Every day it comes to this, Catch the things you might have missed You say, get back to yesterday. I ain’t ever going back

A track there from the Lost Souls album from Doves, and my thanks there to top pop picker and PR extraordinaire, Heather C for her recommendation. It only confirms my belief that I do look a lot younger than I used to (not a diet I would recommend) and soon I’ll not look old enough to get served alcohol in a pub (let me think about the consequences of that for a while, dear listener)

Y’see I bought it in the ol’ Fopp shop for a fiver and the guy behind the counter asked if I was going to see them the next night…at the Barras. I smiled apologetically, murmured No, and left with a huge grin on my face. 😀 

I was so excited at being thought that young I went into the West End’s top deli almost next door and bought food. Yes. Me buying food. That’s excited.

That’s why it’s so nice when I meet up with people who haven’t seen me for, say a year or so, and they must wonder how old, decrepit and dribbling am ur. They’re soooo brave.

So step forward top tabloid journo Emma J with whom I had a seriously good meet the other day. You know some really cool places (We ate outside….in April. That’s cool. I kept my jacket on, it was that cool). But I just couldn’t do your job; imagine having to review a McFly gig, maybe go to the post gig party, maybe meet the guys….and before anyone says anything about me and the likes of Girls Aloud or The Saturdays…I don’t do stereotypes. Not now, not ever, never. That might worry some people. But I do believe in dreams and I do like helping them happen.

And my own favourite post gig party? A few years ago, it kinda involved Frankie Miller and was not so much a lost weekend in Amsterdam (different singer, I know) but a lost month in Kelvinbridge.

Speaking of which, and this will interest about one per cent of the listening audience, I recently came across a photo of me and Viv from way back. For the rest of the audience, immediately post university, Viv and I, aged about 21/22 lived in a variety of flats in the West End of Glasgow. (It’s okay Son Brian, you can ask your mum, only she wasn’t your mum at the time, but she was very tolerant) We were like the bag people of Hillhead.  

I would walk in after a hard day’s work only to hear Viv’s catchphrase of  “Harry the landlord’s been in touch. He’s found us a new flat. We’re moving again this weekend.” I should have realised then my destiny was to be downwardly mobile, to wit, a DOMO.

My favourite flat was in Partickhill, where my bed was in the living room. Made for interesting entertaining at weekends.

But business is booming. Well, at least the loss leader section’s busy. That’s the academics, former academics and now friends of academics (Hi David. Thanks Missie K) who I believe will one day be rich and famous and then I’ll send my invoice, so please excuse me for a second……

Nice seeing you again the other day, Kerry, Princess Heather, Graham and the fourth person whose name I did not catch; these are good words that are getting published Gazza; well done, blogmeister, just make sure you fill out the form properly (don’t get complacent just cos Sky’s budget coverage featured Planet Holyrood so much); and Jaymi getting the dates right for your exams is a good start. Good luck from us all. So far, so good.

And Vampire Slayer…welcome back from your holiday. I hope you got what you’ve been looking for. I still haven’t found it. See that road that you think leads to the council dump but actually leads to my reasonably sized but well proportioned semi? (It’s not an  innuendo to everyone, okay?)

They’ve been building new houses there. The marketing blurb talks of  ‘a fashionable collection of shops, restaurants and bars within minutes of the development.’ No. Me neither. Poundstretcher? The First and Last? Summerston? The Wyndford’s closer to Byres Road.

Sometimes it’s like living in the Hinterland, which is a sp(l)iffingly good name for a festival taking place  at the end of this week in Glasgow, including The Fall (with what lineup I do not know).

Actually I was talking to a journalist during the week who used to promote them in Glasgow in their earlier days. I was giving him some background on (my) alcoholism, when someone at the next table asked if I still had any addictions.

Black coffee, maybe; I still have a collection of those plastic stirrers I used to chew (contrary to urban myth, I don’t remember eating a whole one during a live broadcast but one was involved in an unfortunate incident involving me and a student known as the Parfery person) but what, I was asked, about Red Bull? I laughed and then remembered the can of the stuff I carry in the glove compartment of my car. Obviously just in case…..but why? I wonder what my gd frnd Clr would make of it. I wonder.

(btw Fangs are on as well in that festival….No. No reason)

So not so much on the general cancer front this week ‘cos of a conversation I had earlier this week with a guy I know. Sometimes, my joke about how being given six months to go would help publishers sell the blook seems really tasteless, and it also put some mails I received on Wednesday well into perspective.

But a big thanks to my heroine of the week, bestest friend ever, Caitlin who not only stopped me from making a real tw*t of myself (choose your own vowel) but noticed how I turned my anxious anguish into a PR opportunity. So here’s a totally gratuitous mention for a charity you and family and friends are involved in;  http://www.thedaviecoopercentre.org/  

As I always say, one good tern deserves a large juicy haddock. (No. No known innuendo but no doubt someone will read some impropriety into it.)

And hero of the week? Liam Buchanan and his 93rd minute penalty goal which soooo keeps Partick Thistle in the hunt. Next week it’s Airdrie United (Death to the Diamonds). It’s enough to make you send out a simple aggregated probability tree. Exactly. Sorry, Craig. No one could possibly read anything into that other than exactly what it says. Totally gnarly, but in a grinding the sandstone kinda way. I’m considering taking up skateboarding.

But in a world where a top businessman, who believes that ‘boring is the new good’, makes it into Who’s Who, anything is possible. Mosspark applauds, but the Green Gate still wants paid. It’s an Otago Street kinda thing.


Johnt850…wanna see my board? It has attitude. No. No stereotype. Never.


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