Well it starts like a roller coaster ride. So real it takes your breath away…….Your ride changes your outside view, While it glides like a neon ray, And you find you don’t have to search for words, For there’s nothing to be said

And whilst it’s Carnival time in Glasgow, in t850 Towers it’s Annual Awards time and the music getting the event underway there is by the amazing Roky Erikson and the 13th Floor Elevators – the pioneers of Texas psychedelic rock from the Sixties, sounding like the Yardbirds on acid, a description which they would love, and my Chrissie pressie to myself was a boxed set of their music. They are this year’s band of the year, which is not an actual category.

So as the glitteratti take to their seats, being given their complementary quorn sausage roll by the indefatigable Skippy, safe from the paparazzi outside, let me remind you that the previous winners of the actual Personality of the Year Award have been a three year old daughter of a BBC mate (she got a kite) and a phone call made from Italy by two beautiful women who from time to time get me (I think they’d rather have the kite) on an invidual basis. 😀

Can I have a drum rool please? and quotes given. No. No reason. Right the first award is the Lifetime Achievement Award. One previous winner was Son Brian for his amazing patience where I’m concerned so it’s with great pleasure it goes to his namesake, the RainForestRiverman (to give him his Sunday name).

Not only has this man, whom I’ve known since University days, shown amazing patience in recent years as well (a recurring theme where I am concerned) but this year he took it all one stage further. Every so often, when he travelled up to Glasgow on business, he would casually drop into the conversation the name of the hotel he was staying at and showed no surprise the next morning when I turned up clad in black looking a bit (of) rough and claimed to know him – jt850 the breakfast blagger.

I even ate at the same table. Occasionally. I think the only time it didn’t happen was when you had your daughters with you. Wonder why……so loads of applause, please……and have a Good Year, rrm, in 2011, or a Michelin or a Continental…..

And so, to Team of the Year and despite a late arrival from the Royal Mail, there can only be one winner. My amazing support team is mentioned so often and did win this award once before so it has to be somebody new. For all their incredible support during this year, there can be only one winner……it has to be The Ladies who work in the ASDA Summerston, in particular one Sunday morning conversation. Wow. That really was amazing.

But who to accept the award? Could it be Jaymi, Liz, Dawn or even Susan (…………). No. step forward Sunny D (hey, you wanted a blog name, Dani……what do you reckon?)  and please pass on my best wishes to all the others……oh, and special thanks to you, D, for flyering Paisley Uny. Could be good.

Oh, the emulsion. Keep the drums going. They keep the headaches away.

So, to the big moment but as usual – and how I did it at The West of Scotland Film Awards in Prestwick – in reverse order – but there were only four there, so I’d a third equal.

In Third Place is Robert de Niro and Nelson Mandela who woke up one morning, did a Google search and discovered that they’d been named in the same sentence as my alter ego on stv’s wonderful The Hour, talking about his prostate cancer. I wonder what they thought. I re-ran that bit several times. (And Dennis Hopper (74) died this year of that cancer as did many men, but at least I commemorated him by driving over a castle lawn in June) 

In Second Place (feel the tension) is the amazing Magenta Girl. Where did she come from? Where did she go? And what exactly was she selling at Queen Street Station? Another recurring theme of my life are women who seem to pop in and pop out and to whom I tell the story of my life (maybe that’s why they pop out, jt) and somehow they save me from myself (No. Nothing stronger than rhubarb crumble, since you ask). I would soooo love a proper conversation with the Magenta Girl one day. Any sightings, please let me know.

And finally, as lazy presenters say….to the Blog Personality of the Year Award 2011 (at this point I always do the fanfare of strumpets gag but it never gets a laff).  

Okay, so it’s not quite the gorgeous W (obvious favourite) without whom I would not be an aspiring pescatarian listening to both trance and techno. Another serioulsy WOW statement, but as was blogged earlier this year we went through to the Edinburgh BookFest. Now when you book online, you get a voucher for a glass of Highland Park, which is not much use to a recovered alcoholic like myself and I gave it to W. Yes, I’m all heart. Generous to a fault.

You get a decent sized glass and the colour looked damn fine and excellent and the first sizeable sip was quaffed and a smile broke out. Actually two smiles broke out, but for different reasons, and for me that was the highlight of 2010. Yes, for the obvious reasons of being in a smashing surrounding with a good looking woman but also just a random feeling of calm acceptance of so much (No I haven’t a scooby what I’m talking about either with that last bit, but I’m smiling)

So, this year’s Blog Award Winner is a glass of Highland Park with the prize, hopefully, accepted by my friend W……..

jt850 has quiet sniffle and then bravely says,

‘Salmon vol-au-vents, clucking mackerel sandwiches and herring canapes are being served on the Upper Terrace. Enjoy.’ 

Cya, keep(ing it fun) and still wearing that badge? How can I not be, now?

Johnt850,  where the pyramid meets the eye.

I have no idea what will happen in 2011 but some members of the Inner Council know the random plans (JCB) but others have still to be told. The blog will remain. It started off with the help of the blogmeister and gd frnd Clr as a fun way of telling people about my cancer treatment. It has evolved into a writing discipline with an audience of several hundred.

It’s a way of keeping in touch but nothing can ever replace actual meeting up with people (especially when it’s me you’re meeting) So lots of you can expect wee notes, mail and messages from me over the next few days saying ‘My diary remains flexible……until JCB takes over’  Take care. And ta. Have me now while stocks last.

‘May the circle remain unbroken, may the circle remain unbroken, may the circle remain unbroken’

The lyrics to a song by the 13th Floor Elevators called ‘May the Circle Remain Unbroken’


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