do you ever question your life? do you ever wonder why? do you ever see in your dreams all the castles in the sky….?

And that’s Castles in the Sky from Jan van Dahl off the album, Trance Nation, and Parfery person, Deadmau5 is dead famou5 in clubbing circles and see when (eh?) you’re next at my house you won’t believe the changes. To the record collection. Or the wallpaper. Or the carpet. Or the back bedroom. Even the food’s different. I’ll stop there and make a proper start, shall I?

Hello Paisley, and what a beautiful city in which to situate a university……..conditionally speaking.

The mock shop frontages giving a hint of what might be there one day with large adverts of what a department store looks like;  the Red Indians (or native Americans) playing music in your streets; and a University full of posters for a damn fine and excellent dissertation and essay editing service called – so good but yet such value for money. Thanks Sunny D.

And the ASDA in Bearsden is selling Santa Claus outfits for just two pounds.

Which brings us to the question of plagiarism. No. No reason. Apparently the number of students cheating is on the increase. Once again I have turned down work where the intent was to beat the plagiarism software. But I have high standards.

I get annoyed, for example, when a Channel 4 programme called The Joy of Teen Sex plans to interview two twenty-year-olds……..see what I mean?

And I found myself (well, I knew I was going) at a Health Fayre (sic) – see serious bit below the line – and I have become (as a pescatarian) one of these people who lifts up the top bit of bread on buffet sandwiches to see what is underneath… one case, just coleslaw….. but I was not alone.

One of the nicer aspects of these events is that most health stands are ‘staffed’ by women. Male managers think it’s beneath their dignity to meet the people they’re supposed to be helping. So, if I’m on my own at these things, and it’s quiet, I tend to buddy up.

Hi, vegetarian Kerry, and thanks for the free RNIB ice scraper. Hope you liked your Prostate Cancer pen and keyring. She used to be an optician – but is still a sight for sore eyes. 😉

Which brings us to the question that the gorgeous Miss W and I need to resolve. And I think most of you know to what I’m alluding. So let’s cut to the chase. (I just hit the ‘e’ really hard there in a decisive alpha male kinda way. It hurt). Anyway here goes;

How the hell do you get acute accents and other squiggly things above french letters in an e-mail? How do you make tres, tres, if you know what I mean? I’ve used every colour of my eyeliners but all it does it make the screen messy. Any suggestions for us?

 And, hey, I am the moderator.

Actually, I’m terrified that two people, miles apart, have described me and this blog as ‘coherent’ It worries me………..Skippy, we need to do something and do it soon. I need to get out more. As do some other people.

Actually after a rubbish social life before Christmas, signs of things picking up but the diary remains flexible and there is little owed to the credit card. (Wonder if there’s any age limits on eligibilty for student loans?)

Rocha John Rocha, what a nifty designer, btw, full of street cred – a phrase used in this week’s List magazine to describe A Toast to Burns in Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange and it’s a fundraiser for Children 1st.

Altho’ being honest, the shirt was a pressie; the denims half-price Debenhams sale; and the Next jacket was from the Next warehouse down Clydebank way – last year’s style, but I wear it well. A little ‘old-fashioned’ but that’s all right. Especially on icy late night walks. I should have waited longer tho’. 😦

And a few bits’n’pieces; Well done to Jayne for becoming one of the River City People (a well known band from the nineties); to the various people I’m meeting up with this week including a woman who’s supposed to be giving me money just before I meet the Vampire Slayer so I’ll be able to pay this time (mmmm, not sure about that line……maybe re-write); and Missie K, I saw your Facebook about being back at uny – tell me about it. Please. Will I need lots of stationery?

This is River City People

She’s hot.

So, and finally, as some of you know and others are about to find out – either in person, by mail, by Facebook or whatever, and everyone else hopefully soon time – I may have taken a very tentative step on a strange journey. Always there seems to be an amazing support team goes with me on these things. I would like to begin this journey by thanking the staff of Jellyhill in Hyndland for allowing me my fantasy of being a top Hollywood director, but that guy with the Apple laptop did not buy a coffee all the time we were in. 

And thin lady, blue top, blonde hair. late thirties………you’re cast.

But I’d like to thank Planet Holyrood Al (as opposed to BBC Al) for a handy list of study hints (No, I’m not sure why either :D) including the unexpected parallel between the basic prostate cancer test and essay writing. Who’d have thought it, eh?

cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? I got it MOT’d at the same time as the car this week. They both passed. Cool, no problem.

Johnt850, 😀 😀 😀 this week 😀 😀 😀 selfishly

And I was at this Health Fayre and a lot of women come up rather than men, and I do sometimes feel I’m too chirpy but I’m that kinda person, but I’m a good listener – I can handle it.

Except for this story – and I won’t tell it all cos that would be wrong – but maybe sometimes I need to have the smile wiped off my face. Especially when the prostate cancer terminal prognosis relates to a young woman’s dad. His age? 57. She and I hugged. I then went out and cried.

This is Half Man Half Biscuit. No. No connection. To anything.

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