Don’t say it’s easy to follow a process There’s nothing harder than keeping a promise

Wise words there from The Editors, and so true, even if that promise is sometimes made under the influence of the grape and the barley. They came to mind the other day there when I was buying Son Brian lunch whilst handing over his Grand National winnings for a bet for which I paid.

Yes. I am buying his silence. Clearly, he knows too  much about something (gulp, sob, gulp), and btw BBC Steve, I’ve worked out how I can pay you that consultancy fee. 😉

Naw. We were discussing Son Brian’s first experience of corporate hospitality. He was about seven and it was a Scotland v Pakistan cricket match (client entertaining when you’re an estranged dad). The match was called off but the hostility (sic) went ahead.

The next day I was back…as a cameraman for an Asian cable TV network. I’d made a freelance promise  (probably under the influence of the grape and the barley) which I kept and I got paid.

It’s one of my many first rules of journalism. If you make a promise or say you will do something, DO IT, or else you get a bad reputation. Not that I would ever say anything bad about anyone but even my patience can be tested.

But it’s been a weird personal week for a blogger like me. There’s not much I can say about my business side of things cos a lot of it is now commercially confidential, but so far, so good; there’s been an interesting, if unexpected, development on the blook front, but I can’t say anything…just in case; and I seem to have lost one thousand pounds (£1,000)  on some shares (albeit unwittingly) which is a bit of a nuisance but doesn’t stop my spending plans. 😀

Regular listeners will recognise four clrisms in one sentence there. Ground-breaking or what? Okay, to most people, it’s a what. But to me……..? I’ll explain later.

But what has been really good and ground breaking this week has been the number of bylines of people I know, ranging from tabloid gig reviews and interviews through to the quality horse racing pages; and helping to welcome a new writer to through to being interviewed for another website (The Away End) along with Prof Phil Scraton about the media coverage of Hillsboro’ some twenty years ago.

Justice for the 96, (many of whom were children).

(and if you can’t find the article let me know and I’ll pass it on. I cried)

No, if I have helped with some writing, or can help, or whatever then good (and they’re not all current or past Met students.) I can share the excitement. I still have the tape of the first doc I was ever involved in and not only did my name appear on the screen, but it was voiced. Seriously.

And another wee while back, the day after my first stint as a TV presenter, I was at the dentist and he said those immortal words, “I saw someone on TV last night who looked exactly like you.” Before I could say it was me, the drill was in my mouth and the moment had passed. Slightly more than fifteen minutes of fame but at least I was a contender.

And it was a great day to be following the Thistle. We had a smashing day in Greenock. (I’m willing to repeat that sentence if anyone wants me to). The only problem being that we were shoved into a ridiculously small space, instead of being allowed on to a very empty terracing.

And it was really nice to finish off the evening in Sloan’s Bar off Argyle Street. It was always one of my favourite pubs. I can’t remember when I was last in there. Yes, listeners, you may take anything you want out of that.

Evening Times headline of the week? Residents Saved by Guitar Hero. Is this a program on Nintendo or Playstation, and are we taking Aerosmith?

Actually one of my own guitar heroes was profiled in the Herald…the great Steve Earle, 54 years old. I’m tempted but I’m happier being a permanent 42.

He has his own mantra for keeping him on the straight line (old fashioned test for being drunk). It’s different from mine but if a philosophy works, it works.

If a philosophy works… works. If….a philosophy works…it works.

Sorry, I’ve been watching too much Stewart Lee. I want a suit like his. I think I’ve seen one. In Glasgow City Centre.

And I’ve been using those new Lynx bullet things. They’re good. It wasn’t so much the scent that had the effect; it was the fact that I’d to undo most of my shirt to spray it on that gave the game away. She moved swiftly away. 

Good news that the MOBOs are to come to Glasgow and it’s worth saying that this blog’s answer to Rihanna and Beyonce are, even as we speak, on the continent searching for new talent. No doubt I’ll hear.

Incidentally it has been a good week to be a blogger. Iain MacWhirter described people like me as having ‘sociopathic egos with extreme views’, whereas Prof Brian McNair of Strathclyde saw us as ‘the new commentariat’ and in a normal Harry Hill type fight, Brian you would win, but the winner by a Cumbernauld mile, is my gd frnd Clr and her seminal* work , Literary Generations, where internet blogging appears on the same page as Tom Wolfe; rather with him than Damien McBride any time.

* I check the spelling every time. It still worries me.

Can I also recommend In The Loop, a brilliant movie for fans of profanity, politics and journalism (or even two out of three)? Before you ask, Glasgow Film Fest, and not a download from Pirate Bay.

I must stress that the line uttered by the Cabinet Minister about watching a movie about sharks rather than hotel porn is much funnier than hinted at in the press, cos of what the papers don’t quote. But there again, I’ve never been attracted to a Bronze Whaler. (It’s a type of shark, okay. It’s a joke. Okay?)

And this week’s seriously cancerly note comes from Lindsay Cochrane, the Daily Record’s Top Teen Angst Queen, the bestest thing ever out of Airdrie. (No cheap gags involving train times, and I even avoid saying Death to the Diamonds. Respect.)

Y’see I kinda ignored, selfishly, my own family during my cancer treatment, before, during and after. Maybe it was cos so many brilliant people were helping me and you’ve seen their names here over and over again, some of whom had also helped in the alkie rehab. I learn from my mistakes but, sometimes, I need them explained to me.

So, if you know children affected by a relative’s cancer, then try . It will help. Trust me. Lindsay knows what she’s talking about. Maybe I should ask her about my concerns. Lots of other things I need answers to as well.

So, hasn’t Strathclyde University done well this week? No. No reason, but Caitlin as an editor will make a hard taskmaster, or is that mistress? Only time will tell.

I should point out that there are other good universities out there. I seem to remember being at one. Next door to all the good shops in Glasgow’s West End, it is.


Johnt850 M.A. (ord). Philosophy worked, but only just.

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