See the sun, see the sun it shines Don’t get too close or it’ll burn your eyes Don’t you run away that way You can come back another day… I never thought this could happen to me

Possibly the greatest love song ever written, from The Damned (1976), and don’t worry, nobody, there’s absolutely no messages in that, coded or uncoded. I’ve just been enjoying a lot of Rough Trade recently. And that is absolutely nothing to do with last week’s show which featured ‘dogging contacts in Airdrie’. Counter Culture 1976 – a truly brilliant compilation album.

Altho’ I did get a big reaction to last week’s special edition for aspiring journos from aspiring journos but a special thanks to the BBC high heid yin  (a big fan of The Jam) who suggested that in these multi platforming mass media days, proof of website working is good in addition to print cuttings. Mind you, cuttings is good, particularly if you’re adding to my knowledge of the music scene in the way that Heather C and Emma J do.

I have this fantasy – bear with me – that one day BBC News will say, “And here to discuss the latest Michael Jackson comeback is Music Journo……” and that it’s one of those two. I suspect it’ll be so soon I’ll still be in my thirties.

But, following my concerns on Googling Johnt850, I was interested to read the wise words of Lindsay Cochrane, the Daily Record’s Top Teen Angst Queen, with her Top Tip of  ‘Be web aware. For more on online safety go to ‘. Y’know it’s almost as if she and I share so many of the same thoughts. No. No reason.

Hang on, there’s a bell ringing here which says Airdrie, in which case it also says Death to the Diamonds. Sorry, L, but I can be so fickle, but yet so loyal or should that be faithful? I’m a PT fan. I’m not sure of the difference.

Cyberspace – so far, so good, but yet so distant at times, as Mark Twain didn’t say.    

And to the person who asked what I get out of such informal helping? I’m getting a lot of fun out of re-building a contacts network, particularly if it means getting a wave from a good looking woman across a crowded room and then (I don’t believe I did this) I looked down the row to see who she was waving at. It was me! Nice seeing you too, Jill.

And if I can do some things to help then seriously brill. I’ve a few ideas which might benefit me and if they can benefit other people, sobeit. It’s a spirit of sharing info I got from a brilliant guy called Paul Streather who died early but was my first mentor type person at the Beeb, years and years ago. I’ll never forget.

It’s the same way Stuart and Alan shared so much info with me on the highly successful trip to Dunfermline for the amazing PT victory over the home town team, but today’s real star was the Amazing Aussie, Pippa (wannabee journo, rainforest riverman, and I was very careful this time, Oonagh, I’m learning.) Somehow Pip, as I got to call her, knew to meet us on the train from Waverley to Dunfermline at Haymarket with four cans of lager. No. I didn’t….just in case.

Okay she wasn’t able to cater for my own particular taste – I’ve started so I’ll finish – but as we crossed the amazing erection that is the Forth Rail Bridge, she told me she was glad to get out of the capital because she had spent ‘too much time on Arthur’s Seat.’   

My face has just gone bright red (although I never get the mood swings) and I may just regret giving her my business card. On the other hand……

Speaking of business, bytheway, a reasonable start with a few long term leads looking promising and I have a dream, yet another one, of sub contracting work and again this would go to aspiring journos. It’s a two way street which has no ending.

Altho’ it must be said that I am still working on the graduate trainee programme, Missie K. Hobnobs or chocolate digestives? When we discussed terms and conditions in the attic the other day, I think that was the one thing we forgot to mention. Incidentally, I bumped into the man who taught me some of those broadcasting techniques, you, I and the Vampire Slayer discussed that afternoon. The lunch went on his tab.

And in keeping it fun, I attended a conference on prostate cancer this week, which produced some memorable moments with some really smashing medics, who, in discussing the future of treatments, managed to work in how poisonous blowfish, at one stage,  provided rumours of a possible cure; how castration therapy had lost its charm (!); and who raised hopes of finding a possible way forward with helical tomotherapy, which if I knew what ‘helical’ meant, I would claim was named after me.   

And incidentally, my gd frnd Clr, apparently the ‘eternal prostate question’ is still radiotherapy versus surgery. I’m often being asked to tell that story. Medically, it doesn’t stand up, as it were, but to a very confused young man (me) it made a lot of sense at the time. Almost as much sense as a good reference. Serious ta. (Does your mum like Doctor Who? I am like an elephant…..I may regret saying that in the cold light of the morning).

So, in a week, when my psa levels are reported as being stable and I should be really happy, can I just say that some news from here in Glasgow and somewhere in the United States (a brilliant female family friend, good looking, early twenties, but not an aspiring journo) serves to remind me that, as agreed with so many others, the cancer is a pernicious bastard. Be aware, be very aware, and not just on the web.  

And if you want, go into Marks and Spencer’s and buy the blue man cancer badge for at least one pound sterling (I have fifty) and I’m becoming addicted to their flapjacks, but I’m sure they’re not as good as the real thing. Hang on, another bell has just chimed….didn’t …..?

But, and I say this to the good people of Glasgow’s West End, isn’t that pseudo-American guy in Marks a real pain? I do not need a commentary on the fact I buy a lot of  meals for one  person, Mr Cramer soundalike.

(Just for a minute there I sounded like a real blogger didn’t I?, assuming the whole world revolves around me and my sad life, but, hey, Pippa thinks I’ve got a good job, altho’ a successful businessman does need a good suit. Did I mention….?)

cya, having survived yet another outing to yet another pub I’d never been to before. At least….  


(Pippa, if by any chance you read this, don’t worry….I don’t understand it either, but your magazine idea sounds really good. Keep me posted)

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