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Yeah. I know. Black Eyed Peas. Who’d have thought? Some poverty stricken academics I know are just back from yet another holiday, so that’s for them. ‘Why don’t you do the student flat thing?’ I ask them. (Yeah. Ulterior motives. I confess)

‘Can’t afford it’, they say. I mean, I did the Halls of Residence/student flat thing for a few years and it did me lots of harm. But I didn’t plan my life when I was age 21. I still can’t and I’m 42.

But can I have a quick, quiet word with the Vampire Slayer, please? (I was so made up that u were ‘so proud’ of me the other day, but I was soooooo embarrassed buying the ‘item’ I had to go to a new supplier….just in case.)

And Missie K that was real sneaky the other night. There I was balancing two women at one time (in a Facebook sense) and you ducked in with a really deep question and by the time I’d answered it you’d gone.

And one final ‘well done’ before I move on to the week’s events; a big welcome back to top pop picker Emma (that’s a nice name you’ve chosen for the hamster) J, whose review of Biffy Clyro almost sent me back down to the charity shop to retrieve the CDs. I’m dead proud of you as well.  Gd use of yr contacts bk. That’s why people have my number. I’ll buy the cakes this time. 🙂

No. It’s been a busy week on the prostate cancer front (not for that reason and not personally, medically) but in that voluntary kinda way. I don’t fundraise, cos I’m rubbish but see the people that do….you are brilliant.

Naw. I am a raising awareness person without punting a certain line of thinking. (Here’s a wee plug. If you know of any organisation looking for speakers for the winter and you want a health speaker contact The Prostate Cancer Charity Scotland in Glasgow – 0141 314 0050 – or me, and we’ll see what we can do. I can’t promise me but my mates are just as good looking)

Naw. I was at an amazing event during the week called The Big Cancer Conversation when NHS policy makers met patients and voluntary groups and others. Not only did I come away feeling that our voices had been heard, plus a new friend, Sarah, from Myeloma UK (not melanoma, so I added to my knowledge of cancers) but also a necessary reminder of the dark days that so many people go through. Moi? Sometimes it seems like it was a stroll in the sunshine in comparison. Acceptance and achievement are good words.

The only downside was someone thanked the organisers for ‘allowing’ us to be there. And maybe one day we’ll have programmes on TV and radio standing up for our rights as consumers. Jeez.

Sorry, but it still rankles with me that for many the highlight of Homecoming 2009 was a celebration of the clan feudal system, people deciding things for us; the shouting, the celebration, the Saltires…..oops, sorry, that was Tripoli, 20th August 2009. Easy mistake.

C’est tout que je dis.

I’ll move on. Slowly. It had to be said. C’est tout.

Actually one good thing may have come out of it because my alter ego got a phone call from The Sun to talk about his own personal journey through prostate cancer. That he doesn’t do tekkie terms for these thing is obvious by that fact he calls it a finger up his bum rather than Digital Rectal Examination. I don’t give a toss. It saved his life.

And L frae Troon, not once did my alter ego mention temporary erectile dysfunction but I think he said, ‘Everything’s working’ about fifteen times! How’s her I met briefly a few weeks ago, btw?

And they sent a snapper. Where are your neighbours when you want to impress them? And if they do use a pic I hope it’s one of those they took in the garden. The staircase is a talking point, but that pose?

It can only be better than some of the rubbish published in The Herald. Either that or I had it twenty years before the average male.

I mean, there’s a whole generation of young wannabee journos out there like bestest friend Caitlin and my gd frnd Clr who know the importance of checking facts before making statements, giving people the chance to answer accusations before they become factoids, and Jaymi; you’re right – journalists do ask questions and you were just being really helpful. It’s been a long week. Sorry. 😦

So kinda tied in with that are the wise words of Lindsay C, the Record’s Top Teen Angst Queen who said, ‘You should never have to change who you are for someone else.’ (Ignore the fact that I’m playing The Clash’s ‘1-2 I gotta crush on you’ just now).

Lindsay also blogs but the one time I looked (she looked at mine first, albeit very willingly, is all I’m saying) it was full of Jimmy Choos, recipes and boys….very girly, very chic(k), so I’ve never been back.

(What the hell is ‘beauty blogging’ and should I be doing it, High Horse Level Committee?)

And so there you go, listeners, after the debacle of last week when I hit the publish button too soon, it all seesm ot haev gobne as well as a programme on radio six international. I’ll be podcasting next, but there are limits to my ambitions.

However, my latest ambition is to go back to see Cathcart minor, and others’, performance of Commedia Dell’Arte at the Edin Fest. It’s supposed to be improvisation, so if I hear the same words as the last time, I’ll want my money back.

And finally, before I go can I just say a big thanks to Tesco who now sell Buckfast by the crate on their home delivery service. Not only does every little help, but just think had such a service been available thirty two months and nine days ago, I might never have cold turkeyed (or whatever the tekkie term is), so in a strange way, thank you uber capitalistic Tesco’s for saving my life; oh, and there were other times you were kinda there, kinda…….so, so far so good, as I said to the Sun. But did I name names? 😉

so, there u go, cya


Actually to the brill people from Prostate Cancer Charity Scotland……..I wasn’t too tekkie in my description of what the prostate gland does either but I’m sure Yvonne’ll use more better words……..she’ll check, like all the academics I’ve ever worked with would do, wouldn’t they?


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