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I’ve seen you from the window around, I can’t get your perfume memory out. So come on before we get much older, and that can happen any one of these nights….Meet me tonight, let’s see what can happen.

March 28, 2009

You never know, do you? It’s worth a try. And that’s from the New Jersey band, The Gaslight Anthem, and don’t they  sound just like Bruce Springsteen (age 59, Son Brian. No. No reason)? Steve Tyler of Aerosmith is 61 and Lionel Richie is 59. How did that one sneak in there, Emma J, guest lecturer supreme?

And what a result tonight. Not just the football, but it was also John-Paul’s fortieth birthday. So All Saints on your new Happy Birthday iPod shuffley thing. It’s what Joe Strummer would have wanted. But what goes on in the West End of Glasgow stays in the West End. But don’t kebabs taste funny when you’re sober? Seriously, I am trying to act my age. Honest. 🙂

And why was Earth Hour scheduled for the second half of the game? And I really do believe that the bar I watched the game in tonight was named after a former Clydebank reserve player who got a few first team games. The first person who wasn’t there to explain that reference gets a prize.

But it’s not really been a great week for me. I went to a security consultant’s funeral on Monday. Somebody threw the wreath and I caught it…….. Give it a second….then you’ll laugh.

A brilliant line from a comedy gig I went to the other night (Universal Comedy… for more stuff later this year) and I also bumped into a few people I’d not seen for ages. So, if last week was themeless, then this week’s theme is Support Teams I have known and loved. (When I say…….)

And mega thanks to those people who meet me and say I look ‘ten years younger’…. If you’ve not seen me for some time, and you know who you are, it is kinda true and the picture of Dorian Gray remains untouched in the attic, if not The Loft, just off Byres Road. 

(Note to Myleene Klass…being an alcoholic with cancer is not be recommended to the folk who appear on your programme…it was not my diet of choice)  

But my first support team was twenty years ago when I first separated from my then wife (I don’t know why I said ‘first’ and ‘then’ as I’ve never remarried) and the day the real Smiley Carol and Sharon took me clothes shopping. See, Caitlin, I have a track record, and it wasn’t me who was pernickety. It was Carol who didn’t like the buttons on one of my jackets and got them changed…just in case.

And also (look away Son Brian) I was in touch with one of your first Support Team members this week. For an estranged dad, the BBC was a brilliant babysitter.

Not only was it somewhere to take you on Saturdays, but when I’d to collect you from primary school during the week, I took you back to the real BH where you did your homework helped by various BBC colleagues and their parents at the end of the phone when they were stuck. (Parents on the phone, eh? Can be a basic schoolboy error in some cases) 

The mum of the late, great Lindsay Cadden was a primary teacher and Anna’s dad presented a little known TV prog called Mastermind. They both gave you a lot of help……and sweeties.

Who will you be supporting on Wednesday night, Anna?

But it’s also a week when I’ve been a bit of a media tart…happily. Not only was I interviewed for my views about some football disasters from the last years (thanks Gazza) for a well known football website, (and I’m talking about loss of life, not Scotland’s World Cup chances. I’ll keep you posted on that one), but I was also academically interviewed about Britney Spears and her PR people. What a ‘kerry-on’ that was. (A bit convoluted there but I did promise the interviewer a Googly name check)

Plus my latest contribution to is currently with the editors (Gulp) but what I liked about that was I was actually at the event I ended up writing about…chasing  the story…old times et al. The fun was finding the interviewee the PR person didn’t expect. And if you want to contribute to that website let them or me know. I’m more single than them. C’est tout que je dis. 

But what really made the event for me was when we decanted to licensed premises where I met a very nice lady who told me a brilliant story. She went out with a fella for ten years (I know that timespan) and then finished with him. Several weeks later he won just under £2 million on the lottery.

Now what makes me believe this is a true story is that a few months later he contacted her, asked if she was on Friends Reunited and told her where his page was. Yes, listeners, it was his house; all gold knockers and knobs. So she printed it off, wrote the address on it and stuck it on the wall of a pub in the Possil. Revenge is a cold chicken drumstick served with coleslaw.

I went back there this afternoon. She wasn’t there. Are some people dreams? Vampire Slayer, what do I do wrong?

And yet another big week for Cumbernauld. Not only are the Dykeenies ‘pick of the week’ for the Daily Record, but the Herald A-Z of Scottish Fashion describes the (not so) new town as the centre of  ‘high-end fashion’ on the pages of Vogue. One day, Missie K and my gd frnd Clr, you’ll be making the headlines, deadines and bylines from Mackintoshland. But what do I know? 

