange juice. If not the cod liver oil.

What’s that Skippy? Vajazzling? Now what possible interest could that be to a bush kangaroo?

cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yup, except I lent it to Kate for the day. No, you wouldn’t have seen it. Not where she was wearing it.

Johnt850, desparately trying to find a list of runners and riders for the Tour de France….just in case….when is it anyway? What? July? Jeez…………..That’s a full month after this year’s Greyhound Derby.

Recently, I explained why I describe myself as a ‘recovered’ and not ‘recovering’ alcoholic. And I appreciate that not everyone is as fortunate as me. This week, however, I took some stick from a couple of people who took exception to the quote in the Record where I said I’d beaten cancer.

I was asked, by the journalist, if I felt I’d beaten cancer, to which I said yes, ‘but with the help of so many people’….so it became too long a quote. In a few months time, I, like so many students I know over the last few weeks, will have to choose a resarch topic for a dissertation but this won’t be it, but, maybe, just maybe, I might find some time to do it.

I would love to write something about the language we use when we’re talking about alcoholism and cancer and drugs and maybe other addictions/illnesses that I know nothing about. Our language is often pejorative, judgemental and archaic at times and sees many people speaking on matters they know little about but won’t ask questions about, but then as I used to say in the early days of this blog, WTF do I know?

Sometimes more than I’m given credit for. Self-deprecation ain’t to be recommended.

And the band at the start? Drive By Truckers, so this is Janis Joplin with another of the same.



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