Well, baby, when times are bad, Now call on me, darling, and I’ll come to you. When you’re in trouble and feel so sad, Well, call on me, darling, come on call on me, and I’ll help you. Yeah!

Defo message. Defo.

Janis Joplin as suggested by Missie K but from her earlier days with Big Brother and the Holding Company, which explains the emotive language redolent of the sixties. (Eh?) That’s Janis‘s days. Not Missie K.

I remember once being someone’s virtual big brother – not that long ago. I was happy with that, truth to be told. Probably still would be………Ow! That was my shin! 😦

My alter ego was around in the sixties (I am of course 42) and remembers it as the time when he became politicised somewhere in primary school. It was a General Election time and a freethinking female primary school teacher got some pupils to be pretend candidates. His job as the class smartass (I remember once….) was to explain what an election was. (Yes. That gag had occurred to me as well)

So he surprised his teacher. (Don’t even go there dear listener, altho’ even at that age….) He took on the persona of Abbie Hoffman. Yes. The Abbie Hoffman. How cool is that? Fingerlickin’ cool. That’s how cool.

(Altho’ at that time in smalltown Peterhead, not only was KFC unheard of, but ‘cool’ was a hot Summer’s day in the North East…….No. I don’t have many friends from those days. Why do you ask?)

And speaking of frnds, the reference to Clr and the connection with gd (male) facial preparation is explained in the latest edition of ShortList, the free magazine distributed outside Queen Street Station, Glasgow, where the Magenta Girl is still plying her trade but she did look very confused as I tried to introduce her to L frae Troon on our way to a business meet to discuss pirate radio. So I hope that clears that up….just in case.

Except, ‘cos I use a good moisturiser I have nothing to clear up, and the occasional red face is about the only residual I have from my hormone cancer treatment and nothing to do with anyone’s name……..I mean……anyway, it’s time to move on. Swiftly. Gulp.

And speaking of good looking women (The General Election theme, which was the intent, has just gone. I blame transcendental negativity, myself, and, yes, I do have a friend who reads the Guardian website)…..I notice that Cheryl Cole has described herself as skank for sitting around in her PJs for six hours a day. No, you’re not pet. Trust me. I know skank. (jt850 has sudden spellcheck fright and quickly looks up Urban Dictionary. Sits down. Relieved.)

Incidentally, the event I referred to last week where I was joined by a lesbian, who had turned up for a GLBT event on the wrong night but stayed on, was a screenwriting workshop where writers with real screenplays (not me yet) arrange to have a scene acted out by a couple of actors and a director so they can see/hear what it’s like and I/we observed. It was really weird ‘cos I thought the actors really f**ked up the script (that was a common word in it) and did not read it as the writer intended but she just stood there. So the whole thing was like a piece of theatre in itself.

I think it should be reviewed, Adelle. What do you think?

And, speaking of major productions don’t forget the Comedy Unit’s production of ……http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhWNaE5UnvU

Will they use any of my material on Election Night? And, if they do, will it get repeated in September?

So just one quick plug for an election candidate outwith Glasgow. If you live in East Dunbartonshire (that’s you Vampire Slayer) then vote Labour, please, for Mary Galbraith. Yes. Lots of reasons. 😉

(Nice little combo move there, jt,……altho’ I did notice Gordon Brown’s really big gaffe saying he was going to crack down on The Arcadia Group. Can’t even get the name of a Duran Duran spin-off correct. Hang on. A bell has just sounded…….Don’t I remember once……A video?)

I wonder if Sky News asked for the lapel mic back?

And ‘cos of the Weeping Angels, I am beginning to warm to Karen Gillan as a serious actress. Serioulsy.

Anyway, and finally, lots of students doing exams, presentations and dissertations at the moment – too numerous to mention – Jaymi, Caitlin, you won’t mind if I don’t mention you this week, will you? – but one I do want say Hi to is the Parfery person – to me, always redolent of a nicely blurred Timotei advert. It’s a sixties thang. 🙂

cya and keep(ing) it fun

Actually my fave overheard putdown of the week? ‘She’s the kind of person who doesn’t find humiliation fun.’ Even little ol’ self deprecating me doesn’t. Except I’m not that little and certainly not that ol’.


Actually. About Keep(ing) It Fun. Clrly. I used the phrase at a panel I was part of, at a big health conference in Glasgow this week. Just over the water from BBC HQ. I was amazed how many people I know from there who run and walk at lunchtime but it’s ‘cos there’s so little to do over there.

Kinda weird telling 250 health professionals about what it’s like being an alkie who’s come through the cancer experience (so far, so good) but their minds are willing to listen unlike…. Ach, it’s not worth it. Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes. Keep It Fun usually works.

But I felt a fraud (I remember once……..actually, I remember several times when me and, well someone else, discussed our thoughts about this) and I’m not going to say anything about anyone I met (28, female, good looking and getting married later this year) who I buddied up with. Amazing person.

Instead, I’m going to have a go at a patronising count (Spelling? Close.) Me.

I sat on stage and explained that I don’t like the word ‘recovering’ when applied to me as an alkie ‘cos I feel I have recovered. ‘I simply don’t drink alkohol.’ ‘Simply’. Oh, boy do I regret that word. The rest I’m happy with.

And yes. Somebody did come up to me at the end, when it was quiet, and ask for some advice about a friend’s drinking. And I had none to give. Magenta, all over my face. But at least I listened. I didn’t judge.

And that is why, blogmeister, I took it out on iTunes when I got home that night. I’m still not too sure what I’m supposed to be doing there. And Nick. Thanks for the day off. Take it out my fee. 😉 hahahahaha. mweh.

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