Eh,…what’s ‘high-end fashion’? Jaymi, you know these things.

Alcoholically, incidentally, a recent letter to all Scottish newspapers from a man in Edinburgh blames problem drinking on metrication. So, Brussels, my alcoholic gap year?… Je vous accuse!

And cancerly? My meet with cancerman consultant went well. And those questions I mentioned last week? I’ve to ask my GP, the lovely Doctor Fiona. How red will my face be?  The Factor Thirty remains on the shelf, Clr, more in hope than expectation. Hope…expectation….hormones….the story of my recent life.

 Zoladex…it fair takes the years off you.


Johnt850, ‘your host with the most from the West Coast’. Rosko rools, okay?

There’s only one thing I know how to do well And I’ve often been told that you can only do What you know how to do well And that’s be you……Whistling in the dark

March 22, 2009

For Nan Thomson and Jade Goody, both mums with something else in common…who’d have thought it?


Stand by my side, and the pipe dream is yours now, Stand by my side And the cynics won’t get in our way

March 21, 2009

The Band? Starsailor and doesn’t the boy on the cover of their new album look very like me at an early age?

And those navigator specs? Mine, from not that long ago as spotted in a photie on my shelf by C, G, G and C twelve months past. Sticky toffee pudding rools okay. (No. I don’t remember the name of the featured track, strangely enuff, but I seem to be coping okay.)

Bytheway Heather C, it was to have been Teitur but the Starsailor album cover only just won it…and isn’t brilliant?

So this week, there’s no planned theme (is there ever?) The fact that the last few weeks discussed dogging, aspiring journos and Pippa (No. No connection) shows that you should always wait until the final paragraph before you look for such things. But what do I know?

So just a few questions and thoughts such as;

Why, given that I am now two years, two months, ten days and eleven hours without alcoholic drink (so far, so good and I’m not counting), did I wake up the other morning with my right arm covered in scratches that made me look as if I’d dragged myself through a rose bush, without any idea how they got there? Yes, I go drinking but tabasco sauce and tomato juice does not have that effect…..usually.

This afternoon’s locus was the Aragon, Byres Road, since you ask and, No, the staff didn’t recognise me from that previous time.

And why do so many ‘security consultants’ move from Summerston to Cumbernauld (Drumbowie View looks really nice) but why, when they get shot, do they come back here to get buried? Parking’s bad enough at the best of times and the worst of times. Not that I’m complaining. I’d never felt more secure.

And before anyone panics, the Googly Streetview thing only does Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. So, the other day, I’d a really good look at my ‘quaint’, but reasonably sized, semi on the Internet. It doesn’t look too bad after all this time and I don’t think I need an extension just yet…just in case.

And I almost had a brilliant preview of the Doctor Who exhibition at Kelvingrove. Almost? Yes. I started off by looking at the Weeping Angels but was stuck there for eight hours until the lights were switched off. No idea what the rest is like. It’s an offer. It’s your call.

And can anyone tell me why, after I spledged £5 to Comic Relief by txt, they kept going for another 7 hours 59 minutes? (“Spledge” btw, BBC Steve is another Clr word. You spledged my gd frnd in last year’s Race For Life and you never even noticed!)

And in the week when all hell is breaking loose  because journalists write about their offspring, I’d like to say sorry.

Son Brian has a good job, a steady girlfriend and has never been thrown out of either family home. Sorry. I’m obviously a lousy role model.

And, Missie K, what is it with iTunes? I don’t expect it to understand the Dewey system of library classification but it doesn’t understand the bloody alphabet! The word ‘the’ seems to confuse it, and that compilation album I mentioned last week? It says Rough Trade Shops! That’s not the name of the album. It’s a weekend in London…for some. Not me obviously.

And can I say a wee thanks to Brian McNair of Strathclyde and Martin Boyle of Cardonald for letting me take a small part in the conversation this week about the future of student journalism. I’m sure my former colleagues at the Met had lots to say so I’ll just confine myself to quoting a sentence from Prof Brian. It’s only one sentence cos I don’t have shorthand (a big regret)…….’Newspapers may be dying, but journalism has never been in more demand.’

An hour later a journo friend of mine sent me a txt. He’s now a cutback. Consider the whisky a large one, E. 

Discuss using one side of a sheet of website only. But I share the confidence. I have to.

I’m too oldish to be an English teacher or a retail management trainee. But, hey, Bruce Springsteen’s only 59.

