You need something to open up a new door To show you something you seen before……That it’s you and no one else that owns That spot yer standing, that space you’re sitting That the world ain’t got you beat, ain’t got you licked. It can’t get you crazy no matter how many times you might get kicked.

And my final final word ever on the Chilean miners is that my own particular hero was Manuel Gonzalez who was the rescuer who went down to test the equipment and then was technically the last man up. I mean, what did he do when he was down there on his own? Apart from that, I mean. Did he tidy the place up?

Which reminds me….I’m going to a housetrashing party this weekend…..folk who’ve sold their house and are about to move out. Thirties’ skirting board anyone?

(I bought a bottle of Stellar Organics Shiraz Rose to take with me……..I wonder what it tasted like. Honestly, I do.)

So the music is from Bob Dylan and is his Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie and in a week when the Tories and their Lib Dem lackies cheered hundreds of thousands of people being put out of work, I make no apology for any hint of old fashioned socialism last week.

Anyway the song is also for me, a wee bit, but for others in my support team who continue to amaze me by their, well, support. And my thanks to Lindsay C, the Daily Record’s Top Teen Angst Queen who tells me ‘It WILL get better’…… but when?  I’m beginning to feel the call of the Call Centre. Vegetarianism ain’t cheap, least not in the real West End.

And can I just clear something up with L frae Troon? I think you may have thought I said I was going home ‘to look at some porn’. What I actually said was I was going home ‘to cook some quorn’. No. I have no idea why I then squealed the word ‘Nurses’. I meant to say ‘bangers’.

And can I also say ta to e for initiating me. In the ways of Waitrose. It is amazing. You put your credit card into these space age self scanners, go about the shop picking up stuff and zapping it and shoving it in your shopping bag, pay the bill and then, when you get back out, you still find you’ve been overcharged and go back in and complain. Amazing.

And W, I have a brilliant idea for a day out. No. Not all of Waitrose (that’d be silly, doh!). Just the crisps counter. It is amazing! Brands and flavours I’d never heard of! Tyrell crisps! Hairy Bikers’ Lemon Pomander (or should that read With Coriander?)  I went back in the next day and made some obvioulsy indecipherable notes.

What’s that Skippy? How am I doing on the veggie front? As it were? (Apologies, but I’ve just burst out laughing. Uncontrollably :D). Right. I have done the thing I do with the palms of my hands and I’m fine again.

The seaweed I used as a garnish. On oven chips. And was okay. I’ve done two basic potato dishes, bravas and bubble’n’squeak. And I’ve discovered that if I eat fish but not meat I’m a pescatorian. But I’m a Cancerian and not into astrology. ‘It’ will happen. Slowly. Patiently. My freezer is sooooooooooo full of chicken.

And what about Saturday morning breakfast with Liz and Jaymi down the ASDA?

Quorn bangers. From Waitrose.

Serious note; If you’re squeamish, avoid this next paragraph. 

At a recent football match, not Partick Thistle, the guy in front of me was eating a processed meat burger and I’ll swear I saw bulls’ bits in it. Steak tartare it was not. I’d a physics teacher who used to send us to the slaughterhouse to get cows’ eyes so we could poke about with them. No. Not a biology teacher. She was a physics teacher. I did languages. From Third Year onwards. With the girls. And the school sissy – not a word you hear much these days.

And finally am I the only man in the world who feels pride when he finds the car’s bonnet catch; who, when asked about filling up the water bottle in the car, says, ‘No. I just get a four pack of Volvic ‘with a touch of strawberry’ from the supermarket’; and whose sense of pride on being asked to help jumpstart the neighbour’s car was negated when he realised the crocodile clips were to be attached to the car battery? I’ve been watching too much quorn recently.

And finally finally, to Missie K, the answer is always, yes – now what’s the question?; to Son Brian, good luck with the exam; and to The Vampire Slayer – one of your birthday photos only made sense when I turned the monitor upside down. Weird, eh?

cya, keeping it chirpy (eh?) and still wearing that badge? Yeah. Absolutely no reason why not.

Johnt850, destined never to be an Eddie Stobart truckdriver. Nor any other sort. Apart from unlicensed in Peterhead Fish Market. 

And so to the serious final wordy bit. Hang on a second. I just want to try something. No. That didn’t work. I’ll try again. No. Not that time either. Gosh. I’m really awfully rubbish at drawing lines, amn’t I? Gosh again.

I like keeping doors open and maybe it was when I came out of the drinks cabinet and explained I was, and still am, addicted to alcohol, and I saw doors being closed through prejudice and ignorance. Y’see I haven’t stopped drinking. I’ve just not had one today. So far. So good. But sometimes I feel I’m also speaking up for other alcoholics who don’t have the confidence and the support team I have. Yes. Somebody I met this week.

But that’s possibly the last time I’ll mention it this year. Final final word. It’s almost Christmas planning time and I’ll need to start thinking about buying presents and Christmas Card lists and stuff. My credit card is empty and my application for Call Centre/shelf stacking work is almost complete. Now is my letterbox big enuff? (and post offices are open in the mornings, W 😉  ) Now how big is my sack?

(Not sure about that last final sentence, Skippy. What do you think?…….Skippy? Skippy?)


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