Nobody’s going to mess me ’round Hey, Satan paid my dues Playing in a rocking band Hey momma Look at me I’m on my way to the Promised Land, wooh, the Highway to Hell

G’day, cobbers. Skippy here. jt is fast asleep in his bunk at present which is why I was able to slip in AC/DC there, Oz’s top band with Scottish roots which they’ll be displaying later this year at the Kelvingrove Art Galleries. It’s an exhibition. Not a gig tho’. But sounds good anyway.

I reckon old jt there is just plumb tuckered out after last week’s random walk on the wild side on the boulevard of broken dreams on the road to nowhere and so on and so forth…… I’m going to attempt to make some sense of his notes left lying around here. Seems to be a new pack of Post-Its altho’ one of them does say;

Stationery shopping – lots needed. Enough dosh in business bank acc.

So you’ll excuse me listeners if I just read ’em out as they come to me…a little bit like deddies.

Son Brian – next time I’ll place the coffee order and you can pay.

Must tell the blogmeister I never really liked veal anyway and that was before I became a Pescatarian.

Gorgeous W – lots of time I don’t wear socks; my carpet is coloured ‘sand’ not ‘beige’; and I’d to scrape a lot of mud out of my kyebraod the other day.  

And this bit looks quite serious – must get hold of new report ‘Getting Serious About Stigma: The Problem With Stigmatising Drug Users in Scotland’ and maybe send it to people! Loadsappl! My great fear is that ppl see me as boring cos I don’t do the stuff I did b4…jt

Moving swiftly on. Just in case.

Must stop sending Northern Soul Dave pretend rap txts whilst standing in a queue in Waitrose.

rrm –  rap is where an MC performs spoken verses in time to a beat or melody. Ah, the generation gap.

Must tell (can’t make the name out) that if not Johnny Depp nor George Clooney then Dr Paul, the World’s greatest Quizmaster, thinks that that bookish photo makes me look like Lou Reed.

and stapled to this is

Dr Paul knows more, much more than Angus Purden that cant……shldn’t there be another word there….cant what?

Folk I want to catch up with socially and do lunch with and generally meeting up with (and there’s a list of names)

Tell ppl how embarrassed I was being given lift by sis when I pulled a piece of (my own) clothing out of jacket pocket. Last person to see it had been Jayne.

Oh, hang on. There’s the phone. ‘Naw, you’re okay. He’s not relapsed. Muttered something about the excitement of the Wednesday game actually being on, but not the result, cream crackered him. Fine. Thanks for calling.’ Don’t know who that was. Some sheila.

Actually he seems to have written something already ’bout the game;

It was nice of Northern Soul Dave to show me another turn off for Bellshill even tho’ it did mean adding an hour or so to the trip to Perth from Kelvinbridge as we had to go via Edinburgh. The highlight of the trip was the BBC radio pundit who, speaking of a current Scotland international, said; ‘He wasn’t good at training. He always turned up late. And then there was the drink.’ And nobody picked him up on it.

I think I’ve fallen in love with the long blonde haired female steward who kept telling me she wasn’t dancing altho’ I didn’t ask her; and my thanks to the Thistle fans with fresh whisky on their breaths who kept apologising to me for breathing on me. It was good quality. I feel accepted.

What else have we got here? What else has jt written? What’s this?

Do I look like a meercat?’ does not work as a chat up line when the woman in the ASDA queue does not know what a meercat is.

Must thank Sunny D for set up line tho’ and nice hair btw.

Must say well done to Missie K on exam results; tell the Vampire Slayer that she’s dead clever with the Barbie thing; and re-assure the Parfery person that that was a serious apology make-up offer. Clrly there’s someone missing there. Ah, happy daze……. 😉

And finally – must re-assure Kevin from the Kollege that I don’t stalk people even if I did bump into him twice in two days.

cya and defo keep(ing) it fun but that badge? He won’t let anyone near it. Even to shine it. Not me nor no-one. No. No reason. Anyway he’s waking. It’s the serious bit. Bye cobblers.

Skippy. 😀

Thanks for switching it on, Skip and I’ll write the rest later.

Naw, just a quick word at this bit.

The two folk I menshed last week who were due to start cancer treatment this week have got off to a good start but will now be allowed to get on with it; there’s some lovely people out there about whom I’m worried but I just don’t know enough; and I’ve talked to a few folk recently about lots of kinda academically related things. They know what I mean. And it’s still conditional. So it’s been a tiring week.

But let’s get it into some kind of ironical context. After all the White Stripes have split up. Meg was married to Jack but that went a long time ago. Now the music’s gone. Meg’s a marvellous drummer and drop dead gorgeous but she ain’t no Naomi Campbell. This is they. Enjoy. Please. Oke?

2 Responses to “Nobody’s going to mess me ’round Hey, Satan paid my dues Playing in a rocking band Hey momma Look at me I’m on my way to the Promised Land, wooh, the Highway to Hell”

  1. Blogmeiste Says:

    Ok, so no veal; I’ll try the salmon.

    When I was a lowly undergraduate living in Colinton Mains Road my flatmate, Bjorn, and I acidentally vought veal burgers for our BBQ. It was the best burger I’ve ever had, even now.

    Oh, and, Skippy? Sorry mate, but the 2nd best was Kangaroo…

  2. johnt850 Says:

    Whilst I accept that Skippy did act out of good intentions, she failed to scarpe all the mdu out of the kybeorad and will be fined two florins.

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