Can I embrace a moment with you? I missed my chance a thousand times before. I swear that I am going to miss no more. I will die in this place reading in the papers, Another frown, another face hoping for a rebirth…Discomfort, I will wait for you.

Not my original choice this week but I like The Answer now I understand which band it is with that name that I like. Top pop picker, Emma J, is as confused. I had previously chosen something not quite as happy cos it’s not been a good week, work-wise but….well, let me explain. Get it over and done with.

Basically one income stream from the BBC is not going to happen and another with a nameless College in North Glasgow is not going to happen and another BBC stream may be diverted into the next financial year. Ho hum. It’s  a bit of a nuisance. 😦

However, it does not excuse me saying to Son Brian; ‘I’ve had worse weeks.’ (He was standing on the balcony of his hotel in Hull at the time overlooking the Marina there. Serioulsy). That was just poor/pure self-pity and is not me. Had that happened in the early days of the blog, the Editorial Committee would have had me by the balls and…… (pauses briefly and leaves the room….returns a few minutes later). Is it me or are cold showers no’ as cold as they used to be?

(Sorry I’m practising some of the screenplay stuff I’m writing and L, frae Troon, last Monday night….the Christmas lights? Scene 71)

So we move on. Maybe I forgot to send on one of those e-mails that I’m supposed to send on to create world peace….just in case. But thanks to those folks who I told earlier this week about the week and who sent on best wishes and I’m following the first rule of freelance journalism – my freezer is full. I will not starve.

Even if I’m the sort of person who, when told the word ‘gullible’ had been removed from the dictionary went to get my copy of Collins to check.

But silver clouds when the door slams in your face and for the Vampire Slayer, Missie K, and an anonymous third who I shall not name cos to do so might identify a prof of yours who I’m told is rubbish at five-a-sides,….flexibility and bendiness remain the order of the day, you know what I’m saying;

bestest friend, Caitlin, I am such a creature of impulse but the actual ideas are worth working on;

and Siobhan, nice facebook quiz;

and my gd frnd Clr……. (stands up from computer and goes through to kitchen to re-arrange the cards for the screenplay yet again, sighs and eats an individual cheesecake from Morrison’s with a plastic spoon) No. No reason. (Well, actually they’re my latest addiction….sticky toffee, since you ask. Really nice….and sticky….and toffee) 😀 😀 😀

But this is maybe not the best week to get my latest PSA test.

Yes*. This long after treatment finished it should be lower than it is but there is a slight problem, but it’s more technical than anything else. No. No reason (bites lip bravely). If The Sun says all my bits are working then who am I…….? I’ll keep you posted.

*Like much of the blog, there is no real reason for this ‘Yes’ to be there, but it just is. It may just appear again like the penguin in Gregory’s Girl.

Incidentally I watched the programme about John Smeaton and did anyone notice that the Guy Fawkes masks they chose were actually from the movie V for Vendetta ( a marvellous irony, eh?…No, I don’t understand what I mean by that, either, but it sounds good) but I do know, and not ‘cos I did Politics at Uny, that Smeato didn’t stop the BNP in Glasgow North East….the voters did.

And I am thinking about the Christmas office party for my one man business (turns away from camera and sobs, swallows pride and looks pleadingly into camera…..Voiceover….‘All it would take is maybe a couple of hours of your time , just hours before your own office party’) C’est mon appeal mais c’est toujours ton appel. 😉

Incidentally, whilst I remember, nice to see The List featuring some of my own fave bars in Glasgow, including Bar Ten, Upstairs in the Doublet and Brel down Ashton Lane, but can I draw your attention to page 8 of the current edition, where they’re looking for a list of Hot Ten Talented Scots nominated by you, the listener, well maybe in this case, you the reader. Why not nominate me on ? See, clrly, the self-pity is ebbing away even as we speak.


And I’ve to choose a bit of dialogue from a movie for the class as well. I’ve watched Debbie Does Dallas a few times now, but repetition of the one word is not good dialogue. So, it could be American Psycho, a gentle comedy, and its descriptions of food. It’s like reading the labels in the new Waitrose, in which I have not been yet. I have a friend. Who has. So far, so good and don’t the former Somerfield staff scrub up well.

And I’ve just spoken to someone whose judgement I trust who has heard the new Susan Boyle album and says it’s very good, but I tell you Wild Horses wouldn’t make me buy it.

I hate Children-in-Need but that’s because of an unfortunate incident a wee while back with a woman selling balloons in Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station and a presenter who was not paid to run, he said, but to everyone else involved, I hope you raised a lot of money, unless of course you’re a business presenting a cheque for a suspiciously well rounded sum of money.

Gary Tank Commander BBC 2 Scotland watch it and laugh.

And finally can I say a big thanks to Robin Galloway for not only growing a moustache but actually explaining in his column how prevalent prostate cancer actually is and why the moustache thing is happening.

(Laughs quietly, goes back through to kitchen, picks up one card and stops………..) Yeah, I haven’t a clue how it ends either. A bang maybe, rather than a whimper?



Except to say thanks to the Comedy Unit for the mail about the contract for some stuff they seem to like. It’s not  a lot but it will help pay for beers, pasta, coffee and tomato juices in the run-up to Christmas. You know where to find me. I’m handy. Try me.


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