if you’re free you’ll never see the walls; if your head is clear you’ll never freefall; if you’re right you never fear the wrong; if your head is high you never fear at all

The tune? Exploder. The pop combo? Audioslave. The suggester? The blogmeister.

Doncha’ love short sentences, and it’s music that will be so recognisable to all those who voted for RATM and mucked up that nice Joe McEldeery’s Christmas whilst continuing to make Simon Cowell a rich man. It’s an obvious combo of Morello’s hip-hop-influenced guitar with Chris Cornell’s seventies metal fuelled with the spirit of punk. Yes, Dougie L, the blogmeister’s mate, indeed I do still have it.

And thanks to the miracle that is iTunes it’s playing in the background. Needs must, sometimes, rrm. I liked dealing with that young lady at Caiman, btw. What was her name again?

But first, and most obvious, having mentioned the gangs here in North Glasgow a few times previously, I must make some comment;


It’s a biblical reference and not a suggestion as to who might be involved in the gangland execution of Kevin ‘THE Gerbil’ Carroll (he liked the definite article, okay?) ‘cos I don’t know until I read what former mentor Alan Caldwell has to say about it all. Okay?

And to anyone who finds some of the nicknames given to well known Glasgow businessmen at all amusing, I did once ask Lewis ‘Scooby’ Rodden, ace security consultant and former Summerston resident, how he got his name. He said he hadn’t a clue. (That’s a joke btw. I’ve never asked him that and there are other ace security consultants available as well…just in case) 🙂

Moving swiftly on.

I actually was going to lead on one of my fave sayings from The Simpsons – ‘It’s one of those nude female fire stations’ – No. No reason – but when I did my google search, I was serioulsy distressed by what I was offered. On you go. I can wait…….

Right now you’re back.

No. We live in exciting times, albeit unwittingly and not just ‘cos it’s exam time for so many. I secured my degree in much easier times when an essay was merely a way of letting a tutor know you were still alive. One of mine once tried to seduce me with good sherry. He failed. He’s now dead. Maybe the sherry wasn’t that good after all. 😦

Several of my friends have shared their reasons for excitement with me but my lips are sealed. Except they’re not. Cos I have discovered an okay drink called Soft Brew which has got a really distinctive taste of malt, hops and quillaia extract. It’s even vegan friendly, just like Stereo. And it’s brewed by Marks and Spencer. And if anyone out there knows M & S’s Head Honcho, Stuart Rose, just a case would be good.

No. It’s the excitement of foreign travel, work experience opportunities, and some birthdays but I’m sure penguin loving Kirsten, and Tam had really good birthdays this week but I want to say a really smashing Happy Birthday to Missie K without whom……., well without whom, inter al, this blog would have had a lot less good music and I say that whilst acknowledging such really brill ppl as Emma J and Heather C. Have a nice one, Missie. xx 😀

I have just visited the serving wench’s quarters to get a plastic stirrer. BBC broadcast assistants et al know I’m getting thoughtful. Either that or a former radio presenter is attempting to play his own vinyl. 

(I haven’t a scooby what this is about this week, have you?)

Bestest friend Caitlin, this could all be yours one day, especially if your ideas keep coming ‘cos that’s what’s been happening. I’m being creative, back in the old routine, and if you’ve ever worked with me, then you know why the stirrer is back. And I’ve just enuff until early February, Jayne.

Yes. As hinted last week, I am producing a radio documentary about certain aspects of prostate cancer for tx (transmission) in March and I’m doing it along with an independent production company and I’ll explain a wee bit more about the process as we get nearer as there is so much more to it than once there was.

But I stress that I’m not doing this for charity, but for money. I am a professional, if untrained and therefore unethical, journalist. 

(At this point if I was really the horrible person that some people think I am I would make a joke about selling my granny but I know there are many of my younger friends who really miss their grandparents.)

I only ever knew one, in Peterhead, but my mum, a nice wee wumman, now dead, once showed me a letter her dad, a railway worker in Springburn, got for preventing a train crash. He switched the points manually and saved loadsa lives, FFS, and all he got was a f***ing letter! But my mum was proud of it.

Wonder what she thinks of me, eh? Especially for using language like that. Wonder what she thinks of the fact that in a recent Facebook quiz I am Hunter S. Thompson!

Anyway I’ll keep you all posted as to what’s happening and I’ll also try to get some folk a wee bit more involved more directly in this or some of the other ideas being ‘developed’. (Although I’d like to point out that http://www.thewordprocess.net/ is always on the look out for work) I’ll be in touch individually.

(Okay, Vampire Slayer, yesterday was an obvious flirt. I admit it, but it was worth it for the smile. Mine.)

And that relates to the other thing that makes me a wee bit thoughtful. (not the flirt)

Y’see, as I’ve mentioned before, the West Wing is being transformed into a new office complex. Aye. Okay. Kenny the Shed Pimp is turning the back bedroom into an office. He does a good job and is always looking for work as well.

So I’ve started moving stuff and I’ve come across my old contacts books and files. To me, it’s like a box of old photos. Why have I got all these phone numbers for Kurds in Iraq? (Are they still alive?) Mobile numbers for Al-Muhajiroon dated October 2001 (think about it) and politicians’ numbers many of which have x-d after them (altho’ some are no longer politicians…you never lose a phone number….) and my own fave so far, for men of a certain age, the home number of Leila Khaled. I may be some time and I’ll let you know who else I find.

To all BBC radio people with whom I ever worked, especially Max who used tape to mark it……most of the stirrer is now gone and I have moved the desk by about three inches. Self-opping’s not quite the same.



And to whom it may concern, the in-gags just don’t feel the same and if I could say that in French I would, and stuff……….

C’est tout, mes amis. Au’voir.


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