Out of place, out of time I return interior re-designed. They got me up against the wall Maybe it’s best not to wake up at all

The band? The Only Ones. The title? We’ll maybe leave that just now. No. No reason. ‘Cos let’s cut to one of several chases.

Abdelbaset Mahmet Ali al-Megrahi – the only person convicted so far of the deaths of 270 people at Lockerbie in 1988 and who is terminally ill with prostate cancer, a disease I have had treated so far successfully. So good. That is all I have in common with him. I have nothing good to say of the man.

Lockerbie for me started with the call that night telling me to go in to the BBC for six the next morning and take charge of certain aspects of the radio coverage at that end. Some things I’ll never forget.

Can I ignore all the political infighting that’s gone on this week and repeat the words of someone I was talking to a couple of days ago; ‘Well, if Megrahi’s got a few more months extra, then maybe so have I.’

Oh, and I had my own PSA tests again this week. I’ll keep you posted, shall I?

And the track title? Woke Up Sticky. Exactly. So that’s this week’s blog back to normal. 😀

Incidentally to the folk at a Wellbeing mobile stall to whom I explained my recent health history, I realise that the line – ‘I enjoy feeling my pulse every morning’ – did, in that context, sound rude. It was intended. The G in GSOH can stand for lots of things. 😛

So the conversion to vegetarianism is early doors but I’m cool and I’m working my way through the cooked red meat in the freezer. OMG! I sound such a pervvy, sick psycho, don’t I? I am rural Summerston’s Hannibal Lecter. Which, conviently, leads us to this week’s Bloggily Tirade of the Week. (fanfare of strumpets)

That annoying stv advert for ‘specially selected pork’ which shows a farmer standing in front of a well ploughed field holding a terrier dog and finishing with a plate of nice pork chops. Isn’t there something missing here? Yes. You noticed. The pig itself. It’s almost as if they’re afraid to show the source of the product. The animal that will soon be dead on your plate. How anodyne is that?

At least they’re proud of their pigs in Seattle, USA, the spiritual home of Grunge. I’ve got a mate whose Facebook profile pic shows him smiling with the statue of a pig in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. It’s worth a look. (I should probably have written that in the past tense….’had’ a friend….but he posted the pic. He’s only got himself to blame)

Incidentally, if I did want to put people off eating foodstuffs, then remember I used to work in the fishmarket at Peterhead. The tales I could tell about what eventually becomes your cod in parsley sauce………It can be a long time at sea. 😦

But all the usual gang seem fine, btw; Missie K, the Vampire Slayer, bestest friend Caitlin, Jaymi and the Magenta Girl, all of whom, except Magenta, are finishing, or have finished, exams. But why, I wonder, did Magenta repeat the word ‘professionally?’ to me in a recent conversation? My face went red.

But the sun is shining. A very pleasant afternoon for the funeral of the late gangland enforcer Kevin ‘The Gerbil’ Carroll (it’s not the cheeriest of blogs this week, is it?) on Tuesday and I was there at the end of the service not quite standing alongside Fraggle, Snudge, Muncher and Div. They take their tags, or nicknames, very seriously these people.  I for one would never laugh at them. Again.

But it’ll soon be a special day in life of young 16lbs 7 ozs when he finally gets a name. (e, I’m not sure I fully understand all that’s going on  here, but I’m young. I learn all the time and I hope the weather stays cool. Like me. 🙂 ) 

But it was nice to be in a cafe on the South side of Glasgow on Friday as well when its owner, in response to my request for a ginger beer, said, ‘Yes. I like that as well. No. We don’t stock it.’

And finally, good luck to folk like the blogmeister and Erik the Floodstalker who are up for various student writing awards. I still feel the best aspect of any degree is the stuff that is done outwith the actual course. It marks you out as being different from everyone else doing exactly the same course.

What marked me out as different when I was at Uny? Standing outside that fish shop in Byres Road….drooling.

cya and keep(ing) it fun

Johnt850 – outlaw to the end.

Except. Like the opening paras this is without comment. Except it is a comment. A few weeks ago, I wrote of a tricky few days when I came close to breakdown. But I didn’t. I haven’t mentioned my support team in a while. Thanks.

Sometimes people find these blogs a few weeks later by various means (eg keywords such as those used by http://www.planet-holyrood.co.uk/ ) This came in a few days ago. The track referred to is Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. It’s not why I blog but it might make a wee bit of sense. This is from Stacy.

so, a friend of mine form years ago, having recently become “friends” again on facebook, posted a couple lyrics to that song on his “status”. i was like hmm.. those are good words.. what song is that from again? so off i went looking for the root of the meaning, and i come to this page. this particular page about an alchohlic meeting his moments of shit and happiness. i thought i was the only one who knew how to write about that kind of stuff. or at least in my “social circle” the only one with enough guts to face it…. or something. so i’m here to say johnt850, that i appreciated your post immensely. if i knew anything about weblogs i might just start one… thanks again

I cried. Obvioulsy. Maybe that’s why I’ve been in a bit of a mood this week. Ho and hum. Sorry. Pork scratching, anyone?


2 Responses to “Out of place, out of time I return interior re-designed. They got me up against the wall Maybe it’s best not to wake up at all”

  1. stacy Says:

    Thank you once again! I have since subscribed to your blog. I’m sincerely pleased to see that you read my comment and it touched you as your blog touched me. I’d like to think that we are all subject to the worst of times… not so momentary lapses of reason and logic. You are quite lucky to have you support group around you, friend. May they always be there in your darkest hour and may you always be able to see your way towards a lighter place when no one else is there to show you, 🙂

  2. johnt850 Says:

    Hey, Good luck Stacy. Take care.

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