You know we’re gonna want some, want some, we’re high in the backroom, gonna have a pack soon with this you will regret so just let it be, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Admittedly it sounds a lot better when actually sung by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and it may have been the Beatles references that led to Missie K suggesting it, but it’s the chorus (check it out BBC Al; a meet would be good btw) that I really like and I’ve been playing it at full volume, window down, thru the streets of leafy Milngavie recently. Oh, they hate it.

Cos I’ve been in Milngavie a lot recently watching Son Brian spend my money on furniture. To the dining table and chairs has been added a desk. But I have now eaten off the table having supplied the food, having been given the shopping list by txt. I don’t need hands to drive. Just knees. It’s a Hunter S. thang.

Thus it was I found myself charging around Tesco’s looking like Anneka Rice on speed (who will get that Treasure Hunt reference?) and I’m slowly adjusting to the idea of Tesco’s taking over the world but why, oh why, do they have a catalogue, to encourage you to buy online, that is over 900 pages. How many rainforests is that?

Incidentally they will never take over Maryhill. They bought the old Co-op there and planned mega refurbishment with underground parking, not realising the old railway tunnels which exist under there already, thus allowing the residents of that Wyndford tower block, I’ve never ever been to, to escape when the police try an early morning raid, like they did last week.

It’s got more catacombs than the Arches, the club/bar/diner/theatre place I was in last week and can I apologise to the folk I was with cos at one stage, moving from bar to bar, they turned right but I turned left and ended up exiting on the other side of the Clyde. Albeit unwittingly.

(Late night emergency phone call Thursday, package delivered Friday morning, no problem, rainforestriverman. That’s why you pay that retainer.)

And I saw my favest pic yet of the Vampire Slayer but it worried me. It involves a mirror (there is a context but I’ll keep it to myself) but worryingly, there is no reflection. Could this mean…….?

And Missie K. The Cold War Kids? I bought the CD without DVD Doc and the guy in Fopp said to me; ‘Are they playing here soon, do y’know?’ Like, I would know? Hang on….Like, I would know. πŸ˜€

And there is a brilliant American Lit book called They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? which is about a marathon dancing competition during the American depression where the winners are those who stay standing the longest. It would never work as a TV programme, would it?

And my gd frnd Clr….nice to see the competitive element is still there. Reassuring….just in case. πŸ˜‰ And your College attendance record ended up sooooo much better than mine, didn’t it? You won that one.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. This week’s serious bit. When I moved into my substantial semi in Summerston, I made a will. Moist folk buying a Β new place do so. (I’ve typed ‘moist’ by mistake. I’m leaving it in). Now, after the well documented events of the last five tears I’m reorganising things and doing some new stuff.

So obviously some charities are going to get some donations and maybe one not-so-obvious one as well (I’m now rolling about on the floor laughing cos, well just cos…….Summerston…..we don’t do impromptu gestures………but if we did, then maybe one day we’d get it right…..Don’t worry I’ll be fine. Thanks πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I’m okay.)

And I’m doing a ‘living will’ amongst other things (omg, Leonard Cohen’s on the radio….the new will might be too late….how could you do this to me Nick, Janis?) but this does not mean I do a piece to camera. Shame. No. It’s me making it easier for Son Brian to know when to pull the plug should things ever get that bad. And currently I am no worse than the 42 year old sitting next to you at the moment (hostage to fortune there). It just makes sense.

But my legal raised the point; ‘but it does mean he has to consider questions of your mortality, jt850’. Em, three years ago, he saw a very sedated me lying on a bed in an alkie ward with tubes sticking out of me. He’s considered that question. Now the years just continue to roll off me. Right, at this point, I pause for five minutes, go into the cemetary and seek solace from the zombies. It’s crying time again.

(Peace in the Valley is now on the turntable)

Right. I’m back. Incidentally, if anyone out there wants anything of mine (like a piece of clothing with my name on it, and one is still set aside……literally with my name on it, worn once and cheekily frisked by Special Branch……) just say. It’s yours. Oh, and the music is confirmed. And it’ll be a humanist service; e will help. And the NHS can have all my organs. They know that. The rest is up to you, Son Brian. Just keep it fun.

Right back to nonsense. Coatbridge has been named ‘best small city in Scotland’, praised for its green spaces. But seeing The Dykeenies improve the line up for the Homecoming Rock Fest that is Fat Eck’s latest desperate attempt to get down wiv the kids reminds me; Craig Ferguson? Cumbernauld never rated you anyway.

Actually there’s a wee green space just down the road from me and someone’s cut a Crop Straight Line into it – ‘Summerston – we don’t do circles‘.

But on the work front there might just be a wee change in direction. I’m doing okay with the stuff I’ve got just now but whilst I quite enjoy the self-employed aspect of things you do miss out on office gossip. I mean I know what I’ve been up to. And I do remember what I did the night before at the office party. Altho’ much of 2006 is still shrouded in mystery.

And I was so deeply envious when I heard of some friends going team bondaging this week. Altho’ I may have added some letters to the original txt. Albeit unwittingly.

So there you go. Another week over and I think the blog flowed okay. A wee bit like that amazing rainforestriver, what’s it called….the Orinoco. Oh Damn and Blast. I think I’ve just lost that retainer. Bloody shame. (It’s what they call a Virgin Mary at the Hilton.) Β Ho hum.



Oh, and I heard a brill story about Jimmy Saville which I can tell you without any worries. Y’see…..What? Word count? Already? Ach, well it will keep until next week, I suppose.

2 Responses to “You know we’re gonna want some, want some, we’re high in the backroom, gonna have a pack soon with this you will regret so just let it be, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

  1. Blogmeister Says:

    Coatbridge? Best Small City in Scotland? It’s not that long since it won Plook on the Plinth for looking manky in the town centre!

  2. johnt850 Says:

    Maybe I used to live in North Lanarkshire in a previous existence….some kind of parallel universe, but not Croy. No. Not Croy.

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