Here comes a strangest reflection Throwing a shadow on the wall Breaking down all my defences The distance is nowhere at all….Beautiful friend, beautiful friend

Nice song there, sung by The Undertones and for no-one in particular but playing it at the end of a week when it’s been nice to have friends, face to face, txtually, facebookly and around ‘cos I’m going to be kinda weird the next couple of weeks or so.

Don’t even think it, ‘cos you know it’s not original and not befitting of you, and you, and you, and especially you. Be creative.

Mind you it’s nice to know I still have my uses 🙂 And I’ve not heard yet. (Okay, that’s clrly the deliberately obscure bit over and done with)

Naw. The hard work has started on the programmes I’m involved in for BBC Radio Scotland and I’ll say a wee bit more later, but the memories have returned….albeit unwittingly.

For example, I was recording an interview in the Milton in Glasgow which was where my uncle, aunt and cousins lived when our folks brought me and sis down to Glasgow for holidays. Y’see, to me down from the North East, Glasgow was exotic and my cousins were amazing. They lived in a  tenement with a balcony for drying clothes, they listened to a radio station after dark (Luxembourg), they ate potato fritters with their chips and they had their own bus terminus.   

In Peterhead the terminus was in the centre of the town but in the Milton it was on the doorstep and you could sit in the bus until it was ready to leave. It was amazing. I have always been easily pleased. Mes besoins sont simples.

But I did celebrate the end of these interviews by buying an ASDA Chinese meal for two. That’ll keep me going four days….just in case.

However, and I should maybe have mentioned this to Son Brian, I have seen a contract job I intend to apply for. In radio. In Afghanistan. Serioulsy. My lips are sealed but I may need referees. Gd frnd Clr and BBC Steve….the last time you reffed for me it worked. Can you think of a good reason why I should go to Kabul?

No, I’m going to say a few words about the radio thing and then not mention it again until tx, sorry, transmission on Monday, 8th March on BBC Radio Scotland at 9 o’clock IN THE MORNING in the prestigious Investigation Slot where people like the award winning journalist Eamonn O’Neill, of Strathclyde University’s MSC in Investigative Journalism, have had programmes. That’s prestigious. That’s knee-tremblingly worrying.

Yes. It’s a 28 min documentary about prostate cancer but it’s not a medical look at tests, symptoms and treatments; it’s about emotions and tales of love. It asks why, when it is officially  the biggest male cancer killer in both Scotland and the UK, men (your dads, brothers, boyfriends and husbands) are scared to talk about it. The answers are interesting.

Well, not all men and their wives. My presenter, 6ft 15 inches high John Beattie and I have spoken to a number of brill people (with the medical interviews still to come) and it falls to me to listen, log and edit almost 3 hours of material down to a level where we can talk script and then edit and then record and then edit….and then there’s the phone-in and then there’s the offline stuff, but bestest friend, Caitlin, we can do it. (And a big thanks to Nick at Demus Productions as well and, indeed, whilst I’m at it, to Janice Forsyth for letting me sit in on her interview with Joan Armatrading. Illuminating.)

As with every recording some of the best stuff happens after the recorder is put away. Yes, L frae Troon, I have an amazing erectile dysfunction story for you. Not only has it nothing to do with me, but his wife supplies the punchline!

This ASDA Chinese meal is awful. It is bowfing! 😦 😦 😦

And as for this Facebook doppleganger nonsense….Erik the floodstalker chose a young Robert Redford before me. Actually Erik, I have just had an idea. I’ll be in touch.

And whilst on the subject of friends, I noticed that someone I started at the BBC with, a long time ago, had her birthday this week just past and she is the same age as me as well (42). I wonder exactly what Kirsty Wark’s doing these days. Talent and vision, a heady mix. I’d have been happy with either. No. No reason.

And ppl like the rrm tell me to move on and I explain why it’s hard, sometimes, and I’d like to thank Glasgow City Council for the glass only recycling bin into which I threw an empty glass bottle on top of another glass bottle only for my neighbour Mary to say, ‘I hope that’s gin, jt, and not ginger.’ Oh how we laffed. It’s fun but it’s a memory. 

Oh, there is so much happening at the moment. I sure could use a graduate trainee/work experience person to handle the PR side of it, particularly now the house is tidy, but they would have to help me choose carpeting for the whole house. Any applicants? And I’ve still to get a new TV (thanks for the heads-up Son Brian….I’ll find the money somehow) but I have been able to watch the amazingly well script-edited Little Prairie Dog from morning BBC2 on BBCiPlayer. Nice one, Jayne.

Both Jayne and the Vampire Slayer live within yards of each other but have never met. Now, that’s weird. But nice pix, btw, VS, all 50 of them. Slowly, since you ask.

Actually I was reminded, today, of the fact that my lifestyle changing sticky toffee pudding night was first mooted around about this time just two years ago. How so, jt850, you ask? Um, I knocked over the stones in the mini buddhist garden I keep, which, if you remember G, C, G and C, was re-arranged that night and has provided such good feng shui ever since. 😉 So far, so good.

cya and still keep(ing) it fun and tidy


Oh, and a wee addendum to last week’s alkoholic special. I was talking to a guy last week with whom I might do some creative business and he has some of my background, know what I mean, and he asked if I’d actually given up alkohol and I said, ‘No. Not really, I just haven’t had any since Cold Turkey Sunday, three years and just under two months ago and have no need or plans to do so.’ ‘Well,’ he said, ‘in that case, if you haven’t given up, you can never relapse, can you?’ 

Oh, I so much want to walk up to some people and just say Get it right up you but that would be as small minded as them, wouldn’t it?  Or would it? Weird, eh?

‘The alternative is really unreal, beautiful friend.’ (The Undertones)


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