These people are weird in here And they’re giving me the fear Just because you know my name Doesn’t mean you know my game….Inside the outsider (on my own again)

So last week I mentioned Camus’s l’etranger (the outsider) and this week a complete stranger walks up and hands over a copy of the latest Marina and the Diamonds CD with the words; ‘This is for you, wee man. It has a track called The Outsider.’ Does this blog get read or does this blog get read?

Kinda like that. Except it wasn’t a complete stranger. It was a record plugger in the global headquarters of Demus Productions and, to be honest, I didn’t really want tickets for Mika. So the CDs kinda made up for it. A kinda just in case scenario.

But Marina did do Oran Mor just slightly along the road from me but ‘lacklustre’ was the word.

So this week is defo a documentary free zone other than to say it’s done, it’s dusted and in the hands of the BBC at PQ with a planned tx (transmission time) of 0900 on Monday, 8th March. I’d like to thank my mum, my dad and….well, actually my biggest thanks must go to Nick’s incredibly talented, multi tasking and gorgeous workforce aka Linda who fed and watered me throughout the three days it took.

And to Nick for all his faith, hope, charity, and money which has gone through various bank accounts before ending up in the hands of a magic carpet dealer in Milngavie*. I’ve arranged a delivery and fitting date but not actually chosen or paid for the carpet yet. It’s not just the blog, dear listener, that is difficult to understand at times. It’s me. 

*See me, see dealers in magic? See the past. It’s all there.

So please, dear listeners, please, I want to go out and play. Previously, when I did these things at the Beeb, I could knock off at, say, ten o’clock at night (the call of Clatty Pat’s) and not go back until say mid-day the next day. These days, it’s all on a memory stick. I keep forgetting that. It kinda took over. So any thoughts for playtimes are good. Please? 😀

Oh, and any thoughts about future work ideas are good and those nice people at the Comedy Unit have been in touch about doing some more writing for them. Yes. I can do political and sensitive and will. But, seriously, any ideas for me or for my business at would be good. It’s all about funding some longer term projects. Ho hum. Lucky I’m young.

I think people as well have backed off a wee bit from me (either that or I’ve said something really bad somewhere) so I can’t report much on what my chums have been doing, other than well in exams. Missie K can speak dead good foreign, the Vampire Slayer has gone off Berlusconi (I didn’t ask. Sometimes it’s better not to) and bestest friend Caitlin has put her entire life and career in my hands.  I’m not worried. 😦

I’ve not really noticed what’s happening in the world except….Gordon Brown’s a bit of a bully, I seem to have heard. Apparently he once hurled a tangerine into a laminating machine whilst in a rage (claimed a factory worker). I once worked with a BBC TV news producer (who’s still working in print) who’d have used the laminating machine to f******g laminate any factory worker who made such a claim. Malcolm Tucker is based on real people.

So how were you as a tutor, then, at the College jt? You mean apart from the famous gunfight at the OK Corral with the Interior Designers in Florence Street (in-gag for Met people)?

Well, actually, I did once tell my gd fnd Clr to ‘f**k off’, in class (I realise that’s the second time I’ve used that word. I’ll check it with BBC Al later). No. I know. Unbelieveable, eh? No. No reason. Until then  I thought Thrall was a Viking god. Ever since………Albeit unwittingly. Il dit tout, n’est-pas?

But can I thank another one of my former students, Angela, who explained to me what is involved in methodology and jolly worthwhile it sounds too, I thought, when I discovered I did not have the notebook with the script in it and I had to retrace my steps through various West End bars. Once upon a time, dear listener, once upon a time, that would have been an interesting journey.

And my thanks to the people who recently serviced my car (I’ve done that gag too often and will avoid the obvious carpet laying ones as well when the time comes). For the first time ever, my playing of a CD (The  Bronx since you ask) was interrupted by the traffic report and then it started to tell me about school closures and it went back to the CD. How does it know I have no kids of school age? I am gobsmacked.

But I am having computer problems. I have an erratic tool box. No. I have an erratic tool bar. Sorry this doc has taken over my life (Incidentally, L frae Troon count the number of times that phrase, y’know that phrase gets mentioned) and the new TV stays in the box.

And finally, I didn’t really expect to get this far, so I will go away and will do a final personal publicity push in a couple of days’ time and then will sit back and wait for the offers to flood in. Aye. Write.

cya and keep(ing) it fun and wearing the blue man cancer badge with pride.

Johnt850 and, hey, I like feedback as much as anyone else. It’s called the ‘reply’ thing on the toolbar.

Incidentally, and I don’t know why this bit has become the serious bit but, like the rest of my life, it is unintentional. I don’t mean my mum didn’t intend to have me or anything like that. No. She had kept my sister’s old clothes aside and they fitted me for many years. 

Anyway I was present in Demusland at an off-the-record briefing about something else they might be doing and somebody used the phrase ‘a bit of an alkie’. It’s a phrase I probably used once upon a time myself. So I smiled quietly. After all I think I’ve proved that I’m not the ‘scum’ some college management described me as when I first went back to work. And I’ve proved I can more than cope. 🙂

No. It was only later in the day it hit me, as Nick twiddled with his knobs and told really bad prostate cancer gags – none of which are in the doc which I’ve managed to avoid mentioning. So far. So good.

No. I’m going to get a t-shirt printed and it’s going to say;

 ‘See me? Total alkie – not just a bit of one.’


3 Responses to “These people are weird in here And they’re giving me the fear Just because you know my name Doesn’t mean you know my game….Inside the outsider (on my own again)”

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  2. Marylin Tonelson Says:

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