If it’s raining and you’re running don’t slip in mud cos if you do you’ll slip in blood. Tonight is the night of the vampire. The moon may be full, the moon may be white All I know is you will feel his bite. Tonight is the night of the vampire.

So, dear listener, what connects the Vampire Slayer, The Prostate Cancer Charity, the Scottish Parliament and the amazing Roky Erickson? Why, Hannah does. (Hi, Hannah). Y’see Hannah is one of an amazing bunch of gorgeous women who man (eh?) the offices of TPCC in London and Glasgow, many of whom I met for the first time on Wednesday night at a reception in the Scottish Parliament to highlight much of the work being done in the world of the prostate.

Now this list includes top press and pr guru Claire (Hi, Claire), who is clry different from any other Clr (either psycho clr or my gd frnd clr) who has been on this prog in the past, ‘cos her hair’s a different clr apart from anything else, and the challenge I was issued was to incorporate bloggily VS into Wednesday night’s proceedings. Mmmmmmmmm……..tricky one.  Except when I got home that night there was a message formed in the mists of a mirror telling me what she’d be wearing, sorry, what her disguise would be come Saturday night. I’ll tell you next week…….just in case.

Well, blow me down as easily as Kirk Broadfoot in the Celtic penalty box. How uncanny was that? Not only that, she told me when she’d be off duty. So, this weekend, you may have to rely on me at times. She’s taught me lots of tricks. (pauses for effect) I’ll move on, shall I? Swiftly.

(And Hi, Eleanor) Networking? I’m a natural.

Incidentally The Times of London calls the prostate ‘almond sized’. In Scotland we liken it to a walnut.

A very quick word on Wednesday night. I just wish everyone who decides to grow a moustache this month could meet some of the guys who were there; whose cancer stories make me and my straightforward treatment feel a wee bit of a fraud but hopefully stories like mine are the norm. There’s one guy I do awareness stuff with………….f**king amazing guy (cancer in every bone now) and he asks how I am! Jeeeeeez.

But on a personal note, and I’ve never mentioned this to family or friends but as I did discuss it openly on Wednesday night……….hormone implants like those I received can (and it’s only can) can increase the chances of diabetes, which is one of the reasons why I get it checked annually. (It’s also a way in which my GP can check if I’ve lapsed alkoholically).


But one very strange image from Wednesday, and it was nothing to do with cancer, cos there was a lorra laffs at the ‘do’ (purvey was rubbish for us veggies).  There’s a poster in the Gents’ toilet at Waverley Railway Station for the Samaritans giving a phone number. At the bottom of the poster it advises people to check the website for the cost of the calls…………

And today’s featured artiste? What is there not to like about Roky? A man who dropped out of Travis High School in 1966 cos he wanted to keep his hair long; who, in 1968, was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was sent to a hospital where he involuntarily received ECT; whose band the 13th Floor Elevators were awfully keen on LSD, mescaline and other hallucenogenics; and who, and this is my fave bit, in 1982 claimed that a Martian had invaded his body. Apparently. And my thanks to Skippy the bush kangaroo for all that information. (I don’t thinky Roky was a Daily Mail reader. Not that there’s anything wrong…….)

Now, I know some folks are a wee bit worried about my own state of mind (especially after all the above) but all that’s happened are a few wee knockbacks workwise (everything else is fine (ish)). I’m now just bored with life (but not in a George Sanders type way) and I need money. But no. No temptation. Not this week, anyway.

And anyway I felt a lot better after a very early morning walk today through the Botanic Gardens. Okay, they weren’t open but that’s never stopped me before. Me and 100% Trance Anthems on one of my MP3s.

And all I want to say about the death of Paul the Psychic Cephalopod is that the gorgeous W discovered him long before the rest of the world’s media (kinda) which helped make for an awfully interesting summer.

And bestest friend Caitlin has just been in touch. Somehow she knew I was doing a special charities edition of the blog and given that she’s a member of a really gorgeous (apart from the men) family I will mention the charity she’s involved in; http://www.thedaviecoopercentre.org/ Oh, and there’s a nice wee pic. Gorgeous. I might come over Bonfire night. It’s been a while.

Gosh. It’s like the City Chambers on the day they sell all the charity Christmas cards, isn’t it? Room for one more, if you’re thinking about charitable donations this Christmas. Or that Christmas. (At this point W, I have started to do that thing with my arms) 

Oke. I can’t find an e-mail address for this final final one but please Google the Salt and Light mission which works with women working as prostitutes and is run by a gorgeous (she’ll slightly dislike me for saying that) woman called Anne Wallace. You’ll find them via http://www.glasgowelim.org.uk/cma/ Wow. I start off with Vampires and I end with a pentecostal church. All human life is here. And a bit more besides.

And finally, I once showed Tommy Sheridan and another man into the same room as Anvar Khan (serioulsy ungorgeous) and watched what they did through an internal window. And I got paid to do so. Serioulsy.

Cya, keep(ing) it fun (I was kinda reminded. Recently) and still Wearing that badge 😀

Johnt850, keeping it simple

And it was five years ago this week that my mum died. Wasn’t going to mention it cos I’ve kinda given up on anniversaries of any sort but, as some of you know, I was at a party last week and it was just along the road from where the folks had lived. But it was a long way to go for a smoke (eh?)

A couple of people remembered Nan from the church and described her as a ‘nice wee wumman’ (phonetic rather than patronising) which is how many people think of her. ‘Nice’. Not gorgeous but ‘nice’.

Wonder what people will say about me, eh Skippy? Skippy? Especially as I don’t go to church. Of any sort.

p.s. The cost of my ‘newspapers, etc’ shopping through the ASDA self-scan (Hi, Dawn, Hi, Jaymi) this morning? 6.66 pounds. Spooky, eh?


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