‘So when people go, ‘Don’t be so self-deprecating, don’t say you’re an idiot,’ I go, ‘Well, it doesn’t really matter.’

Wise words there, and strangely appropriate for me, from Claudia Winkleman, female, 38 and good looking like all of my female friends (give or take a couple of years either side)…..and if you’re (former) BBC then my maths ain’t so good, and if you’re a (former) student (of mine), then just this week, and this week alone, add approximately fifteen years and I think that’s everyone covered.

The music I was going to choose was (a) Viva (in) Las Vegas (interesting idea for a weekend away) by The Dead Kennedys from the soundtrack of Fear and Loathing but a slight run-in with one of the market traders with a stall outside the rrm’s corner shop means that I’ve not yet taken delivery of their amazing album Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death from 1987. I didn’t know credit cards had a limit.

But musically I’ve been fine as that MP3 player seems to be permanently playing a band called Shuffle who seem to do nothing but play cover versions, reproducing the likes of The White Stripes and Tsunami Bomb, note for note. 

But can I draw to your attention a band, I know, called Pooch (Hi Roddy) who seem to be playing a band called Themselves in a programme called Being Victor on stv (or is it STV?) this week? Why don’t they call themselves Pooch?

Actually can I draw the programme to your attention? It’s a G.U.U. based version of Skins, only at 7.30 at night. At the end it has one of those ‘If you have been affected by any of the issues…..’ messages. FFS, it’s a programme about growing up at College! Let them find their own way round the problems, like everyone else does, be it, drink, drugs, STIs or religion……..or studying. Didn’t do me any harm to find my own solutions to my problems. Well, actually, in the short term, it did. Obviously. And I was teaching at a college at the time.

(For those of you wondering about the religion, she was called Jan Aitchison. For those of you wondering about anything else, keep wondering, but yes, and under interesting circumstances)

It’s also a programme about a young blogger using the anonymity of his blog to say that he fancies a female friend………No. No similarity, there, then. Apart from being young. And a blogger. And anonymous.

Now excuse me while I go and find an olive to de-stone, a lump of feta cheese I’ve sampled from Ian Mellis and a beef stock cube (sorry W) with last century’s sell-by date and I’ll go make soup, content in the knowledge that nobody knows who I really am. :-#

Moving smilingly on, and onto safer ground – The Sheridan perjury trial. I was going to hint at how well I knew the female journalist named in (a very loose) connection with alleged visits to a swingers’ club called Cupid’s in Manchester but many (former) BBC people know about me and Anvar Khan anyway. But the real courtoom drama, according to one journalist of my acquaintance covering the trial (not on your screens) is whether the courtroom artist, the amazing Priscilla Coleman, has enough bronzed orange crayons with her.

And to my female Facebook friends, I understand the importance of having ‘it’ where and when you want ‘it’, but no-one broke Facebook omerta. I just wish similar male organisations were as imaginative.

But Skippy thinks I should mention PR Guru Julie M, the only person I’ve ever seen in a restaurant send back the ice; say good luck to Missie K on Bolt FM, Monday night at six; hope L frae Troon is feeling better (‘a lot of it around’ and I now have something) ; rools is rolls, I always say; the new Glasgow super college is looking for a Vice Principal at £75k; and thanks to all those who pointed out the media job with the Prostate Cancer Charity in Scotland.

I’d be rubbish at that. It’s not like as if I know anyone in print media (Sun, Aug 2009 and Herald and Times of Evening, various), or in radio (one morning hour on BBC Radio Scotland in March 2010) or in TV (stv last month), and as for the idea of spreading awareness through social media. Preposterous. It’d never work.

So, and finally, this week’s Bore of the Week is a man in Glasgow city centre whom I overheard saying, ‘and to this day, Trigger is the only horse ever to climb the stairs of the Central Hotel.’…….No. I do not miss some of the conversations that take place in bars down Byres Road. And before anyone questions what we talk about upstairs in The Doublet, when PT are not doing well, how about the popular guitar combo of the sixties (The Beatstalkers) and their influence on AC/DC. Or something.

cya, keep(ing) it fun and still wearing that badge? Well, yes, but the pin’s bent. I may have to sneak into Fopp one day soon and buy a number of similar badges and throw them in the washing machine.

Johnt850, and ‘still a nutcase’.  😀 😀 😀

And on the subject of cancer awareness (Sorry. Weren’t we?) it’s possible that this November will again be Movember when men will be wearing moustaches to increase awareness of male cancers, except I don’t think it worked. At the end of the last one, one Scottish footballing legend talked of the importance of self-examination.

Now while this may work for testicular cancer (there are videos showing you how) it’s not so easy for the prostate, even when hanging upside down naked from a light fitting with a tangerine in your mouth pumped full of amyl nitrate. (Don’t even think about asking. See above.)

So, I despaired. Until earlier this week, it was mentioned, in passing, with a friend’s son, who spoke of the need for men to be aware of their health. It would be wrong for me to name Nick’s son, in case of possible embarrassment. Except, from the sound of things, he’s not going to be embarrassed.

I like the universe of the open mind. As opposed to the other.

It’s about talking. It’s about asking, first, or being the first to ask; about not making assumptions. Being willing to listen and not assert opinions to cover lack of knowledge, or worry at showing weakness cos you might be wrong.

I know which universe I prefer. And which age. Now you’ll have to excuse me, the olive and feta cheese soup is boiling over. It needs to last me a whole week. 😉

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