I always flirt with death I could kill but I don’t care about it I can face your threats Stand up tall and scream and shout about it I think I’m on another world with you I’m on another planet with you

I’m assuming that everyone knows that tonight’s featured artist is The Only Ones (much discussed on my Facebook this week. Thanks Amy) and don’t they sound amazingly like the amazing Roky Erikson and the 13th Floor Elevators and druggily they had much in common and what does it say that, when the person who introduced them to me and I have a long and wide-ranging conversation, we end up pixillating trans-sexuals? 

Actually it says exactly why people say to me, that when they read the blog,  they don’t understand it – but yet they fly in large metal machines full of  inflammable stuff without understanding any of that, either!

So I very rarely talk about the football but I want to mention the road trip that Northern Soul Dave, the Man They Call Bean and I made to Greenock this week and the parking in a place that looked like Sleepy Hollow only I play Johnny Depp and the walk to Tesco’s but we ended up in McDonald’s where I didn’t have anything cos I’d had a Spicy Bean Burger the night before but I really didn’t understand what that woman serving was saying to me but she gave me a really strange look when I said that C-3P0 and R2-D2 were not in proportion to each other in the Happy Meals and then we smuggled a cup of coffee into the ground and then the referee gave them a penalty they didn’t expect and then it was all over and I got dropped off in Queen Margaret Drive and on the way up the road I noticed that the Ladbroke’s had been robbed and then I thought – Why?  

Not, ‘why had Ladbroke’s been robbed?’, but following the mighty Thistle………..Why?

‘It’s a lifelong thing’, he said, tongue-in-cheek.

So big thanks to the gorgeous W for settling the cous cous question – it was really worrying me – and I don’t know what you said to the man’s PA but mega thanks (really an amazingly nice thought) – x -; to the Vampire Slayer, I (for a nano-second) had this vision of a vampire slaying meercat (wrong on so many levels lol!) – x -; to Missie K, I ‘m quite happy to sponsor some folk running for cancer charities (Fee), but, no I don’t run myself* but I know several women who do  – x – (Actually I’ve just had a thought) ; and to Uncle Colin – a manly handshake – and your daughter (tricky one but I’ll go for it) – x – thanks for buying me and her lunch.

* The only cuddly toy I have is a hippo that says ‘Jogging is my Life’. It’s from a time when I did a lot of running but never a sprint finish. 😉

And, Colin, I just don’t think that Jason Derulo is our demographic  But I’d really like to have gone and seen Judge Jules this weekend. Skippy went. I wonder who with?

And why is it everyone thinks I’ll end up the class swot? And it’s now Code ‘sorted’ (I repeat Code ‘sorted’) so I’m no longer fretting, cos I don’t worry, do I? Do I? You would tell me , wouldn’t you, if I did?  Wouldn’t you? No. No reason.

But I do have an awfully clean and sparkling white ten year old Megane courtesy (£4) of Anniesland Valet Centre, run apparently by Francis ‘Fraggle’ Green, son of ‘millionaire crime boss Jamie Daniel’ . Fraggle was first on the scene when the ‘notorious’  Kevin ‘Gerbil’ Carroll was shot and killed outside the ASDA in Robroyston last year. My car’s sparkling and when he said, ‘You’ve forgot your change,’ I went back for it. I’m no fool.

Carroll’s own car, you may remember, an Audi Quattro thing with alloy stuff and state-of-the art bits, was impounded by the police and was the target of at least two fire bomb attempts when it was parked in the Maryhill Police Station, just along the road from Ladbroke’s. Probably launched from the grassy knoll by my Health Centre. Well, not just mine. Lots of other people use it. For all sorts of things.

And finally, on the subjects of meercats, and that’s how they spell it, does anyone know if that insurance company pays the real meercats anything? I think that awfully nice Max Clifford should get on their case. 

Anyway since I took up their cause (*cough*), the meercats at Bristol Zoo Gardens have been given a bigger play area (so far so good) BUT there are cameras hidden inside the nest boxes ‘so that they can be seen sleeping’. Now I think that’s an invasion of meercat privacy. Serioulsy.

Cya, (keep)ing it fun and still wearing that badge? Unfortunately (?) I wasn’t wearing that jacket on Tuesday afternoon. Actually. On second thoughts. Maybe better that way.

Johnt850, beginning to wonder what he’s taking on (as well as talking about), but at the age of 42 (forty-two) the world’s his scallop.

Actually anything’s possible. I was at a meeting earlier this week in which a new prostate cancer drug was being discussed. Basically it will come into use for men for whom there may a slight problem following chemotherapy. It’s rumoured that, altho’ unlicensed anywhere in the world, that it’s the drug that has kept Abdul Abasset Mahmet al-Megrahi alive – the only man convicted so far for the killing of 270 people over Lockerbie. It’s called Abiraterone.

One of the men at this meeting was a man with whom I’ve done a number of awareness stands. He’s called Roy. He’s currently restricted to a wheelchair, but he’s going through a number of clinical trials regarding this drug to see if it works. Let’s hope it does. For him.  

This is/these are The Only Ones  (Mind you I quite like the cover version by Blink 182 and The Two Ronnies typo? I laughed. 😀 )


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