And Caitlin, I’ve started but am a long way from finished. Easter’s good for me cos I plan to have a break from blook and business and stuff. (All reasonable and unreasonable offers considered from any and everyone). I’ve bought (look away Son Brian) two new pairs of denims. I need other stuff.

And what is the point of Earth Hour other than lots of people bumping into each other in the darkness? Global warming is not necessarily a bad thing. Ask those villagers of the former Soviet Union who live close to the Arctic Circle and have longer growing seasons because of it. 

And what is it about women from Torrance that they have such flat stomachs? The Vampire Slayer’s is well documented but last week I met J (a married woman, hence……) and hers was just as…..I’ll move on shall I?

J is a TV director and I thought I was there to discuss some ideas coming out of the blook. J, I’m sorry. I thought you said forty-six year olds, not four to six year olds. It won’t work, will it? Stand down rainforest riverman and Clr. Children’s  TV we ain’t doing.

Incidentally J, I’m sorry. I have a loud voice. Do you think me discussing how rarely they use physical castration in prostate cancer treatment these days put that man off his spaghetti meatballs? What is it about me and that Garden centre? Yes. That one, Vampire Slayer, just up from the Dump, or the road to Summerston as you know it. 

And, so, nothing too serious on the cancerly front this week as I’m seeing my consultant soontime. I’ve a few questions to ask him but will I share the answers with you, dear listeners? Of course I will. Of course (Gulp, sob, gulp), and hopefully without the continued help of the Internet.

But I noticed that the man who played Darth Vader has just finished his sandblasting. He apparently lost ‘only some of the hair’ from the top of his legs. I lost all my pubic hair and very comfortable it was as well, particularly in warm weather. I’m sorry. It did happen. It does happen. It has grown back. Wonder if the tattoos are still there?

So there you go. Is the theme that there is no theme or is my idea of the theme different from yours or is there just no theme? All I know is I enjoyed writing it. Sorry.


Johnt850, digging out the Factor Thirty this weekend, C.

See the sun, see the sun it shines Don’t get too close or it’ll burn your eyes Don’t you run away that way You can come back another day… I never thought this could happen to me

March 14, 2009

Possibly the greatest love song ever written, from The Damned (1976), and don’t worry, nobody, there’s absolutely no messages in that, coded or uncoded. I’ve just been enjoying a lot of Rough Trade recently. And that is absolutely nothing to do with last week’s show which featured ‘dogging contacts in Airdrie’. Counter Culture 1976 – a truly brilliant compilation album.

Altho’ I did get a big reaction to last week’s special edition for aspiring journos from aspiring journos but a special thanks to the BBC high heid yin  (a big fan of The Jam) who suggested that in these multi platforming mass media days, proof of website working is good in addition to print cuttings. Mind you, cuttings is good, particularly if you’re adding to my knowledge of the music scene in the way that Heather C and Emma J do.

I have this fantasy – bear with me – that one day BBC News will say, “And here to discuss the latest Michael Jackson comeback is Music Journo……” and that it’s one of those two. I suspect it’ll be so soon I’ll still be in my thirties.

But, following my concerns on Googling Johnt850, I was interested to read the wise words of Lindsay Cochrane, the Daily Record’s Top Teen Angst Queen, with her Top Tip of  ‘Be web aware. For more on online safety go to ‘. Y’know it’s almost as if she and I share so many of the same thoughts. No. No reason.

Hang on, there’s a bell ringing here which says Airdrie, in which case it also says Death to the Diamonds. Sorry, L, but I can be so fickle, but yet so loyal or should that be faithful? I’m a PT fan. I’m not sure of the difference.

Cyberspace – so far, so good, but yet so distant at times, as Mark Twain didn’t say.    

And to the person who asked what I get out of such informal helping? I’m getting a lot of fun out of re-building a contacts network, particularly if it means getting a wave from a good looking woman across a crowded room and then (I don’t believe I did this) I looked down the row to see who she was waving at. It was me! Nice seeing you too, Jill.

And if I can do some things to help then seriously brill. I’ve a few ideas which might benefit me and if they can benefit other people, sobeit. It’s a spirit of sharing info I got from a brilliant guy called Paul Streather who died early but was my first mentor type person at the Beeb, years and years ago. I’ll never forget.

