Oh baby baby what can I do You know you drive me crazy when I’m looking at you The summer’s really here and it’s time to come out Time to discover what it’s all about – Here comes the summer

Maybe a wee coded message. Maybe. Maybe not. I’m never sure the next day. It’s been a while since I used the opening lyric for that purpose.  Maybe it’s just a nice catchy tune. Maybe it’s the band.

I had decided, anyway, to go back to some form of mainstream music and it just so happened that I spent one afternoon earlier this week playing The Undertones whilst standing outside (fully clothed) in the pouring rain, feeling like The King of the World (Leo diCaprio). Yes. My next door neighbours were out that afternoon. I got very wet. But it was fun. Like Summer should be.

But it’s the Glasgow Fair and lots of people are on holiday this week so work opportunities are few and even a vuvuzela has more notes than there are in my wallet at present. But in its own strange fractal way I’ve had fun. And I’d like to thank a lot of women for what they’ve done for me. 🙂

They all have one thing in common. No. Not all ‘good looking and spoken for’. But amazingly patient where I am concerned.  All of them.

I should explain for the purposes of this week, and this week only, I have made Dr Paul http://www.dpquiz.co.uk an honorary woman for his help. When I last heard from him he claimed to be getting on a BUS. I have not since heard whether or not he succeeded and whether he then got off it. However, with his encouragement, http://www.thewordprocess.net is now out there as a sponsored link under such Google searches as dissertation editing. I’d ‘two clicks’ on Thursday. Your gag or mine?

Now if I could only get people to like it on Facebook.

So step forward, W, with whom I had a smashing conversation about lots of things including Gregory’s Girl but when I think about it, the really iconic character was the penguin. But, indeed, I still have the hots for Claire Grogan. As in the current one. Kinda loitering within tent.

Incidentally, can anyone think of a Robert Redford movie in which the female lead is Redford’s equal and not assistant or love interest? No. No reason but a long story.

And then there was Jayne, who should not be confused with Jaymi (happy 21st btw), who introduced me to something I’d never experienced before………apple loves mint tea. And did you notice, J, that cafe had no plastic stirrers? But, hey, I have a secret stash. It’s an addict thang.

Incidentally, jt850, has any piece of fiction ever pointed you back in the direction of ‘the bottle’? Funny you should ask that but, yes. This week.

The amazing James Ellroy (who once sang to Jaymi) has a line in American Tabloid with a character Littell who has been off the bottle for just over a year;

‘Littel forced the drink down. The exquisite burn made him sob.’                                        

No. No explanation needed.

And 16lbs 7 oz’s mum, e, (No. No connection to above line), later that day – I must get his latest name at some stage – was very taken with my attempt at designing a website. Not. I can make the space for the image but I can’t transfer it. Ho and, indeed, hum.

Oh, butthat ight I entto thefootball (keyboard empathy) to watch the mighty Thistle of Partick take on the mighty Rovers of Bristol. Typical pre-season friendly in which none of us could agree on the colour of the goalie’s new jersey. Cerise, green, magenta or lilac?

Then, on Wednesday, I went down to Maggie’s Farm where I met Tracey, a new fundraiser but she lives an awful awful awful, oh, and works an awful long way away. Dundee, eh? So Ian Gordon, I gave her your name.

But do I have a loud laugh? I did that morning, but I do seem to set myself up for the fall, don’t I? All I was doing was explaining I still had my prostate. So why was I called a winker?

But the loud laugh, here in jt850 Towers, is loud enough to awaken the dead. At least that’s what it seemed like the other night, given the shower of zombies and the other undead coming out of the graveyard. (Dear listener, please feel free to do your own joke at this point. I need to check that the Spanish winnings remain untouched. As yet.)

But it’s maybe propitious that the Vampire Slayer has returned, safely, from her sojourn in Southern Europe. And whilst the Grand Council may be no more, I look forward to the meet, and thanks for the recent sage advice, VS. I might have some for you. You may ignore it!

And finally, the fly. In the room which I use as office, there was a fly. I decide to open a window and let it out. First I had to raise the blinds. The fly got caught in the slats. And was squashed. Dead. 😦

It’s been a mixed kinda week, really, but lots of really nice women out there. Ta.

Oh, and this week’s pint of milk and loaf of bread is a doorstep delivery from the rainforestriverman.

Cya and keep(ing) it fun (unless you’re a fly)

Johnt850 , with patience fully under control again. Honest.

Y’see one of the things that’s annoyed me this week (and I make no apologies for returning to it) is Abdul Abasset mahmet al-Megrahi. I have spoken before about my feelings about the only person convicted so far of the killing of 270 people and my own involvement in Radio Scotland’s coverage of the Lockerbie bombing. And the article about me in The Sun, at the time of his release. So my views about the mass murderer and certain aspects of his release are well known.

However, every time I hear someone complain about the fact that al-Megrahi has outlived the terminal prognosis of his disease, prostate cancer, by a few months, I feel the need to remind folk of the (approx) 10,000 men in the UK who die of it. Annually.

I think the prostate cancer charities should be using this as an opportunity to drip feed awareness but then internal politics should always come before awareness shouldn’t they? After all, WTF do I know about increasing prostate cancer awareness? Or am I just in too much of a rush? Maybe.


2 Responses to “Oh baby baby what can I do You know you drive me crazy when I’m looking at you The summer’s really here and it’s time to come out Time to discover what it’s all about – Here comes the summer”

  1. Rubin Me Says:

    Thank you for your article. im glad i found your site

  2. BillGarethCharlieGarethRichard Says:

    I should really be shopping. Good to see more people writing about this subject.

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