I’ve been to Nagasaki, Hiroshima too I did to them baby I can it do to you, cos I’m a Fujiyama mama and I’m just about to blow my top – Fujiyama – And when I start erupting ain’t nobody going to make me stop

And I throw that in, dear listeners, in what could be an interesting week for prostate cancer in Scotland but with an embargo. I may have to do a special edition on Wednesday (what a difficult word that is to spell correctly. Still :D) and it is possible that my alter ego may break surface that same day televisually………but not erupting. Actually, that’s maybe not a bad idea 😉

Music tonight is rockabilly from the very talented Carmen Ghia and the Hot Rods (what a lovely name Carmen is. Still) and their MySpace link is http://www.myspace.com/carmenghiaandthehotrods. I notice, Son Brian, that they’re playing the Steel City Car Cruisers Club in Rotherham on the night of your birthday. What do you reckon?

And a quick follow up to a bit from last week…. I didn’t go to the opening of the Corinthian Club on Friday night. No. No partner. Still. No. No reason. 😦 But that would have been a nice one to start with.

And my thanks to a hastily convened meeting of a special sub-committee on Tuesday evening. It comprised six women and one man. I’m going with the women on this one.  

Wistfulness over. Back to being 110% pure mental if only for Doctor Paul.

Actually can I say something that is nothing to do with the above but has been bothering me for a while. There are times when I think sobriety sucks; when I just wish I could have a drink or ten; and I wanna do shots and drinking games; ‘cos sometimes I feel a real boring bastard. Sorry, folks. I’ve been wanting to say that for some time now. (I’ll asterisk it later).

Actually, to make up for that rant I’m going to name myself as this week’s Poseur of the Week. It was that same Tuesday. Lunch in Prince’s Square. Upstairs. Somebody else paying. Obviously. Vegetarian risotto since you ask. And elderflower water. Mobile went. On silent. Had to take the call. Business. But did I have to hang over the glass balcony so that everyone in the place could see me? (Yes. Obvioulsy. And, boy, did I make the most of it? Yes.) And when I recognised a former BBC colleague did I have to do that twee little wave? (Uzmah Mir, since you ask)

At least, W, I waited until the lights dimmed at the BookFest before I tapped Karen who was sitting in front of us. It was her tenner that got us back up the road ‘cos we had to pay top ups ‘cos we’d Off Peaks. So to get my own back on people who were just doing their job, ‘cos I like to flout authority awfully much, I know how to get into the toilets in Queen Street Station for nothing but not if you’re smartly dressed.

I am just sooooo mean. I am defo mofo. I am real bad. I am so hinky. (Hey, I’m trying my worst. Oke?) I even cheated at chess when I was young. Which is not easy.

Actually, as a kid, I was made to walk the plank. We couldn’t afford a dog.

(borrowed from Gary Delaney)

And c’mon, which of us hasn’t walked past a cat and an empty wheely bin and thought, ‘no-one’s looking…..’ * It was a random act in a world where if we don’t encourage randomness, then we encourage sterotypes. (Yes, I am a divorced alkie living in Maryhill, existing off tax credits, basically) But we don’t like randomness. We like straight up and down conformity. (Oooo-er matron)

I mean how often, when I ask for a black coffee, am I given a small jug of hot milk? Obvioulsy that’s a very stupid, possibly rhetorical, question as only I know the answer to that. And even then I’ve never actually counted. 

How many people out there claim that the thing they like about their job is that they don’t know what to expect each day but have a diary full of meetings? Or if it seems quiet go in thinking ‘I’ll catch up on marking/correspondence/filing’. So here’s a challenge, genuinely go into work (if you can) with nothing planned other than a quick look through the tabloids for the daily pic of Michelle Mone. But be the first to answer the phone. Or the knock at the door. See what happens.

And if you want a motto for this, then Pauline (ASDA person but in this universe) has it. She said, earlier this week, ‘Ever just wanted to stab someone in the eye with a rusty spoon?’ It’s the detail in that, that I really liked.

It’s like running away on a barge. A big barge. It is random but possible. If a bit slow. I’ll maybe check out some prices.

* I sped up earlier today when I saw a squirrel crossing the road. I bet you do as well, don’t you? And the cat’s name was Lola. L-O-L-A, Lola. C’mon, everyone did that when they heard the cat’s name, didn’t they? Didn’t they???

On the dissertation editing side of www.thewordprocess.net I now have a client called Jude. No. I don’t start mails that way.

And finally, Cowdenbeath. A very pleasant if packed train to Haymarket, a smashing pub called Carters in Morrison Street Edinburgh, a jolly interesting pub called The New Goth in Cowdenbeath, the rather fine football ground that is Central Park, a couple of interesting additions to our usual ratpack in the shape of John Hegley and an Edinburgh gallery owner whose foot ended up in a tray of curry sauce and, and, and was there really a football match played this afternoon?

cya, keep(ing) it fun and wearing that badge. Still.

Johnt850 with a head happily full of wee motors. Or maybe a campervan?

Hey, look. No below the line this week. Other than to say I don’t know what I want. And I don’t mind too much. But if I did, how do I know what universe it’s in anyway? Or which Christmas? That one or that one? But I do genuinely believe in both of them. And if I could make dreams come true, I would but windmills are there to be tilted at.


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