Notice that my eyes have been A misty place since Saturday Brings a feeling we might lead The fire engines anyway……..Run and get the fire brigade Get the fire brigade See the buildings start to really burn

The Move. Some people might recognise the context but don’t jump to any conclusions because all will be explained later when I do the serious stuff. ‘Cos I’m not my usual self this week. (Can I just say your uniform looked good….suits……do they still do the tunnels?……cos they are really scarey…..and it’s still your call) Moving slowly on. πŸ™‚

Y’see, I’ve got kinda work interviews coming up – not jobs but possibly more regular income than at present – and I want to be judged purely on work stuff. And I know that some folk out there don’t like us alkies. 😦

When I first returned to my previous employment after Cold Turkey Sunday I was told by some folk higher up the management chain that alkies were ‘scum’ and that sooner or later they couldn’t cope and would relapse. Always on a 1:2:1 basis. But I’ve spoken of my Get It Right Up You attitude before. So I’m happy to move on. I wish they would. Almost three years since you ask. So far, so good.

But what can I write about if I avoid so much of the obvious?

I could do the ‘in’ stuff and say to Missie K….that record title you and I were discussing during the week? You’d be amazed how many different songs have that title. No. No reason. Arrange that reunion, get me drunk and I might tell that story, the one I never tell. πŸ˜‰

And Vampire Slayer? A simple Phwoar! will suffice, I think. Keep the pics coming. I must get a new one. Of me, that is. Cya soon.

Or I could do this week’s Well Done Awards a wee bit earlier. Normally it would go to Son Brian for passing yet more exams, but it’s going to bestest friend Caitlin for designing and writing a newsletter for the charity

Check it out. But I’m biased. Caitlin’s family is the second bestest in the entire world. Waifs and strays adopted while you wait; basically me. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Or I could pretend to be a political blog and say, ‘I can exclusively reveal that the date of the General Election will be Thursday, 6th May 2010.’ Except it’s not exclusive. William Hill’s have already stopped taking bets. Well, they didn’t take mine.

Sarah Brown (Gordie’s wife)….she’s why the glass ceiling still exists.

Or I could mention my social life and say that I was out with the guys from Planet Holyrood and had a very pleasant time in Rufus T. Firefly’s (which is soooooo me, dark and gothic) Except I felt old. For a forty two year old, I felt old.

Not because I was with people younger than me (and I know people younger than them who are Rufus regulars, yah, boo, so you might know them too). No. It was a poster. There. A poster. For a band called New Model Army. FFS (Sorry Tommy T…..No. No relation) I was brought up on them. Kinda. They are still touring.

So I rushed home, and looked through my cassettes (small boxes, with tape, about the size of a box of Swan Vestas) and there it is, NMA – The Independent Years. Β I also found a cassette entitled Led Zeppelin in Concert – A Copy of the Original Concert (1969). So, there you go. If I was recording tapes at age 2 then clrly, you could be climbing trees at age 4. You win that one as well.

Or I could rant, and maybe Tommy T is with me on this one as well. Does no-one know Latin these days? The correct abbreviation of university is ‘uny’. The word ‘uni’ is a prefix meaning one, as in unicycle.

Mind you, I heard a BBC person complaining that ASDA George’s new range of clothing would have sizes in Latin but how wld ppl kno wot was ment? Gah!!!!!!

X = 10. II = 2. Therefore XII = 12. IV = 4. Therefore XIV = 14. VI = 6 . Therefore XVI = . Och, do that one yourselves. I could rant, but I can’t be bothered. XL, in clothes sizes btw, does mean Extra Large and not size 40………just in case.

I used to know a bankrobber we called The Clydesdale Bank One. He didn’t use a balaclava. He used a scam that the banks copied in recent years. He always bought his round. We drank it, albeit unwittingly, until his day at the High Court.

These are the kind of people I know so I smile benignly when I hear student journos talk about three hours ethics classes. Most of my life was spent in live broadcasting. Was Andy Marr (and his production team?) right to ask the PM about his alleged pill popping? I think so. And it was denied. It is now a matter of record.

Maybe I could do a bit of namedropping and say I was in Beanscene just off Byres Road this morning and Frankie Boyle walked in with child (!) but I ignored him cos I was sitting talking to a Scottish Hockey International but when a former Professor of Communication and Media from Glasgow Caley Uny walked in I said Hi. This guy was one of the best contacts/sources/guides I ever had. Every journo needs some of those and No, I’m not making a point. Honestly.

Or what about the football, jt, I hear you say? Well plucky PT managed to defeat Airdrie United (Death to the Diamonds) by all of two goals to nil, altho’ it did help when one of their players got sent off. Our massed voices were led by three year old Ruby, a denizen of Dennistoun, who singled handedly forced the feared Section B to leave with their tails unfurled between their legs. Em, she didn’t come to the pub with us. Her mum collected her after the game.

Oh, and a quick word to the wise to the PT directors. Those new camouflage tops for away games, the purple and black numbers? Like, they’re only camouflage if they’re on a shelf of lifesize Blackcurrant Tango cans.

So, and finally, to the serious point of it all except I can’t remember how I was going tie it all up with the fire fighter stuff at the top. Mind you listening to it all again, before I sign the compliance form, maybe I’ve already made the serious point plus I can keep it fun, eh, C?



Oh, the Jimmy Saville story from last week? (I’ve met him. Horrible man) The radio station that introduced me to real music was the late, great Radio Luxemburg and all their programmes used to be of fifteen minutes’ duration sponsored by record companies.

Saville used to have a prog called The Under The Bedclothes Club (seriously. And this in a week when I watched the movie Lolita. No. No connection)

Well,….what? Word count again? Already? I don’t bel…PIP PIP PIP PIP PIP PIIIIIP


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