I like the way you put your hands up in the air, I like the way you shake your hair, I like the way you like to touch, I like the way you stare so much, but most of all, yeah, most of all…..I like the way you move

No. It’s not dedicated to anyone. Honest. But it is a brilliant piece of music. Nor is it a sign that my alter ego has a lot of living to do before he collects his bus pass. If indeed he does. (Note to self……add student railcard to list). No. These are busy times in the world of www.thewordprocess.net and its dissertation editing and I seem to have created a playlist that is purely dance music (with the very poor latest album by the Kills thrown in) and it’s brilliant cos it just keeps going (obvious innuendo avoided) but it also soooooo helps me with my power walking – of which more later.

I told the rainforestriverman what I was playing this week and he asked if it was the version by  Body Rockers or Outkast. Sometimes I do wonder if he realises how much of my music collection he sold to me. With no discount. Body Rockers – rock da house mix was his guess and he guessed right.

No. This has been a busy time for students and me but it’s been good fun as well ‘cos with some I’ve been able to get quite involved with more than just checking spilling and grandma but always within the rules. Honest, Professor. And to those who paid me more than I asked? Thanks.

But thoughts are turning towards to my own student daze. And with that in mind I watched a prog called ‘Campus’ on Channel 4 overDose. (What?) Sorry. Channel 4 onDemand. Suddenly I am excited. Paisley, or wherever, seems closer.

Campus’s main baddy Jonty de Wolfe makes Slough based David Brent seem like a pussycat. And I had two fave scenes. One where the man-hating woman with long hair eats the fag…..and the scene with the banana. No. Lots of serious sociologial intercourse there. It is based on fact, isn’t it?

And I joined Glasgow Uny Library. Yes. I know about reciprocity but I’d like to do some reading in advance. It seems to be open until 2 in the morning but without drinks licence. Yes, I know that doesn’t directly concern me (I can’t even remember how long I’ve been ‘clean and clear’ ) but, hey, I might meet someone. Actually……….but that was before CCTV was so common.

So I turned up, paid my Monet, got my pic taken (I look so Jung), got my card and got told I could take out up to thirty books. Amazed, I turned to the young female-under graduate behind me and said, ‘thirty?’ – to which she replied, ‘No. Twenty-one, you old Kant and slapped me across the face.

And that dear listener is the first ever ageist story I’ve ever told against myself. No. No reason 😦

btw, blogmeister, Arlene Russo, 37, of Uddingston, Lanarkshire was in the papers this week trying to copyright the phrase ‘Bite Me’. Good luck, but maybe I should ensure she never meets the Vampire Slayer. Oh, and hope the house decorating went well.


So, what has the still gorgeous W done for me this week you ask? In a word – pedometer and the Good Run Guide (Oke. Six words). I walk a lot, as does W (except she also runs) as does e (likewise) so I thought I should discipline myself more (Don’t even think it!) and have stepped out to measure miles. Proudly. Its first real test was Wendysday (I can post a typo form smiles away) and I did seven miles in an hour and three quarters (15 min mile average – which I think is okay) but over a wide range of terrains including two of the parks in the area, a visit behind a wall for a pee and the canal bank – a favourite old haunt of mine.

At this point I would like to thank the members of the Forth and Clyde Canal Fine Wine Appreciation Society (Lock Twenty-Four Branch) for the sip from the half bottle of fortified tonic wine I was offered. Mmmmmm…..my Volvic water with strawberry is just as good. 😦 Who am I kidding, but………..?

Actually The Last Goodbye from The Kills’ new album is amazing and Pots and Pans.

And I’ve discovered that walking within the extremes of the graveyard (as we call it locally) is 3.9 miles. The dance music does help me power it and, yes, occasionally, I do a kind of dance step loosely based on Michael Jackson’s Thriller and I can sing along cos it’s quiet there, isn’t it?

No, jt850. Graveyards is for burying people. The family was not well amused, bro’.

Maybe I should plan my routes more carefully. Which is where the Good Run Guide comes in. It allows you to plan and measure a route by a drag-the-cursor method. But my first atempt saw me going through the combination-locked back door of  the Asda and along the railway line to Maryhill Railway Station. Not good.

And, finally, wine gums do have gelatine (bovine) as well and The Future Starts Slow by The Kills is pretty good as is Satellite. Music to chill by amidst the dance.

cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Yes, but if I wear it with the showerproof then the jaggy bit will stop it being showerproof.

Johnt850, the thinking woman’s Robert de Niro but much younger.

So nothing serious below the line tonight.Nothing cancerly or alcoholically related.  Altho’ I’ve been working most of today, it’s a good bunch of students I’m working with – no ethical problems. I know all my former FE colleagues get the same satisfaction on a daily basis. In fact, it’s been an interesting week with a good finish, so I don’t want to push it.

Had a good punt on the National but none of the choices by We3 actually won (did you see what I did there……….?) but I’ve just always hated the man on a Monday morning who says ‘I knew Ballabriggs would win’ but never put any monet on it. If you don’t gamble, you don’t win.

And on that enigmatic note, here’s a woman singing about stripping off. No. No reason.  There’s a banana in this video. Enjoy. 🙂 It’s Ida Marie.



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