And Janey said, ‘Hey little brother, don’t you think it’s time that we go.’ So we closed our eyes and said goodbye to Gypsy Angel Row. Felt so right. Together we moved like spirits in the night, all night, in the night, all night…(fades……….)

Y’see, for me, there is only one game in town at the moment and that is these programmes I’m ‘doing’, for an okay fee, for BBC Radio Scotland and whilst I’ve got marvellous folk like Nick and John and Linda all doing things to make sure it happens, it doesn’t mean I don’t have doubts. And last Sunday, after I had logged about three hours worth of good material with more to come, I panicked.

And where do you go when you panic? Torrance. Obviously. Not to the Vampire Slayer’s house (and well done in Italian, VS), but to the home of the real Janey, where I metaphorically threw all the tapes (ask me later) at her feet. She looked so calm, in that calm kinda TV director kinda calm way, and said two words………., which will remain with me until the morning of Monday, 8th March but it’ll be worth it.

And then it all came back to me….all the wee tricks; the pauses, the importance of wildtrack, the word ‘so’, the running together of certain phrases, all the stuff that some people don’t teach, cos some people are so keen on looking at the heart beat monitor involved in digital editing these days that they don’t listen. They don’t use their f**king ears. Sorry. I am a programme maker who appreciates all the help over the years given by experienced audio people. Rant over.

And that was Bruce Springsteen and the e-Street Band, btw. Incidentally, the Dykeenies (of Cumbernauld) who I’ve not mentioned for some time, were the first signings to King Tut’s Own label. In 2006.

I use a phrase ; ‘I can work with you’ when I know I can and it means exactly what it says. That moment with J came in Kinning Park library a wee while back when, in return for interviewing them, Govan Old Folks insisted we do a talk to them for an hour about the BBC. The ‘I can work with you’ moment comes with the fits of laughter around the corner in the car park after. Ta, J. (And yes, J is millions of years younger than me……it’s broadcasting. Age is irrelevant. Talent counts)

Let’s move on….just in case. I can only make a point so often. So why bother? J’ai mes raisons.

But before we do, I didn’t apply for that job in Afghanistan. It was more tekkie than I am. It was with the institute for war & peace reporting. (their lower case…..another reason I didn’t apply) but I want to quote from the job spec;

‘working and managing staff in a hostile environment’….I’ve been in some newsrooms in my time, but……

And I noticed someone else’s blog which said that ‘any attempt to describe johnt850 would be like trying to explain fractal mathematics to a Tech Drawing teacher’. I was confused. What’s a Tech Drawing teacher? I threw a bit of wood at one of mine once. Serioulsy. I don’t like being ignored (awaiting some replies at the moment) or being blocked. I take the huff easily. But I can take it back. Honest.

(Unfortunately, to link to that blog would break a rule of this blog in that it would identify someone. I mean it’s not as if ppl know who my gd frnd Clr is, or bestest friend Caitlin or Son Brian……okay. That last one might be easier than some.)

Incidentally, how many people who complain they don’t understand this blog watch Lost on Sky 1?

So the entire house is going to get carpeted (easier than hoovering), I’ve bought some new recording gear (Damn you rrm and the competitive prices your corner shop offers when it comes to buying an edirol r-09hr) and I’ve still to buy the new TV and the car’s just been serviced (lucky car) and the house is a tip (Missie K, you can cheer me up any time you like… choices are good) and I’ve already bought tickets for the things at Aye Write I plan to go and see but I’ll maybe have to pass on the FilmFest but maybe go to some of the less well known stuff at the ComedyFest and the screenplay’s sitting there, saying ‘Workshop me!’……Eh, Red Bull, black coffee and Alpen breakfast bars since you ask. So far, so good. 😉

So maybe, L frae Troon, I might yet have that party…….same guest list as before ‘tho. 🙂

And a quick public service anno on behalf of a friend of mine, Katie, who works in the health world (No. Not that Katie) and is carrying out research that might be of benefit to contact lens wearers so if you can help, please do so.

And totally unrelated, my fave sports story of the week comes from 1970 and the baseball pitcher Dock Ellis who was having a bad time in one game, and his team-mates couldn’t work out was wrong. Turns out he was ‘high’ on LSD and thought he was throwing ball at Jimi Hendrix who was hitting it back with his Fender Stratocaster. He also thought that one of the umpires was ex-Pres Richard Nixon! Cool, eh? 😀

Actually not a dissimilar personal reaction to the hormone implants I was on when I first started my treatment for my cancer. Says a lot about my teaching. No-one noticed.

And when I get bored in supermarkets I like to slip a pregnancy testing kit into the trolley of the people in front of me. Particularly senior citizens.

No, tomorrow begins the rough scripting and then the fine tuning and editing can start (incidentally that invite, and you know who I’m talking to, is not ‘watch it’ type stuff. When I edit, everyone gets involved. You’ll get a three o’clock in the morning message soon time) but not in the wide open spaces of PQ but in the leafy West End, just along from one of the city’s top hotels. Carlsberg doesn’t do independent production companies but if it did, it would do Demus Productions.

And the Radio Times billing has gone in. And Kaye Adams is presenting the phone-in part of the prog. Me? Nervous? Mais, oui. Beaucoup. Plastic stirrer, anyone?

cya and still keep(ing) it fun


Oh, and a serious moment. Former Met student Mohammed Atif Siddique remains convicted under The Terrorism Act of setting up websites and thus providing links to bomb making and weaponry instructions. His ‘numptyness’ could still cost lives.

And Nicola Sturgeon? I wonder if she still has that toffee yogurt coloured bomber jacket which, with her hair longer and softer coloured, made her look like a young Suzy Quattro. Yes. I would have. No. I didn’t. No. No reason. Govan, since you ask. A wee while back.

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