I’ll stay in time and watch you pass by I’ll draw this line and hope you’ll take my side You shouldn’t have to fight alone It’s nobody’s battle but your own

I’m not sure about that lyric. I’ve read it a number of times and keep finding different meanings. It’s a band called Alexisonfire, it’s track called To A Friend and it came reviewed by Top Pop Picker, Emma J, whose review led me not only to buy their album (plus new one about to hit the streets) but to buy the magazine Kerrang! I’m not sure I’m its natural demographic but what do I know?

Let’s just say my jelly and jam gag is a wee bit more subtle than Phil Steadlur’s, whoever he is.

But it’s a week that started off on Sunday with the hedonism that is the West End Fest’s Mardi Gras. (See pics on my new Facebook page….did I tell you, btw?) Brilliant weather, BBC’s John Beattie with his top R’n’B Band, Brazilian samba dancers who know instinctively to lean forward when the snappers are present, She-boom, those well known feminist (?) drummers and the Heroine of the Week?…..the large lady in the small purple dress who didn’t need to lean forward to display her best bits but still managed to clamber over a four foot gate whilst clutching her pint of lager. Sometimes I still hanker for the things you can do with a  drink in you.

And on Monday, I travelled over to Govan, to Prostate Cancer HQ, to collect the Roadshow (or tablecloth as it’s known) when I got caught up in a siege situation, as u do, indeed Missie K, as u do. (Were I confident with Facebook at this stage,…..did I tell you btw?)

I asked CSI:Govan what was happening; ‘There’s a woman went mental but we’ve got the wean out.’ As he told me this the rest of his cohorts taped around my car leaving it in the affected area and I had to beg them to let me drive it out whilst seven point turning past three fire engine tenders, five police people carriers and the inevitable ice cream van. Oh, and the name of the Govan street? Harley Street. I kid you not. Streetmap it.

But it was the same day that I saw the best TV prog for a long time…….The Supersizers do the Eighties or something. That was my decade. In 1979 I was not long married and had just started as a researcher at the Beeb. By 1989 I was Radio 4’s man in Scotland, about to separate and with a small but clever son.

How clever you ask? I’ve just been out for early evening Father’s Day Food with him and Katie to Ketchup just off Byres Road, and I paid. That’s how clever. Maybe I should say something about him on Facebook. (Did I tell you….just in case?) Actually there’s more people asking after him than me, and the embarrassment; I asked one BBC person I know, to be my Facebook friend and asked her what she’s doing these days.

Turns out she’s producing the new Sex in the City type prog on BBC3, that’s all. No. She hasn’t replied. Yet. 😦

But the Eighties; the era that started with nouvelle cuisine, witnessed the burning of amaretto wafers in Italian restaurants and finished with pot noodles. Somewhere in the middle, my ex-wife creosoted the garage on the day Charles and Di got married. It should also be stressed that places like Bonkers and Clatty Pat’s entered my life post-separation. Younger listeners. Your mums? Let them sleep. Safer. Just whisper the names but maybe not mine. 🙂

But, anyway the Prostate Cancer Roadshow came from my old alma mater, the Glasgow Met, and it went well, but confidentially so. But big thanks to Robyn for hunting and foraging my lunch and big thanks to L frae Troon for generally looking after me and your txt was duly (clever, eh?) noted. Keep me posted and I’ll liaise generally with the advisory team of Missie K and the Vampire Slayer and take sartorial advice from my bestest friend ever Caitlin.

But if there was ever a moment when my shins needed kicked……. First impressions, eh?

And then there’s my disappeared credit card account. It’s went. It is possible, just possible that recent transactions, like the last six weeks or so, have not been recorded. You can see where I’m going with this, can’t you? Albeit unwittingly, a plan has emerged, but I’m not sure. Y’see I owe the rainforestriverman a fair amount of money and one of the things I’m planning to do when I’m down in London, is to go visit him and his big lock-up. (Believe me it’s not a euphemism).

But big thanks to Ann, Margaret and Noreen from not my own branch of the bank you can trust. Serious ta for helping.

I could spend the rest of the weekend spending money I may or may not have (MPs can do it) but is it ethical? I could maybe chat with my friends on Facebook (did I tell you?….No. No reason) and ask their advice. Actually as I write this I have twenty-two, only two of whom I don’t know (and the word BBC seems to be a common link) but that doesn’t include some people who are Fans of Planet Holyrood. I will be introducing myself to them later.

And then there’s my obvious Facebook dilemna. My thanks to Katie for your wise words. And I’m listening to The Script even as I speak. What are they like live? Oh, and your other words are pretty wise as well. You and I both know the letters on the keyboard over which my fingers are hovering. And thanks for nice words about the blook.

Actually let’s do a quick Hero of the Week, and for once it’s got hee-haw to do with alcoholism or cancer. The actual hero is not 14 year old Ryan McLaughlin, from Drumchapel, who led the Braveheart Childrens’ March on Holyrood looking for Vit D supplements for people with MS like his mum, the gorgeous former Tae Kwon Do champ, Kirsten. It’s your dad, Alan, whose catchphrase is, ‘just a wee favour, John, but would you mind?’ Brilliant YouTube vid (Ryan2cool) , btw, wee man. Once I’ve worked out how to do it….but you know the rest don’t you?

Just hope my words maybe helped somewhere along the way.

And finally, maybe a wee bit more West End hedonism down Ashton Lane this weekend. Musique de la Fete anyone? C’est toujours ton appel.


Johnt850, mentalist but not quite postal

Oh, and I almost forgot. Next week’s show is an Outside Broadcast from somewhere down South, but I’m not sure exactly where and I’m not sure exactly when. I’ve not tested the O.B. equipment (aka the Dongle) yet so who knows. Clry, some things are uncharted territory. Thanks Katie. 😉  The cheque’s now in the post, Son Brian.

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