If your body’s feelin’ bad And it’s the only one you have You want to take away the pain Go out walkin’ in the rain…….Can I put my hands on you?

Sensational. Faith Healer. Alex Harvey. And it was him a long time ago who started off the first blog with a piece of music which will be played at my funeral in a rolling five years’ time. (Anthem, it’s called, but not all of it, please) And today is now the hundredth edition. (Whistling in the Dark is to be played on the way out of the Crem btw) So far, so good.

So, how did it all start, jt?

Well I was about to start Part Two of my cancer treatment (the sandblasting) and I thought ‘everyone with cancer blogs’ so I asked the blogmeister for advice and he said ‘stay out of the shed and use WordPress’ and I approached my gd frnd Clr for editorial advice and she said, ‘your choice of title is crap, but keep it fun’ and that, dear listener, was that, and there are now about two hundred and fifty of you out there each week. Ta. So, let’s move on. Had you worried there, eh, rainforestriverman ?

Incidentally, BBC Al, I don’t mind writing ‘crap’, as it were but she actually said ‘sh*te’. Where do I stand on that kinda thing? And the rest of the Steel Panther album is in a very similar vein, btw. No. No reason.

Incidentally, some really good Scottish progs on BBC 4 and the funnest 🙂 was the one about Calvin (the protestant reformer, not the boxer shorts designer). So based on that prog, a wee centenary quiz throughout the show;

a) Who is the top female presenter with whom I spent many a happy Saturday morning?

Incidentally, if stv are serious about product placement, then they could do worse than give me a minicam and let me spend a week in Tescoland, or Springburn as my mum knew it, existing totally out of the uber-capitalist shop. It’s taken over the entire area. I’d sleep in a Tesco sleeping bag in a Tesco sponsored bus shelter, but at least I’d be Tesco insured. (All your needs met, jt?)

And the John Hartson prog showed how good the programme makers down there at stv can be.

b) Who is the leading MP with whom I had many a pleasant glass of sherry in the old BBC Club?

Incidentally, is Flat Earth News on every student’s reading list? That’s my copy promised away to someone. Send me your reading lists, your huddled masses. It’s not just Journalism; it’s Politics and Literature and Al-Quaeda before 2001 (serioulsy). You’d be amazed at what I’ve got. I’ll call it ‘long- term’ loan. It’s what Paulo Freire would want.

Incidentally, if you’re ever asked for suggestions for a guest speaker for college or Uny………why not? You’re reading this, aren’t you?

c) Who is the well-known female author and stand-up whose West End flat overlooks that bit of the River Kelvin where I go for inspiration? (Pixies, Elvis and Dragons, was it, C?)

Incidentally this being 42 for the rest of my life ain’t easy. I was talking to my(former) sister-in-law and happened to mention that I was at that Neil Young concert a wee while back and she said,’ so you were six at the time were you?’ She’s a primary school teacher. 😉

d) Answers next week, if I remember.

Incidentally, it’s 100 years that PT have been at the Field of Dreams that is Firhill and it’s Johnny Tuffey’s one hundredth game for the club. (Didn’t expect that when you threw your jersey into the crowd at Dundee last game, last season, did you?)

Incidentally, I didn’t make it to the game. I ended up at Son Brian’s new flat helping him and his mum (she looked familiar, somehow)  with washing, hoovering and measuring. Now, I’m sure I said I’d buy a coffee table. Somehow it’s transmorgified into a dining table and chairs. Anyone out there with a new flat who’d like a coffee table?

Incidentally, isn’t ironic that communications workers have to have a postal ballot to decide whether or  not to go on strike? Why don’t they use e-mail like the rest of us?

Incidentally, before any postman complains, one of the joys of my student life, and the range of holiday jobs available, was being a postman in the Summer (two o’clock finish) and just before Christmas. The postman always rings, incessantly. That way you get a Christmas tip.

Incidentally, in a week when cheats in sport was top of the news, can I just say to my PT mates; Adebayor and the Arsenal fans? We play Airdrie United in two weeks’ time. (Death to the Diamonds) I’ve just had an idea for when we score. Just don’t hold me back.

Incidentally, to the man in the (now very) brown trousers crossing the road down by the ASDA this afternoon at a very obese angle…….Yes. I did speed up when I saw you doing that but it was okay. My knees were controlling the steering wheel. That’s why I was able to give you the v-sign with both hands.

So and finally, yet another blog without incident….just in case. It’s better that way. Albeit unwittingly.

So has it been worth it, jt, keeping the blog going?

Son Brian (23, who picked up keys for his new two bedroomed flat only yesterday, but it’s not a competition) reckoned that one of the reasons I took to the bottle so quickly and easily after my mum’s funeral (that afternoon) was ‘cos I lacked a focus. During the cancer treatment I might have returned to it, and I saw someone else do that after sixteen years without alkohol. The blog gave me a focus and a discipline.

I’m still off the bottle. I’m still blogging. Is there a connection? 1100 words every week is a discipline and I’m not going to take that risk.

Thanks Kevin (Sunday name). Thanks Claire (Sunday name)


Johnt850 (Not really my birth certificate name, but you might have guessed that, anyway.)

Incidentally, I’d a great week. It started on Sunday (novelty) when two incredibly beautiful women phoned me from Italy to complain bitterly (LOL) that my credit was no good (I’ll be in touch. The champagne is on me. Bring a friend…. or two. I won’t) and I just couldn’t stop laffing. Thank you.

And it finished with a meet with blossoming friend, e, who took me to places I’d never been before. (There is so much to see in Glasgow’s West End, isn’t there?) Thank you as well.

Roll on 101.


2 Responses to “If your body’s feelin’ bad And it’s the only one you have You want to take away the pain Go out walkin’ in the rain…….Can I put my hands on you?”

  1. Kevin T Blogmeister Says:

    Well. 100 posts and still going strong, eh? Doesn’t seem like that long since you emailed me out of the blue saying “I think I want to blog.”

    What have we had in those (roughly) 110,000 words of wisdom? We’ve had the cancer treatment, at least 100 songs quoted, a near-miss with the dogging community of Airdrie and several anti-Diamonds Partick Thistle battle cries. Oh, and True Blood.

    It’s been a pleasure to help and more of a pleasure to read John. I just worry that WordPress is directing me towards “Yes, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission by Rachel Kramer Bussel” in its list of automatically generated Possibly Related Posts. :-/

  2. johnt850 Says:

    That’s not what I get in my Related Posts or spam comments……

    It gets very good reviews on Amazon, that book…..I wonder.

    Serioulsy ta.

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