Ladies Don’t Stop It. Shake It Round and Round. Feel That Bass Bumpin’ and Rock To The Beat. This Beat Is Steady Bumpin’. They Jumpin’ Off Their Feet…….I’m gonna party hard like there’s no turning back……

And welcome Dear Listener to a special Club 18 – 30 edition of the show and that was the quiet and unassuming Black Eyed Peas there getting us off to a slow and gentle start.

Y’see what happened was that, for some reason, I was sent a Club 18-30 Members’ Handbook and it’s given me all sorts of ideas. For the Summer. No. Not quite those ideas. Bare with me. For example, I now have a promo code that gets me 15% off the Nike 6.0 Spring 2011 Collection at Kickzoo.

And according to the product placed phone quiz I did, I am ‘a trendsetter with a pixie haircut and a goth-inspired look to prove it.’ (Well, I did buy a new Mouse Pad (black) from Poundstretcher the other day).

And something else did get me thinking a wee bit about Summer and exotic holidays. Or weekends away.  A dissertation client for whom I did some long and very short notice work not only paid me, but gave me a sarong from her homeland of Malaysia. It’s beautiful. And it’s the same colour as the jogging hippo. A photo has been taken. 

But, no, (Name removed to protect my technological embarrassment) I will not be sending on mobile pics of me in that sarong 😉 , altho’ I now have a brilliant one of the Kingston Bridge taken from a Hilton Hotel bedroom the other night. (Long story but the rainforestriverman was in town and the toiletries I took from his room are much better than the ones I stole from that other hotel)

But I’ve done other things this week. I’d drooled about a ‘beloved hipster bar’ called Chinaski’s I know, only to find it looked shut but isn’t, after I took a friend there; I’ve listened to Nick at Demus mix a smashing radio drama (where did the idea for it come from, I wonder?) and I’ll let you know when it goes out; but that meant I missed Missie K on Bolt fm’s lunchtime special on Thursday; and I’d like to say a big thanks to a really good looking blonde called Heather who was my guide and mentor when collecting money for The Prostate Cancer Charity (Scotland) at Ibrox last Sunday. It is not a place in which I feel comfortable (my politics are not theirs), but we raised millions and that was just me and Heather. Thanks to the Rangers fans.

I did not stay for the game but went instead for chips and got a massif portion on the grounds that, ‘I’m no’ makin’ fresh ’til the end, son, so you can have all that’s left.’

Oh, and Son Brian, I spent a little bit more of your inheritance on a new pair of denims. I did throw out a pair or two recently. Someone did ask if I didn’t keep old clothes for D-I-Y or gardening or something and then realised it was me they were taking to. Oh, and is a waist size of just under 32 good? 😀 A new belt came with them.

And it was all going so well until yesterday morning when I knocked over the mini Zen Garden I have, or now had, on the desk beside me. FFS now actually stands for f**ked Feng-Shui, and W, you know how I argue that my carpet is coloured ‘sand’ not ‘beige’……well, it seriously is cos I can’t see how or where the sand from the garden has fallen or in what shape. The rocks look fine but only Buddhist time will tell. Oooooooooooops. I’m now really scared to hoover.  

So, I’d like to thank AJ’s mum for the semolina and I won’t tell Zen if you don’t; and I’d like to thank AJ for playing with me in that park in Hotspur Street. Ah, the joys of being freelance – like working until eleven o’clock last Sunday night and up again at 5.30 the next morning to do the second reading of that dissertation…..

Summerston remains fairly quiet, btw, despite families feuding following a High Court decision to jail two men for at last 18 and 17 years respectively following the killing of another. So far it involves apparently another machete attack; shots fired through windows; and a hit and run by a 4 x 4. However it does not as yet involve the police. Where’s all this happening? The bottom of the road and turn right. And stop.

But meercats continue to be exploited! A press release from St Andrew’s Aquarium, in St Andrew’s, is headed ‘Kate, Wills and the Pitter Patter of Tiny Feet’ – apparently the aquarium has named two of their meercats Kate and Wills ‘cos it was a ‘regular haunt’ of theirs when they were students.  

And finally, I’ve received a lot of advice this week on a particular matter but as there’s no real need to make a decision, I won’t.

cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Well, no, ‘cos it’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and they want me to wear one that says I’m Aware, but I do wonder how much more a badge that says Sex God would do for the image of men who have gone through the prostate cancer experience.

(Or go to Marks and Spencer’s Menswear and buy the wee blue man cancer badge!)

Johnt850, a tekkie tw*t as the gorgeous W well knows

And, so to this week’s serious news – I have been offered and accepted a Post Grad place in Alcohol and Drugs Studies at a University in the West of Scotland relatively near Paisley Gilmore Street Railway Station. Just down the road from Cardosi’s Carvery, the Students’ Union and across from a multi-storey car park, but I don’t want to be too specific.

I would like to thank e and W already for their patience in this matter – they are told even before Son Brian about some of these things and he’s happy and I’d also like to thank the Vampire Slayer for her help with the pencil question, and anyone else who’s had to listen to my excited squeals over the last few weeks.

There will no doubt be references to it over the next few months but they will be of an even more general nature.

This is Paulo Nutini. He’s from Paisley and he’s wearing New Shoes. I wonder if….(as I do occasionally…..)…..No. No reason.


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