I wish you a hopeful Christmas, I wish you a brave New Year All anguish pain and sadness Leave your heart and let your road be clear

Greg Lake there obvioulsy, and when I say it’s the memories that make it my ultimate Christmas song, it belongs to a time when my alter ego was not long turned 21, was a trainee community worker in the Viewpark/Bellshill area and shared a flat with Viv, and Ken and Jean (I think the latter two were away) on the top floor of Otago Street, Kelvinbridge, Glasgow.

We’d had the traditional Christmas Day dinner of Koh-i-Noor takeaway chicken curry with free poppadoms and nippy onions and were wondering where to go for a drink, when the door bell rang. It was some friends who’d used the excuse ‘gotta go and see how John and Viv are’ to get away from a boring family gathering and had brought booze and pressies. A little later the door bell rang and it was some friends who’d used the excuse………..A little later the door bell rang and…….Two days later the door bell was still ringing. 

Viv was manageress of the first ever Laura Ashley shop in Glasgow. In Byres Road. She had to go and open up. We all went.

The Christmas we get, we deserve

So, after a week with two mother and daughter incidents – one in the car park at Dobbies Garden Centre, Milngavie (Jayne I showed you mine, where was yours?) and the other in ASDA, Summerston (honestly, I thought she was your sister, Dani) – all I want to do before you return to your left over turkey (I’m just sitting here toying with my long quorn sausage) is do some thank yous.

Obvioulsy for smashing pressies such as……(I’ll fill this bit in later once I get some)

To the Royal Mail and Post Office for one very special delivery. I don’t know what the gorgeous W and family made of it but it made my day;

To Dougie for the first serious invite of 2011, to his twenty-ninth (I think) birthday ‘piss-up’ somewhere in Glasgow on Friday the Seventh….could be a lot of tomato juice;

And to the makers of an individual triam…taram…Italian pudding with mars…massal……wine in it. No. No reason. Actually, to be honest, dear listener I was gabbling (eh?). I could feel light headed but I felt no desire to carry on. (He lied manfully (eh?) ) :D;

And I actually had some brill pressies ranging from a cafetier through to a whole range of gift cards which will  ensure that one afternoon I can sit listening to new music eating M & S food whilst reading new books through to all sorts of herbs and spices designed to improve my impeccably coiffed hair. (The drink’s still affecting me)

and maybe one day I’ll have hair like Greg Lake’s


So, and finally, please don’t forget next week’s Blog Personality of the Year Awards, published at 1800 on 1st January. Exciting, eh?

cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? It may have contributed to both incidents.

Johnt850, a high-end, high-concept thriller (No. Me neither)


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  1. johnny Says:

    i like it

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