Riders on the storm Into this house we’re born Into this house we’re thrown Like a dog without a bone An actor out alone Riders on the storm

And can I start by saying a mega-thanks to all those who have said nice things about me getting to study (Post Grad) drink and drugs at a University in the Wets of Scotland near Paisley (No, Rab, aka Limmy’s producer, it is not one of those where people are paid to test drugs, so at no point in the experiment will I need to be subdued) but one or two bureaucratic bits’n’pieces had to be overcome.

However, dear listener, I have proof that I have a degree! They had to blow dust off archives to find the details originally entered into a buff coloured ledger by a quill made out of a feather plucked from a pregnant dodo. I didn’t realise I had still to re-sit Scottish Literature. In fact, I don’t remember studying it. Maybe ‘study’ is too strong a word.

But I am confident enough to start clearing a shelf or two for the rag mags and society memberships I am sure to pick up (maybe ‘pick up’ is not appropriate these days) and isn’t it interesting what you come across at times like that. Obvioulsy, at one point, I had an idea for a TV prog looking at how the alcoholic is portrayed in literature. I still have the notes.

Apparently Krook, a character in Dickens’s Bleak House, died by spontaneously combusting – ‘an event sometimes associated  with alcoholism’. Nope. I think I avoided that one. And Winky the House-Elf in the Harry Potter stories is described as depressed and a heavy drinker ‘for a House-Elf’. Not that I know that many house-elves.

No, you’re right. I’ve not been out much this week. It’s been a busy two weeks for some very large pieces of ‘proof-reading’ and the other stuff on the books is of a smaller dimension and maybe more fun in some respects. But screen-reading, as opposed to screen-surfing, fair takes it out of your eyes I realised the other night when I realised I had done too much.

I was sitting staring at my bare feet as they perched on my desk (I was wearing clothes over the rest of me, and my feet were actually still attached to my body) and I realised that the toes on my right foot are toetally different from those on my left. I mean, they’re not like just the mirror image kinda thing you’d expect. So after ten minutes I gave up and googled Stephanie Beecham. No. No reason. 😉

And I see KEN LOACH is casting for a new movie in a Scottish whisky distillery. Don’t ask. I’m not sure either.

But I did get out on Friday. I went to buy new pots’n’pans. I’ll keep them in the box, e, worry not, until you and AJ get a chance to see them, and (serious voice) there had been a pedestrian knocked down at the Science Park roundabout but my lane was moving and then it slowed and then another car hit me. In the back of my car. She’d been watching out for cars doing u-turns and hadn’t watched for flow of traffic.

By the time I’d got home she’d admitted full liability, arranged for a hire car, a garage to come and fix it, and I had her phone number. And her partner works for the NHS. But, hey, it’s a possible future plan of action, if tricky.

It’s the third scrape the Megane’s had this year as well as the big one last July. Chunky Chips lorry on black ice; car transporter on way to Helensburgh; and now this. Tbh,  I feel quite shattered. And got no work done. Ho and hum. And problems today (Saturday) as well. Must keep a record.

Coach Z in Homestar Runner was seen drinking Listerine (a dead giveaway) and Withnail of Withnail and I drank lighter fuel and went blind but was he not based on a real actor who had a funeral on a Scottish island which may have been the basis of the short story read by Alan Warner at the EdinBookFest attended by me and the gorgeous W? Y’know, sometimes it’s tortuous but I get there. 😀

Nice idea, btw, W – a virtual Workers’ playtime; to Howlin’ Prowlin’ Wolfman Missie K, attack the mic cos very few radio deejays do these days; and to players of the mighty Thistle well done – to hell with poncey Arsenal v Barca on widescreen TV in the comfort of peoples’ homes when you can watch such a brill victory over Queen of the South in the pouring rain and snow and that was just us in the stand.

And finally, when I Facebooked how good comic genius Mark Millar was at the Glasgow Book Aye Write Fest, which took place in the Mitchell Library with its amazing coffee bar, full of amazing ppl but not decaff coffee, little did I realise how much comic fans care about the writers as well as the heroes. Millar, amongst other things, and he admitted this, makes a good living from writing words for SwampThing and Kick Ass (someone actually turned up dressed as Kick Ass and sat in front of me! The embarrassment! For me!)

He did, however, talk about one of his latest projects, Death of Spiderman, but refused to give away the ending. (Oh and Flash Thompson (sp) and Ms Marvel are also on my lists of alcoholics……….interesting, eh?)

cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Don’t think the woman who crashed into me, didn’t notice it.

Johnt850, Should be fine. Feeling quite confident. Why the f**k not? (anon)

So no serious stuff below the line this week. I’ll be doing some Cancer Awareness at Dobbies Garden Centre in Milngavie this Thursday aftrenoon and all day in Cumbernauld the Thursday after but the gig in Motherwell this Monday is a wee bit more special by way of an audience. It’s a charity called Neighbourhood Network. This is their link;


Let’s play some music. This man was no work of fiction. It’s Jim Morrison. It’s the Doors. Attack the mic.


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