I’ll tell you tho’. I got ecstacy but I need some company. You got that mystery. Lord I need a plan. All I got is a compromise and a bag full of alibis. Lord as empty as the bottle of whisky in my shaking hand.

Peace in the Valley by Alabama 3 can only mean one thing. This week sees the fourth anniversary of Cold Turkey Sunday; four years ‘clean and clear’ – four years ‘sober and solvent free’. (10/11 Dec) Thanks to all the support team. ūüėÄ I think all I miss now is the normality of drinking alcohol. Missing a train, buying a paper and then going for a coffee is not the same as then going for a pint. It’s a small price.

I, however, take comfort that most of the City Centre and West End pubs featured this week in The List’s Best Bars Guide are known to me. Acceptance. It’s December’s word.

But I don’t wake up all smiles or anything like that.¬†I still want to bury my head in the pillow and I have a pounding head, altho’ now I blame the fact that I fall asleep with the MP3 headphones on – all that techno and trance. Thanks, W. And Jaymi, thanks for the massamam curry suggestion, suitable for a pescatarian such as me.

Moving steadily on.

‘Thanks’ may be this week’s word. I’m not Tesco’s biggest fan…..for all sorts of reasons, but mega – Ta to the staff of Tesco’s in Perth (not the 24 hour one) who opened up the doors of the staff quarters (that’s not quite right, is it? Skippy took the message) to Son Brian, KT and their friends and loads of others¬†who were snowed up (and under) in Perth following the rugby last weekend. ‘Brilliant’ is how he described them.

You never stop feeling for them, do you, no matter how old and rich they get? Altho’ I think my parents¬†gave me up at an early age. For adoption. Several times. The other families never kept me. No. No reason.

Ruth in¬†Malaysia (yours is the second Skype request recently)¬†saw my Facebook status and made this¬†astute comment about her own situation; ’28 in the shade. We’re going to build sandcastles.’ but she is over this week.¬†¬†

But lots of bad weather this week.¬†Traffic going through Summerston was in convoys……as usual. It’s safer that way.¬† Kenny the Shed Pimp was leading one of them, at snail’s pace…..basically cos he’d slowed down to talk to me. I was walking.

And to Kenny and others who didn’t see my alter ego on The Hour at the beginning of September, here’s the link, altho’ it was slow to buffer;


And thanks also to Tam a former student of mine who posted this memory of my first day teaching him and some others;

‘If memory serves me well I do believe you walked in, called Ewan a redneck and complained about people complaining about the weather. Ahhhh the good old days, eh JT? Still doing your Groucho Marx thing with the coffee stirrers?’

And that was me in recovery, altho’ maybe I was over-compensating. And on another occasion I entered the classroom, doing a Bruce Forsyth impression and another time I kicked a scrunched up notepad straight into a waste paper bin. Just like a real newsroom.

The first (and only)¬†record I ever recorded was ‘If I Had a Hammer’.

And can I say how much I agree with, former Clydebank FC supremo, Jack Steedman’s comments about Scottish football but then I would, wouldn’t I?….as Mandy Rice Davies almost said. (Not the Scottish football bit).

It’s interesting cos my alter ego (I am 42) should be old enough to remember the Great Freeze of 1963 but instead remembers the Great Sex Scandal of that Year. At the age of nine (9), he was comparing pics of Mandy and Christine Keeler. (Mandy won).

But then my/his ring finger on the right hand is much bigger than the¬†index finger meaning I/he has a greater sex drive than most and was always more likely to have prostate cancer…….or have I misunderstood that research?

Incidentally I celebrated my sobriety in the Aragon down Byres Road…….as you do. And I loved a comment that came in recently to the blog (please feel free)……’makes me want to drink alcoholic beverages’…….em, me too.¬†Especially when I read what was written the previous night……….

Which reminds me; There are a number of social invites out there to a number of people, some of them outstanding (that’s the people as well as the invites) –¬†AJ had a great party without me, btw¬†(you may know him as 20lbs, but¬†we think he’s now old enough) – and¬†I owe nothing on any credit card. C’est bon, ne’st pas? And I’ve bought most of my Chrissie pressies altho’ one is a pressie I wanted to give someone¬† a few weeks ago. (Yes. The original line¬†was full of innuendo) and I am happy to come to you. Always. That’s a general ‘you’……I’m losing it again. It’s the drums. They never go away.

Christmas pressie shopping? I went into one of the shops off Byres Road I use and the young lady said, ‘will it be your usual, jt?’ And I said, ‘No. I’ve an idea for something different this year.’¬†And that, amazingly enough, dear listener, is a true story. As is everything in the blog.

And finally, it will soon be The Blog Personality of The Year and nominations are open. Yes. I know who the favourite is as well, but it doesn’t always work that way. In Year One, gd frnd clr came second to a three year old,¬†and last year it was a¬†phone call from Italy (and good luck to all those sitting exams that haven’t been cancelled) so if you’d like to nominate someone (Lifetime Award and Team Award as well), please do so. Voting is limited to me.

cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? You bet the ring finger on my right hand I am!……just in case.

Johnt850, off-book but still going with the flow.

So nothing below the line this week as everyone has had a hard and, in some cases, disappointing week.

‘we’re just waiting for the light to shine on a brand new day’

(Also from Peace in the Valley) 

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