Hoping for a ghost inside the shell But if it’s there it’s hidden well All we are is ticks and tocks Seconds in a pocket watch

A song sung there by singer songwriter Jeremy Messersmith, a man whose work was drawn to my attention either by a series of co-incidences or because it was pre-determined. More of that later. Or in the months ahead. Maybe I have no control over these things. The song’s called John The Determinist and it took the entire global resources of Demus Productions to find it.

‘Cos obvioulsy I don’t plan the blog. The keyboard, itself, decided not to spell obviously and serioulsy correctly in recent years but you’d all noticed but were too polite too mention, but some keyboards have a life oftheir ow , do ‘t they? 😉

A few bits’n’pieces and matters arising from last week’s unusual single issue edition of the show;

My passwords et al are in a folder called Kleenex Tissues, except, cos you all now know that, I’ve renamed it Andrex. I also have folders called things like The Recipe for Coca Cola and I love it when I’m asked if I want to save changes. 

I smashed up so much furniture during last week’s World Cup Final but mega winnings on Spain now sit in an envelope called…….hang on, there’s the phone. Interesting thoughts, as ever, from the lovely W* and L frae Troon this week, is L frae Tenerife. Carrying out detailed research into rum and cokes according to the txt she sent as the heavens opened here in tropical Summerston.

* somewhere in the broadcast World there is always a BBC commissioning round. Well done to friends in the Comedy Unit for recent successes. Why it’s asterixed next to is a story for another day. 

All credit cards are now activated, and badly needed; the car’s fine as are all my bones, thanks to those who asked; and no, I don’t worry about people breaking in and stealing my identity and stuff. Such is my liquidity, if Marvin from The Scheme broke in, he’d probably leave me a loaf of bread and a pint of milk. And maybe something else. I can be tempted…………and, maybe, one day………but out of choice. No. No reason. (It’s a free will question, isn’t it?)

So, moving on but not swiftly, but in that kinda way where I do worry about how many magic biscuits really are on the magic biscuit tree. I didn’t know there was such a thing until Thursday night. 😀 😀 😀

And also on Thursday I met a smashing lady called Susie who is an unemployed organic chemist (BSc). Now working as a masseuse. Needs website. I have her business card and mobile number if anyone needs a ‘healing hand’.

Naw. I met her in a computer lab at Strathclyde Uny. Universities are amazing places when there’s nobody else around and no regular students, which seems to be most of the year ‘cos so many students do vocational work experience. I used to hate leaving campus. Actually Glasgow University didn’t really have a campus did it? Actually given how I spent most of my time there I’m not so sure it had a university.

What’s that, Skippy? That’s what the buildings were between the QM Union and the GUU. Wow. Wicked. Naw, I’ve been seeing people wearing their graduating gear this week and I’ve been thinking what use has my MA(ord)  in Politics and History and Economics and other stuff been to me over the years. Actually one helluva lot; that and an involvement in student politics and a post grad in Youth and Community Work were what got me the original researcher’s job at BBC Scotland. That, and knowing someone. Them were the days.

No blogs in them days. Certainly nothing like the new one from the blogmeister http://www.geekchocolate.co.uk/ which, now that I understand what you do when you ‘view source’, makes for fascinating reading. Try it.

What else has been happening? I should really write things down as they occur to me, shouldn’t I, it says on this piece of paper.

So, and finally, our (?) continuing stake money went on an each way bet on Justin Rose but he was one of those who suffered badly from that weather break thing. No. No wind gags. Shame. However, dear listeners, whilst watching highlights later, I heard one commentator (not Peter Alliss) talk of fifty year old Mark Cal(hang on whilst I copy and past)cavecchia who was playing really well………I did hear this commentator say, ‘Age is but a number.’ Now do you understand?

Incidentally, and please treat this with the same smile on my face that I have as I repeat his words as quoted; ‘I’m smart enough to know that couple (of pints) is enough’. If only dear listener, if only.

I have listeners everywhere. Now for the housework. Feather duster anyone?

cya and keep(ing) it fun

Johnt850, determined as well as a determinist.

Sorry but this has intrigued me during the week and my thanks to Tommy Tea for his patience and research. Indeed some of you may wish to switch station at this point. But it’s something which has, in the last few years, intrigued me about the two big health issues which have been such a big part of my life; alcoholism, which for me is an addiction, with which I can cope, but cancer which is a disease, which has been successfully treated on a so far so good basis, but will choose if and when it wants to return.

Not that I expect it to, he says, snapping out of an unnatural and sadly unshackled reverie.

No, I’ve been thinking a wee bit about ‘stuff’. And I’ve decided I’m happy, come what may.

So if you’ve reached this point, did you decide not to switch station out of your own free will, or was it determined for you by other causes? And how far should you force an issue? Is a reaction pre-determined?  And is it Thistle’s year? Well, it obviously wasn’t Justin Rose’s….. 😦

Maybe I’ll just go and make my tea. What Skippy? But you know what I’m going to have. Bread and milk. And magic biscuits. Thanks Marvin. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Yup. Help yourself to the TV on the way out. What? Oh, some **** must have stole it. Sorry.


3 Responses to “Hoping for a ghost inside the shell But if it’s there it’s hidden well All we are is ticks and tocks Seconds in a pocket watch”

  1. Lee Says:

    There are 19 magic biscuits on the magic biscuit tree. Dara explained =)

  2. johnt850 Says:

    Thanks. I should have paid more attention. All that worrying for nothing.

  3. Eila Krikwen Says:

    I would like to start off by stating, thank you for providing me with the information I’ve been looking for. I’ve been surfing the internet for two hours searching for it and would have given my right arm if I would have found your site sooner. Not only did I find what I was searching for, but found answers to questions I never even thought to ask myself. Thank you for such a wonderful web-site!

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