Now I’ve been happy lately thinking about the good things to come and I believe it could be something good has begun

The hippyish lyrics of Peace Train there from 10,000 Maniacs kindly kinda suggested by L frae Troon. The same band had a song called Hey Jack Kerouac and I always say I prefer Ken Kesey to Kerouac. However, as soon as I say that I worry that I might  just be about to go introspective which, as regular listeners know, I try to avoid.

Let me explain. I’ve been down in Englandshire recently, and doing some talking to neighbours and I’ve been doing a wee bit of thinking about things.

Can I just say btw that I sometimes give the impression that I live in an area populated by drug dealers, ‘security’ consultants and an alleged guns dealer? Well the alleged guns dealer actually lives in Lennoxtown. Apparently. Just through Torrance and keep going. Careful, Vampire Slayer.

No. I live in an area where my next door neighbours painted my side of the communal fence whilst I was away (and their own), and a young girl (about eight) put a written message through my door. Not what one closed mind out there might have expected. Instead it read HOPJLUHU LOHOOL. Oh, and then there’s the pregnant neighbour who roller skates everywhere.

There’s a challenge, e! 8)

Indeed I’ve often wondered what G, C, C and G thought of the area that night when they came over to taste my sticky toffee pudding (That is an innuendo). Oh, the slagging I got that night. (That’s not)

So I contribute to the Californian aspect of Summerston (eh?) by playing Gaslight Anthem dead loud and I hope T in the Park is going dead good Emma J. I look forward to reading all your words soon. And you did promise to bring me back one of The Saturdays, didn’t you?

No. I realise how lucky I am so far (in 2009), so good, in that only one thing has annoyed me and what is more annoying is the way that I over-reacted. Seriously sorry.

Incidentally (and in no way related……well not a lot) on the News of the Screws allegations………no comment cos of legal stuff but in answer to some questions I’ve received:

Yes, I know the theory but would never do it from a listed number; No, I much preferred the days when you had to unscrew the mouthpiece of the receiver; If I was looking for surveillance equipment I would go to which is kinda like the Victor Morris of the spyworld; is good; How many police people do you know?; And when spindoctor Alistair Campbell was talking about writing porn he was talking about the time he wrote for a magazine called Forum.

Younger listeners, don’t google it, please. Just ask older male members. Curiously enuff, it didn’t have pictures I seem to remember.

But the biggest tool (innuendo alert) an investigative journo can have is the BT (hard copy) telephone directory, that and a bit of cheek. Sometimes you do need to phone more than one number to find the person you’re looking for but if it’s important enuff……. c’est tout que je dis.

And I assume the books by Peter Burden and Wensley Clarkson are on student journo reading lists everywhere as well as Nick Davies.

And how’s Facebook going, Lady Sawers was asking just the other day, as I was poking her? Really well, thanks.

Part of it for me is like a Broadcast Friends United, and just minutes ago I made contact with a guy called Richard currently working in TV and movies in New York, who I owe big time from way back. Interesting story.

Plus I’m enjoying the games. It’s good to know that I’m a ‘helpful drunk’ (just in case), and I like the photos. No. Not those. I don’t do stereotypes. Nice towels, Missie K and bestest friend Caitlin,…..there’s some really good landscape type pics from you. No. That’s the sensible side of Facebook. Me? Sensible? Next thing you know I’ll be acting my age (42) albeit unwittingly.

However was I right to publish my answers to what job I would do in a radio station (promo girl!) if it meant this morning, in ASDA, I had to deny sleeping with male breakfast announcers? The answer to the follow up question (had it been asked) might have made for interesting listening.

But I’m young. I’m learning all the time (but who are JD and Turk?)

Sometimes I react too quickly. It’s the albatross of all those years of live broadcasting. Sometimes, also, I don’t recognise irony. Honest. (That’s irony).  I realise all I’ve had today is an ASDA 3 item breakfast, two Beanscene coffees and two cans of Relentless….mmmm. Does it show in the piece I wrote for ?

My mate Stuart and his wife Anne were at the Wimbledon Tennis Cup Final, incidentally, where somebody beat somebody else 16 goals to 14. Sounds a good game but the goalies must have been crap.

And a couple of graduations almost slipped through there but I’ll maybe do my own list sometime soon but one of Son Brian’s Summerstonian mates has done really brill. Another student, another 3 item ASDA breakfast. Well done Cey… (it’s too distinctive, okay?) and you really did look like a very young Audrey Hepburn!!! Seriously well done.

And to you Planet H Al, but you looked nothing like a young Audrey anything, you’ll be pleased to hear.

And on the seriously cancer front (days before I have my own next test) there’s been a fair amount of debate on screening for skin and breast cancer and clrly I’d be interested in peoples’ views but the Prostate Cancer Charity has reservations cos a PSA based screening programme can, amongst other concerns, lead to ‘a significant level of positive and negative results’. In short the only existing test doesn’t tell us enuff. But be aware and if showing symptoms, go see GP.

No, and please squeamish listeners put your hands over your ears, I mention this because I agreed to take part in a bowel cancer screening programme. I have not, I stress, read all the instructions as yet but I’m not too sure about the bit where I send the sample through the mail. I’ll keep you posted, shall I?


Johnt850, and does anybody else remember when M People topped the bill at T in the Park and it was in Strathclyde Park and Joe Strummer walked amongst us mere mortals?


3 Responses to “Now I’ve been happy lately thinking about the good things to come and I believe it could be something good has begun”

  1. John Collins Says:

    I remember that weekend in Hamilton. It was the first T and we covered it all from the Forth bus for the SRH stations. Being SRH in the 90s, that meant seperate shows to each stations and pooled interviews.

    The highlights included juggling presenters and members of the aforementioned disco combo – clearly the worse for wear – at the end of a long day. Another was a young Edith Bowman getting the only interview Kylie did before she gigged with Nick Cave. It was more of a “Hi Edith” than anything else, but at that point we knew she had it.

  2. johnt850 Says:

    Indeed. Younger listeners to this blog will know of Edith, Kylie and Nick, and probably also Hamilton.

    Please feel free to Google SRH. Happy daze. 🙂

  3. OvarianCancer Says:

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