Rubies and pearls, Treasures of the nights, Staying in a room, Watching figures of ice You can have them all You can have them all Tell me all about it.

And I just think it’s important to make sure people drive safely particularly as I was doing so when I had the black ice incident, and I know there’s no (obvious) connection to the music but in a week when Malaysian Ruth describes my blog as giving her the feeling of ‘chatting to that part of you (me?) that is forever a drunken Weegie at 4 o’clock in the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon……rambling and bonkers but not in a bad way’………..well there doesn’t need to be a connection, does there?

Em, was that one of those Sunday nights into Monday mornings we were working together, Ruth? 😉

The band? The Only Ones and I was introduced to them (not personally you understand) during the Summer on one of those wet Summer days, redolent of Gregory’s Girl, that make you want to stand outside in the pouring rain, so you do. And don’t notice the rain. (I get on well with my neighbours; it is pretty private and I was fully clothed. What I was wearing is irrelevant. I was fully clothed).

Anyway to this week’s intrepid exploration in the company of one year old AJ and his mum, e. 😀 (Yes, Kenny the Shed Pimp, that’s who I was with. Omg, the West End’s a small place. That’s how everyone knows I had chips in Queen Margaret Drive back of eleven Tuesday night). To get new shoes. For AJ. I’m working class. I wrap cloths around my feet. We (eh?)  decided to walk. Along the canal. Well, actually on the path that goes along the canal. The canal path.  Altho’ it was still possible to walk across it. Were you foolish enough.

What I think I’m saying is that even during the week, when the forecasts were of thaw and slush and rain, one part of Glasgow was still in thrall to shit, sorry, sheet ice, and getting up that wee hill back onto Cleveden Road reminded me of a drunken Weegie going home on all fours at four o’clock on a Sunday morning. Long time ago.

Oh, and AJ didn’t need new shoes after all, but he did get a red balloon, leaving only ninety-eight. And to save you racking your brains, it was Nena and it was (spookily) 1984 (V: The Final Battle). Except this is from 1983. And, yes, she is hot. And, yes, it takes a few seconds to get going……(unlike me)

And whilst I remember, I was going to mention something about my wardrobe to the gorgeous W. 😀  On that side over there, there are three piles of t-shirts. Been there, seen it, done it…..and over there, in that corner, is the famous sweatshirt worn on Cold Turkey Sunday with one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse still in  it which is why I can’t throw it away.

And the movie it was a freebie from? Interview with a Vampire, which is why there was a need for a Slayer who was found, when the blog started, by the blogmeister. Now, does it make sense? (Actually, if it does, then you have serious problems and I’ll send Skippy over, shall I? Her vegetarian risotto is to die for. With truffles) 

And speed is not essential but it does help. (Which is one of those lines which terrifies my alter ego when he wanders through to the production suite at about five in the morning to see only an empty bottle of Volvic with strawberry where once I sat.)

And wouldn’t it be funny if you were reading one of those postcards the police were giving out down the ASDA that say ‘Whilst you’re distracted, who’s watching you?’ and your wallet was nicked? 😦

And speaking of ice, ice baby…..(but not the Jedward version), to Falkirk on Tuesday night, to the football stadium that is Westfield, and won’t it be nice when it’s finished. Four pounds to get into the car park, fifteen pounds to get into the match, so wouldn’t it be nice to get a student concession into these things? Something worth thinking about, maybe, but can anyone out there tell me how you get a job like being a sandbagger or sandbagger’s mate? Not only does it look a really great job, but the uniform looks simply amazing. So flash.

And finally a quick thanks to L frae Troon 😀 for sharing her New Year resolutions with me and I wish her all success. Oh, and thanks to her and a couple of others for help with this week’s resolutionary riddle. It meant a lot.

My own resolutions are changing; JCB is evolving but I’ve no real news, but if one of them actually comes off, then I may be facing a really interesting, hopefully, change of direction and there are hunners of you out there with much more recent experience (in oh, soo many ways) than me. Your doors will be knocked.

And finally W kindly kinda directed me in the direction of this, indirectly. I never found The Two Ronnies that funny, but always very clever. However this is funny and there was almost a txtual version of this Tuesday morning when my fingers were hot but by the time the game came, Dougie, they were iceness personified.


Cya, keep(ing) it fun and slitl wringea hatt bgeda? Ouy btchae (it’s a typo gag)

Johnt850, aka Judge Jules, Pete Tong and Deadmau5 in one incredibly lithe body

So, I’ve just finished listening to an amazing radio documentary made for RTE made by a friend. It considers the deaths associated with two fishing boats off the coast of Donegal – one of those deaths was that of her dad. I’m meeting her later this week.

It is a very personal journey and I know how hard it is to make, however professionally it’s done, a documentary so close to a personal experience.  I didn’t broadcast my tears. Mine were spilt elsewhere. Plus I come from a fishing town.

So lots of memories this week beginning with the sweatshirt but life goes on and if you want to see me, then this week I’m doing a Prostate Cancer Awareness stand at the Glynhill Hotel in Paisley on Tuesday.  But my diary stays sooo flexible at other times. I’m handy. Try me.

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