Cause it’s one thing to start it with a positive jam and it’s another thing to see it all through and we couldn’t of even done this if it wasn’t for you…we gotta stay positive, we gotta stay positive, we gotta stay positive

The Hold Steady there, clrly, with their take on the idea of keeping it fun and, as Missie K and some others know, I took delivery of their new album this week as well as the new Alabama 3.  Add to that a couple of book purchases, courtesy of a gift from that health conference I did, and it’s been a reasonably quiet and pleasant week.

Why? What else happened? Naw, I’m ignoring that. Indeed I might stay away from the other heavy stuff I sometimes do….or more specifically, did. Yup, there was once an even worser part of my life than the one two to three years ago. It was the ‘badest’ part of my life.

At this point I’d like to thank the Vampire Slayer, not for being part of that bit of my life, but for her recent assistance in helping me to re-write the English language. 😉 bella, bella.

Actually, can I also repeat one of those marvellous conversations I sometimes hear in ASDA? This from a pyjama clad lady;

‘Naw, I’m being done for attempted murder, serious disfigurement and possession but the count deserved it.’ Aristocracy? In Summerston? Jaymi, you might have served them. Or Liz. Might have.

No. One thing has dominated life in T850 Towers this week. Bathrooms. It’s why the event has been delayed. That and a Naming Day which might mean a run on cupcakes. (But, e, I thought all seven days already had names. I’m confused)

No. Earlier this week I was in the new Blythswood Square Hotel (old RAC) in Glasgow. (If you’re going there by taxi, btw, don’t ask for the New Blythswood, unless looking for a very pleasant sauna. It’s a slightly different establishment. One week’s research for a programme that didn’t happen and suddenly I’m an expert.)

And this lady showed me into Room no 166. It’s a long story 😀 and whilst the bed bit of the room was fine the bathroom was a knockout. I could have moved in there. (Actually I’m not sure how that reads. I’ll maybe read it out loud later) So my own needs work done to it.

So much so that Kenny the Shed Pimp is having to sub-contract the work (lol, ffs and I hope he’s reading this). Proof I was there? The toiletry I stole was the body wash and it has its name in Gaelic; Siabann Bodhaig.

(A3 are on the metaphorical turntable and there’s a brill combo of Country Joe and A3 as an update for the war in Afghanistan, which was totally ignored over the last three weeks)

So, the body wash has a nice smell, almost as nice a smell as the free sample of Calvin Klein’s Eternity Aqua I was given in Buchanan Street. Damn. I should have asked the Magenta Girl of Queen Street Station for her opinion. I seem to be asking her about everything else. Bestest friend Caitlin, what can I say? 

Maybe a quick word re my own political leanings? At the age of 21 my alter ego was a member of CND but that may have been to impress Moira Corrigan (remember her, rainforestriverman?) but at the same time I joined the Scottish Labour Party which was nothing to do with the unionist UK Labour Party but I, and some others, were expelled cos we were ‘associated’ with the International Marxist Group. And then, Dr Paul, what happened was so similar to so many socialist parties. Splinter followed splinter. I think, eventually, I gave up when it became the Trotskyist Fourth International. Serioulsy.

And that, dear listener, is possibly why I’ve never been invited to a Royal Garden Party. 😦

So I also did this week what every broadcast student does automatically these days. I downloaded digital editing software called Audacity, to go with the new Edirol recorder I bought, and I did what every non tekkie person does when they do that – I generated white noise, tone and silence. The sound of laughter you hear comes from every proper audio person I have ever worked with who knows what a tekkie illiterate I am. But who appreciated my other skills. I have some.

Incidentally if you run/ran in the Women’s 10k and spot(ted) a man running beside you with recording gear that’s Mic, which is a belter of a name for a sound guy, and he’s recording for a radio drama and if anybody out there is running in Race For Life, let me know please.

And finally I am a wee bit jealous of all those students moving into broadcast work. I’m kinda involved but as a freelance working with an independent production company reliant on coming up with ideas and the commissioning system, and this is how a lot of it works as I’m sure you’re aware. I make enough to buy my round.

But these last few days of election coverage would have been so much fun to be part of. I shared some memories on the Planet Holyrood website recently, but I don’t think I can ever explain the magic that is live broadcasting. I miss it. Lots. Hopefully all those who teach broadcast share my enthusiasm. I really hope so. No. No reason.

Oh, and any work opportunity gratefully received. And accepted. You know where to find me.

It’s a freelance thang. You can tell a broadcast freelance, btw, by the clothes we wear. But you’ll have been told all about that as well.

cya and keep(ing) it fun – like live broadcasting. It’s why 42 year olds like me and David Dimbleby can keep going all night long.

Johnt850 – cyber psuedo identity disorder – marvellous words aren’t they?

So I’ve been under pleasant pressure for some time to bring closure to certain parts of my life two years after my cancer treatment and three and a bit years since my last alkoholic drink. So far, so good. So I have thought about it, long and hard.

Decision 1. My alter ego has decided to keep the ‘p’ in his e-mail address ‘cos the story behind it gives folk a laugh.

Decision 2? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…………… I know all that is needed. It’s incredibly simple. It just happens to be different from what everyone else thinks. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. I’ll maybe have a quiet word with the Magenta Girl……just in case.

One Response to “Cause it’s one thing to start it with a positive jam and it’s another thing to see it all through and we couldn’t of even done this if it wasn’t for you…we gotta stay positive, we gotta stay positive, we gotta stay positive”

  1. johnt850 Says:

    Since I sent that out into the world I have learned from a ‘source’ that the New Blythswood is currently closed; that Ruth who helped run it was fined £1500 earlier in the week; and that Kelly, who worked there, is muchly missed.

    It’s journalism, Jim, but not as you know it.

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