I’ve seen you from the window around, I can’t get your perfume memory out. So come on before we get much older, and that can happen any one of these nights….Meet me tonight, let’s see what can happen.

You never know, do you? It’s worth a try. And that’s from the New Jersey band, The Gaslight Anthem, and don’t they  sound just like Bruce Springsteen (age 59, Son Brian. No. No reason)? Steve Tyler of Aerosmith is 61 and Lionel Richie is 59. How did that one sneak in there, Emma J, guest lecturer supreme?

And what a result tonight. Not just the football, but it was also John-Paul’s fortieth birthday. So All Saints on your new Happy Birthday iPod shuffley thing. It’s what Joe Strummer would have wanted. But what goes on in the West End of Glasgow stays in the West End. But don’t kebabs taste funny when you’re sober? Seriously, I am trying to act my age. Honest. 🙂

And why was Earth Hour scheduled for the second half of the game? And I really do believe that the bar I watched the game in tonight was named after a former Clydebank reserve player who got a few first team games. The first person who wasn’t there to explain that reference gets a prize.

But it’s not really been a great week for me. I went to a security consultant’s funeral on Monday. Somebody threw the wreath and I caught it…….. Give it a second….then you’ll laugh.

A brilliant line from a comedy gig I went to the other night (Universal Comedy…..watch for more stuff later this year) and I also bumped into a few people I’d not seen for ages. So, if last week was themeless, then this week’s theme is Support Teams I have known and loved. (When I say…….)

And mega thanks to those people who meet me and say I look ‘ten years younger’…. If you’ve not seen me for some time, and you know who you are, it is kinda true and the picture of Dorian Gray remains untouched in the attic, if not The Loft, just off Byres Road. 

(Note to Myleene Klass…being an alcoholic with cancer is not be recommended to the folk who appear on your programme…it was not my diet of choice)  

But my first support team was twenty years ago when I first separated from my then wife (I don’t know why I said ‘first’ and ‘then’ as I’ve never remarried) and the day the real Smiley Carol and Sharon took me clothes shopping. See, Caitlin, I have a track record, and it wasn’t me who was pernickety. It was Carol who didn’t like the buttons on one of my jackets and got them changed…just in case.

And also (look away Son Brian) I was in touch with one of your first Support Team members this week. For an estranged dad, the BBC was a brilliant babysitter.

Not only was it somewhere to take you on Saturdays, but when I’d to collect you from primary school during the week, I took you back to the real BH where you did your homework helped by various BBC colleagues and their parents at the end of the phone when they were stuck. (Parents on the phone, eh? Can be a basic schoolboy error in some cases) 

The mum of the late, great Lindsay Cadden was a primary teacher and Anna’s dad presented a little known TV prog called Mastermind. They both gave you a lot of help……and sweeties.

Who will you be supporting on Wednesday night, Anna?

But it’s also a week when I’ve been a bit of a media tart…happily. Not only was I interviewed for my views about some football disasters from the last years (thanks Gazza) for a well known football website, (and I’m talking about loss of life, not Scotland’s World Cup chances. I’ll keep you posted on that one), but I was also academically interviewed about Britney Spears and her PR people. What a ‘kerry-on’ that was. (A bit convoluted there but I did promise the interviewer a Googly name check)

Plus my latest contribution to http://www.planet-holyrood.co.uk/ is currently with the editors (Gulp) but what I liked about that was I was actually at the event I ended up writing about…chasing  the story…old times et al. The fun was finding the interviewee the PR person didn’t expect. And if you want to contribute to that website let them or me know. I’m more single than them. C’est tout que je dis. 

But what really made the event for me was when we decanted to licensed premises where I met a very nice lady who told me a brilliant story. She went out with a fella for ten years (I know that timespan) and then finished with him. Several weeks later he won just under £2 million on the lottery.

Now what makes me believe this is a true story is that a few months later he contacted her, asked if she was on Friends Reunited and told her where his page was. Yes, listeners, it was his house; all gold knockers and knobs. So she printed it off, wrote the address on it and stuck it on the wall of a pub in the Possil. Revenge is a cold chicken drumstick served with coleslaw.

I went back there this afternoon. She wasn’t there. Are some people dreams? Vampire Slayer, what do I do wrong?

And yet another big week for Cumbernauld. Not only are the Dykeenies ‘pick of the week’ for the Daily Record, but the Herald A-Z of Scottish Fashion describes the (not so) new town as the centre of  ‘high-end fashion’ on the pages of Vogue. One day, Missie K and my gd frnd Clr, you’ll be making the headlines, deadines and bylines from Mackintoshland. But what do I know? 

Eh,…what’s ‘high-end fashion’? Jaymi, you know these things.

Alcoholically, incidentally, a recent letter to all Scottish newspapers from a man in Edinburgh blames problem drinking on metrication. So, Brussels, my alcoholic gap year?… Je vous accuse!

And cancerly? My meet with cancerman consultant went well. And those questions I mentioned last week? I’ve to ask my GP, the lovely Doctor Fiona. How red will my face be?  The Factor Thirty remains on the shelf, Clr, more in hope than expectation. Hope…expectation….hormones….the story of my recent life.

 Zoladex…it fair takes the years off you.


Johnt850, ‘your host with the most from the West Coast’. Rosko rools, okay?

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  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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