I’ve never known a girl like you before Now just like in a song from days of yore Here you come a knockin’, knockin’ at my door And I’ve never met a girl like you before

Maybe a message but maybe not as you know it….la porte, c’est toujours ouverte pour toi, evidement. Pas de problem. But I do like the notion of an Ideas Monster and I’m happy to feed it any time. The last time was, seriously, three in the morning.

No. It means nothing to me either. And, yes, I did go and see Edwyn Collins on Wednesday night.

But the main event of last week obviously was the new carpets but tw*t/prat/tube of the week award goes to…..me. As some of you may know I was without landline last week, battery problem on cordless, so I swopped over the older radio from bedroom (divorce pressie from ex-wife……the radio, not bedroom). Dead sensible, but see when the wee wummin in the phone says, ‘Please replace the handset’, she actually means you ‘to replace the handset’.

The Virgin repairman (altho’ I don’t think I really was his first) just looked at me in that kinda way that implies I’m not a real man. (I’m typing this in a deeper voice). I’m just not tekkie.

‘What it was was, I was mad.’ (Edwyn Collins)

And then on Friday, I was down at the HQ of Demus International News Inc, and I found myself being interviewed (still not sure for what but it was done professionally) about John Peel, the Godfather of broadcast icons like BBC 6 Music – http://www.38degrees.org.uk/BBC-stop-the-cuts – and I found I couldn’t say ‘Jarvis Cocker talked’. It’s a hard one.

And just cos I was being interviewed by good looking female reporter….I think she was looking for my job description when she asked status, and not ‘divorced’.

‘The possibilities are endless’. (Edwyn Collins)

And I went to a couple of other things at Aye Write (not strictly true, jt) including the Future of the Media Debate at which the star turn was ’21-year-old Lisa Stewart’ – as reported in the Herald, which is presumably the only reason she wasn’t described as ‘gorgeous and pouting’ – but she and some other students were there, getting quotes for dissertations and stuff and networking. Do lecturers and tutors not tell their students about these things?

I’m not going to rant here, and there’s been so much debate this week about the value of going to university, but I do worry about the number of journalism degrees and courses. I know degrees are not easy to get, individually, but of the three BBC Radio Scotland presenters I was talking to on Monday morning (who occupy four hours of prime time news and current affairs broadcasting between them) Gary Robertson does not have a degree, Kaye Adams’s is in Politics and Economics, and Aileen Clarke’s is in Drama and, I think, English.

Mine was a bog standard MA in stuff and I’m still making programmes.

‘Weird but not gay’ (johnt850, following a conversation with my gd frnd Clr)

Jaymi has started a blog (but ‘naming names in this blog rules’ apply), Missie K spills a lot but apologises and the Vampire Slayer has received an invitation from me to an event that may not happen. Oh, and blogmeister, that is a good idea but I do think we should combine it with a pub crawl.

My house looks good but won’t be finished until Son Brian, who picked up the good work started by the Toffee Pudding Four, has been over to do the snagging list (given how busy he is that could be 2015 or even nearer half past eight).

And e’s wee boy is now called 13lbs, 11ozs, altho’ given the amount of milk he brought up over me the other day, he is probably now called 13lbs, 7 ozs.

Ach, no. I’m going to say it. What do you get taught that can possibly last two years at college and two or three or four at Journalism Uny? Are you out there pounding the beat with your notebooks or recorders? Are you accumulating by-lines or are your voices out there on student radio and I’m just not hearing them? Am I Anne Robinson?

I’m not going to name Siobhan M ‘cos that would openly embarrass her but in the short time I worked with her, she is one of the best natural factual story tellers I worked with. I hope that stays. But WTF do I know? I can’t even get guest gigs at Colleges so obviously I know nothing.

If the Times of Evening ever interviewed me for its style pages, my style would need to be ‘too badly dressed to appear on BBC’s patronising Jobless programmes’ and my style icon would be ‘Primark Reject’.

But yet, one of the other highlights for me from Aye Write would be the former student (female) who knew of my cancer but when I mentioned alkoholism, said ‘Shit happens’ and then went on to describe me as ‘looking, like, man, like, ten years younger, wow.’

I am forced to agree. If you’ve not seen me for, say, one year, nine months and a few days, then you don’t know what you’re missing. 🙂 Even for my age (42) I’m pretty hot. So far, so very good.

‘I’m not a racist, but……..’ (John Smeaton)

But the other big moment at Aye Write was the emotion attached to Edwyn Collins and his wife, the amazing Grace. His singing is not too bad, but he did lose the place a couple of times. Seriously I couldn’t say ‘Jarvis Cocker talked’, so it’s not a big problem. And at one stage I whooped. Quite loudly. :$

There was an amazing moment when another stroke victim spoke to him and the sense of a bond between them was of a kinda different feel from that between Grace and Edwyn, but Grace smiled ‘cos she knew. It’s a bond that cancerly I have felt with some other cancer people but not necessarily with other prostate cancer patients and fellow alkies. I don’t like words like ‘being positive’, and ‘suffering’ and ‘recovering’.

That’s why I like ‘keep(ing) it fun’. Albeit willingly. Very.

‘I felt like I was losing my mind. I couldn’t get anybody to understand what I was trying to say.’ (A stroke victim, me in this blog from time to time et pleusieres autres.



Oh, and just in case you didn’t see BBC Radio Scotland’s Internal Weekly Newsletter which was leaked to me by about seventeen people at PQ (ta, but wasn’t Countdown on Friday afternoon? lol….), Jeff Zycinski, Head of BBC Radio Scotland, whom I’ve always admired, not only described the prostate cancer prog as one that could save lives, but said ‘when people ask me to define public service broadcasting, I always point to programmes like that.’  Like serious wow. I cried. 😥

Me? I just saw it as an easy way way to make money. Honest. So, I did. So, let’s see what the next idea is that the Ideas Monster comes up with. Mind you, WTF do I know?

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