May peace find you tonight Like a breeze through your window, Sit by your light, Let it warm by your fire And laugh with delight Like a heavenly choir. May peace find you tonight.

And that’s a lyric specially for the Copiapo 33 and their families and the mistress of Yonni Barrios (no 21 out) but also his wife of 28 years; and also for all parents (especially single) who had yet more school holidays and suchlike to endure; and for the friends of two possible clients who seemed happy with my suggested prices for editing their dissertations until, in at least one case,  somebody said, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll read your 80,000 words on trade marks and internet domain names just four days days before your deadline for nothing. What? Twenty hours or thereabouts in total? I’ll do it in two. And f**k up all your years of studying while I’m at it.’

(I’ll delete that rant before publication. Rather devalues the rest of the dedi, doesn’t it?)

And; why are rescued Chilean miners just like buses? To be honest, I have no idea. It was a question posed on the radio just before I left the house the other day and I don’t use buses so I don’t really know.

And I know I promised music from The Dead Kennedys but they are far too hardcore for this blog (Danielle, my designated cash desk operator down the ASDA agrees). To be honest it would be easier finding an Eminem track without the ‘f’ word than a usable DK song. So that was Reckless Kelly, instead. 

The unluckiest miner was Victor Zamora (no 14 out) who was only there to fix a broken down truck on that fateful day.

But it’s been a week of Kulture with a capital Josef K. Cos earlier this week I watched the legendary Malcolm Ross of Josef K and Orange Juice (Edwyn Collins and Grace are doing a reading at North Lanarkshire BookFest if anyone is interested) performing with Billy Boy and the Britoons, and Miss Jacqueline, who invited me – not only did I return to my hovel, full of mirth, but to do so I had to walk through the local family of foxes – really really spooky – as they circled. But I felt safe. I’m Cancerian btw, not a Leo…explains a lot.

And of course seeing The Britoons could only mean one thing – the animation The Illusionist – not to be confused with the movie of four years ago starring Ed Norton which was also very smashing. I don’t want to say too much without spoiling it but the bunny boiler bit was brill and W, my recent Bookfest companion, you’d have been soooooooooooo embarrassed by me. It’s a  cartoon version of Edinburgh, right? And at one point I said, audibly; ‘That’s the mad dictator’s house.’ You can feel a pitying stare, even in the dark. I slinked away, avoiding the darkened Cafe Bar.

Edison Pena, a Chilean miner (no 12 out) is a fan of Elvis and has been invited to Gracelands.

And the other Kultural experience was Bolt FM on Monday night; a show hosted by Missie K, Rebecca and Chloe (I wonder if they’d like to be Facebook friends of mine, but I don’t like Mr Brightside) Their chat was good cos it wasn’t X Factor and Strictly Come; it was Franz Ferdinand down the Dennistoun Co-op; train-flirting (and I learned a lot); and how gorgeous is the smell of new technology such as new computers, Kindles and so on.

I have this marvellous fantasy (?) of them going into an Apple Store and when asked, ‘Can I help?’ they reply, ‘No. Just sniffing.’ 😀

They’re on again this Monday, 6 – 8.

Incidentally to the rainforestriverman (you did notice, didn’t you?) and one or two others who’ve received mails from  my alter ego, you’ve got to remember he writes as broadcaster – it’s meant to be read out loud. From now on, I, sorry, he may do voice directions. 😉  

Omar Reygada (no 17 out) has been trapped twice before below ground. Be wary if you see him in Hillhead subway station.

Housekeeping; and Happy Birthday to the Vampire Slayer (yes, I did stay away from the graveyard so thanks for the warning); and Happy 24th to Amy next door, whose mum gave me a massive quarter share of a sponge cake which was two layers of sponge, jam and cream; and Happy Birthday to anyone else, clrly, whose birthday is round about now.

And finally, many good friends will know I’ve been flirting with vegetarianism for some time. (I have a straight face. Why don’t you?) So I bought a book. Not the one with the recipe for Bloody Mary Gazpacho. But one by Simon Rimmer. At first it threw me. Tahini? Goats actually make cheese? There’s more types of olives than green and black? Buffalos make mozzarella? Birdseye make chillis?  Halloumis make cheese? (Hang on, what’s an halloumi?) 😀

So, e, and young 20 lbs, gonny take me shopping to Waitrose one day? And, of course, this week’s motto is Keep It Simple. Obvioulsy. So start off with something simple. Basil roulade with goat’s cheese and sun-blushed tomatoes anyone? (Hang on, WTF is beetroot caviar? And why’s it not in the name of the recipe?)

Cya, keep(ing) it fun and (for a couple of weeks) simple, and still wearing that badge. It’s just the job. Hunting.

Wreckless johnt850

Mario Gomez (no 9 out) has been working the mines since he was 12. He is 63. He has a serious lung disease.

‘When I was a little boy I went to work each day, No school for kids like me, No time to learn to play, Early every morning they dragged me from my bed. I grew up tired and hungry, A worker like my dad.’

Lines written by another great Chilean hero Victor Jara, one of many thousands of Chileans arrested and taken to a football stadium by a previous Chilean government (1973 when General Pinochet overthrew a democratically elected administration). Because he played guitar they broke his arms; because he sang they tortured him; and then the junta finished him, and many thousands of others, off with sub-machine guns.

Five years later Scotland played Chile in that same stadium. Earlier this week Amy McDonald sang Flower of Scotland with more passion that any Corrie could ever muster.

No. No reason, and no real point. Except sometimes I need a perspective.  It’s been a thoughtful, if simple, week.

ps.   Dear Diary, today I bought chick peas, seaweed and Linda McCartney’s vegetarian sausage rolls.


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