Sometimes I sleep, sometimes it’s not for days And the people I meet always go their separate ways. Sometimes you tell the day by the bottle you drink And times when you’re alone all you do is think

And according to Facebook that was my eighties song, but it’s also an album I have on cassette in the back bedroom. Interesting exploring (including Metallica, blogmeister), and that was Bon Jovi in case you hadn’t noticed. The album? Slippery When Wet. (It’s not about the weather, is it?)

So, as many people suspected, part of last week was about a BBC board. It wasn’t for a job, as many people might know it, but it was for work there and I won’t know until the end of October, so I’m not going to be stupid. It was nice in itself to be on a shortlist of twenty out of hunners. 🙂

I have lots of contacts; I have lots of friends; I have plenty to offer to open minds. You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

Loads of thanks to folk who offered advice in advance or recognised me although I didn’t recognise them on the day. Special thanks to an unknown mystery woman who helped me with the General Knowledge quiz I’d to do (I was stuck with three and she went and got the answers, but got one badly wrong I now realise). 😦

Special thanks to another mystery woman (who I know but good looking, spoken for and likes jazz) who met me after the board and poured coffee down my throat and listened to a load of jibber jabber. It should be stressed that the coffees that she and BBC Al bought for me came out of their own pockets. Well not the actual coffee itself, but the money.

BBC Al doesn’t even have a swear box, but he does have one helluva view. I’ve always liked Ros. Is she……..?

And special thanks as well to bestest friend Caitlin who, once again, had to put up with my narkiness on the day itself. And I meant what I said. 😉

Okay, that’s me back in the room, if I have any listeners still left. Let’s do normal blogging stuff for a minute. Albeit unwittingly.

I have no sympathy for the 69 year old lollipop man who got sacked for giving primary school kids High Fives and sweets. He should have been concentrating on getting them across the bloody road! I bet the teachers are glad to see him go. He claimed parents said he was the highlight of the kids’ day.

And,I’m not being ageist. I intend to be 42 for the rest of my rolling five years. Can I just say that I chose this age, not ‘cos of the Douglas Adams book, but because of an Alabama 3 track in which it’s claimed that 41 is close to getting measured for ‘the box’.

But I’m also doing some (paid) training work with regeneration agencies and I spent some time last week with a group of trainees who I’ll be doing more with later in the month. A really diverse group who invited me to the pub after the session. I declined on the grounds that I was flatsitting for new windows being put into a flat for someone who doesn’t live in Glasgow and they asked for the address on the grounds that it sounded ideal for a party……… 🙂

And rainforestriverman, you’ll never guess. Two of the trainees……….

Incidentally, rrm, I know loads of people with birthdays round the middle of  October. I’ll have four please. Just deduct the cost from my retainer.

Tommy T has tentacles everywhere, but John-Paul, I believed what you said about native North Americans not being frightened of heights. Mind you, Dundee home to the Discovery, is a long way to go to get beat – again – altho’ the spliff smoking, Buckfast drinking Motherwell fans who got on at Stirling were a good laff, but I will have a hangover tomorrow.

The contacts thing is interesting…..just in case…..for students of journalistic ethics. I was on a train sitting across from one of Scotland’s top political print journos and he was on the phone and he was dishing the dirt on the candidates for Glasgow North East (I thought everyone knew that candidate was lesbian. Serioulsy).

So, as soon as I could, I passed on details of the conversation to a student journo who pays his way through Uny (with a ‘Y’) by paid freelance work. It’s how I work. I’ll get a ‘drink’ back.

I like my women like I like my coffee; in a large mug with one sugar.

Speaking of which, Good Luck to Jaymi who’s abseiling for the Chest, Heart and Stroke charity from one of the Forth Bridges. Hope she chooses the right one. Saturday mornings may never be the same again! All donations, obviously……

Oh, and the screenwriting class I was going to at Glasgow Uny was cancelled but some nice folk at Strathclyde found me a new one. I still think the basic story is a good one, as clrly, do the others who were involved in the writing and the idea is to add, not just fictional romance  (but not in a Woody Allen way but more Doctor Who, with me played by Johnny Depp), but other peoples’ stories as well.

Like last week, I was talking to another alkie who’d gone through the cancer experience (I think I hold the Scottish record for being the youngest to have both confirmed within the one year. I think I’l keep it, rather than anyone else going through what I went through) People like him and me recognise each other. There’s a kinda code similar to the skippering marks you see in places.

He was a practising policeman and part-time taxi driver and alkie drinker, all at the same time, and has millions of stories to tell.

But, like so many former police, Special Branch and SAS men I have met over the years, he claims to have been on duty the night the Duke of Edinburgh entertained a Lady friend overnight on the Royal Train in Glasgow Central Station in what must be the best known secret bonk in the history of secret royal bonking.

I’m not sure how I can use that, but then again I’m not sure how you get Glasgow Central Station closed overnight just so you can, well, bonk. It must be contacts.


Young Johnt850, and well spotted Vampire Slayer,…..and Missie K, you were beaten fair and square but to take it that personally?

Oh, and Sir Jimmy Saville does have good lawyers………..No. No reason. No end of that story.

2 Responses to “Sometimes I sleep, sometimes it’s not for days And the people I meet always go their separate ways. Sometimes you tell the day by the bottle you drink And times when you’re alone all you do is think”

  1. The Lurker at the Threshold Says:

    tentacles everywhere?
    in future, ‘his dread and squamous majesty’ will suffice though.

  2. johnt850 Says:

    I have faced and survived many demons in recent times.

    I am unrepentant.

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