We didn’t notice any time passed We didn’t notice anything We sit side by side in every class Teacher thinks that I sound funny But she likes the way you sing….I can tell that we are going to be friends

Y’see I’ve known Missie K and some others as good friends for about five years since they were knee high to an NQ but it was just the other day that I was talking to her about the different dance steps for techno and trance (I can do basic techno but not hardstyle whereas trance always seems to me to a lot more grounded) and there is a kinda look and something in Missie K’s voice that says, ‘jt, act your age’, (42 since you ask) and puts me in my place like no other.

Now some of you know where my recent interest in these dance forms comes from (and I do like trance whereas techno……..) and it’s the same source as my current interest in vegetarianism (long story) and there is good news on that front. Vegetarianism. Not the source.

I have found a brill book which is more than just recipes; I have found the lentil counter in the ASDA; and I have used it as a chat up line.

She was looking at the filled rolls looking for those without meat and I asked was she vegetarian? ‘Well’, she said, ‘I eat fish.’

‘A pescatarian’, I cried. Well, slap my thigh with a sea bass. Was she impressed? It’s rhetorical.

Oh, and last week? The Vampire Slayer was disguised as Catwoman (that was a Catwoman outfit?); Yes, Roky Erikson is weird but thanks to the rainforestriverman for sending me Roky’s biog,  The 13th Floor Elevators, the Pioneers of Psychedelic Sound; and the Anvar Khan/Tommy Sheridan meet was in a radio studio, live on air.

But how, I hear you ask, do the good people of Maryhill rate their new Tesco? Well, my focus group are some folk on a methodone programme whom I meet from time to time (long story) and they point out it has no Greggs, no Farmfoods and no pound shops (unfilled units) no taxi rank and the opening offer of two bottles of spirits (Baileys) for two pounds (£2) was, Tesco claim, a mis-print. Aye. Right.

Maybe it’s for the Wendies of this world (ppl who live in the West End. Of Glasgow) and not the rest of us.

But my jobsearch has started (more below the line) but Skippy found me a nice job from jobseekers.direct.gov.uk (‘no specific qualifications’ needed). It is, serioulsy, for a ‘warfare specialist sensor submariner’ whose task it is to ‘work out where the enemy is, without giving away your submarine’s position’……..except when it’s on a sandbank off the island of Skye presumably.

But in the same area (Maryhill, not Skye) I have had my PSA (blood test) taken ahead of my now annual cancer chat but I continue to despair at Movember, as ‘awareness’ raising, every time I read, ‘I get myself checked regularly’. No. Very few, if any, NHS doctors will ‘check’ you for a potential prostate problem unless you’re showing basic symptoms. For me it was as simple as going for a pee too often during the night.

But speaking medically, my computer went into computer hospital last week. In Drumchapel. You’ve sooooooooo much got to trust the computer doc haven’t you? I mean, did he read that mail I’d already saved in draft????????????? and sent Friday afternoon. No. No reply. As yet. 😦

Wasn’t too sure where all the bits’n’pieces of cable would go when I got the machine back so I took a mobile pic, saved it to the computer and then deleted it from the phone. Twat‘s exactly the right word, thank you. (Think about it)

I actually came away from the Drum with a very badly bleeding right hand (long story) where the thumb joins the rest of the hand and I had this really horrible experience of driving back from the Drum to Summerston with my right hand dripping blood out of an open window and all the driving being carried out by my overworked left hand. 😉 and I’m not sure what it says about that journey, but nobody bothered. I’m not sure what it says about my ability to drive with one hand either but let’s not go there.

And so to the fireworks party I attended Friday night midway between the Drum and Scummy Summy. It’s called Bearsden. At Colin’s house. I like family fireworks parties; I like the home-made sausage rools (I was told they were quorn, oke?); I like watching the fifteen year old swearing he’s only had two cans of lager; and I couldn’t help but notice the good looking and strangely familiar young man in the corner. Oh, yes it was my son. Brian.  

Him and Colin were the fireworks lighters but I pulled. The really dangerous job. I was the guy who sorted out the fuses. It is a really dangerous job. I broke my thumb nail.

And then on to a pool tournament where I made the mistake of beating the local boy, Jack, in the second round. Not a good thing to do. I threw my semi. Final. Safer that way.

And finally, doesn’t stv’s Michelle McManus have a large poppy ?; Craig Charles is playing the Buff Club, Friday, 26th (Nick!); my mate Jayne’s new documentary is being premiered this Wednesday at the GFT; and can I apologise to the nice young lady on a recent train for my bad language…..whilst listening to some trance on MP3phones, I apparently exclaimed, ‘Ooops! Shit! Oh Dear!’ in a v. loud voice. Actually she laughed. And then the train terminated.

cya, keep(ing) it fun and still Wearing that badge. 😀

Johnt850, more a younger Gibbs from NCIS than an Horatio Caine from CSI Miami.

I was going to use this bit to explain why I agree that alcohol is a greater threat to society than hash, crack or smack but Kenny McAskill and the Scottish crime figures did that for me the next day.

Instead can I say a quick word about jobsearch through traditional means? I have signed on and off throughout all of my working life, so when it was raining I tried to make an appointment by phone. Once I’d found the unlisted number for Maryhill Job Centre I then found myself going from an 0845 to 0800 to 0845 to 0800. The next day I went down in person, was given the correct 0808 number, phoned it and it only took a 30 minute form filling over the phone before I’d given enough info to be given a ‘work-focussed interview’ this coming week.

I’ll keep you posted, shall I? I’d like to be a sandbagger’s mate, I reckon.

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