It’s the same way Stuart and Alan shared so much info with me on the highly successful trip to Dunfermline for the amazing PT victory over the home town team, but today’s real star was the Amazing Aussie, Pippa (wannabee journo, rainforest riverman, and I was very careful this time, Oonagh, I’m learning.) Somehow Pip, as I got to call her, knew to meet us on the train from Waverley to Dunfermline at Haymarket with four cans of lager. No. I didn’t….just in case.

Okay she wasn’t able to cater for my own particular taste – I’ve started so I’ll finish – but as we crossed the amazing erection that is the Forth Rail Bridge, she told me she was glad to get out of the capital because she had spent ‘too much time on Arthur’s Seat.’   

My face has just gone bright red (although I never get the mood swings) and I may just regret giving her my business card. On the other hand……

Speaking of business, bytheway, a reasonable start with a few long term leads looking promising and I have a dream, yet another one, of sub contracting work and again this would go to aspiring journos. It’s a two way street which has no ending.

Altho’ it must be said that I am still working on the graduate trainee programme, Missie K. Hobnobs or chocolate digestives? When we discussed terms and conditions in the attic the other day, I think that was the one thing we forgot to mention. Incidentally, I bumped into the man who taught me some of those broadcasting techniques, you, I and the Vampire Slayer discussed that afternoon. The lunch went on his tab.

And in keeping it fun, I attended a conference on prostate cancer this week, which produced some memorable moments with some really smashing medics, who, in discussing the future of treatments, managed to work in how poisonous blowfish, at one stage,  provided rumours of a possible cure; how castration therapy had lost its charm (!); and who raised hopes of finding a possible way forward with helical tomotherapy, which if I knew what ‘helical’ meant, I would claim was named after me.   

And incidentally, my gd frnd Clr, apparently the ‘eternal prostate question’ is still radiotherapy versus surgery. I’m often being asked to tell that story. Medically, it doesn’t stand up, as it were, but to a very confused young man (me) it made a lot of sense at the time. Almost as much sense as a good reference. Serious ta. (Does your mum like Doctor Who? I am like an elephant…..I may regret saying that in the cold light of the morning).

So, in a week, when my psa levels are reported as being stable and I should be really happy, can I just say that some news from here in Glasgow and somewhere in the United States (a brilliant female family friend, good looking, early twenties, but not an aspiring journo) serves to remind me that, as agreed with so many others, the cancer is a pernicious bastard. Be aware, be very aware, and not just on the web.  

And if you want, go into Marks and Spencer’s and buy the blue man cancer badge for at least one pound sterling (I have fifty) and I’m becoming addicted to their flapjacks, but I’m sure they’re not as good as the real thing. Hang on, another bell has just chimed….didn’t …..?

But, and I say this to the good people of Glasgow’s West End, isn’t that pseudo-American guy in Marks a real pain? I do not need a commentary on the fact I buy a lot of  meals for one  person, Mr Cramer soundalike.

(Just for a minute there I sounded like a real blogger didn’t I?, assuming the whole world revolves around me and my sad life, but, hey, Pippa thinks I’ve got a good job, altho’ a successful businessman does need a good suit. Did I mention….?)

cya, having survived yet another outing to yet another pub I’d never been to before. At least….  


(Pippa, if by any chance you read this, don’t worry….I don’t understand it either, but your magazine idea sounds really good. Keep me posted)

Don’t believe it all, Find out for yourself, Check before you spread, News of the World

March 7, 2009

And The Jam there, introducing what is the second of tonght’s blogs.

If you’re looking for the usual, normal (?), blog, it’s immediately below and I’m frightened about what it reveals about me, Johnt850. Let me know what you think of me after you read it. Gulp.

This one is for those more journalistically inclined but there’s nothing to stop you reading both. Enjoy.

No. A number of students had mailed me or spoken to me worried about the jobs market for when they finish their degree. It’s not been helped, apparently, by lecturers from other disciplines, saying there were no journalistic jobs. Plus I’ve spoken to parents and similar people who’d be quite keen on their sons and daughters using their degrees to be management trainees in the retail sector or English teachers…and there’s nothing wrong with either. But you want to be journalists or writers, so let’s keep with that dream.

So when I read that Nick Davies, author of Flat Earth News was speaking at the Mitchell Library. Idecided to go. I hope, dear people, that his book is on the reading list of every student journalist and since you ask, chapter ten…No. Not me, but a London based journalist with whom I worked quite a lot. What Jo Ann did does not make her a bad person.

I got the impression from a piece in the NUJ mag, The Journalist, that he was optimistic about the future (and you all are student members of the NUJ aren’t you, cos if we’re to protect jobs then we should be supporting the Union) but he said, “Journalism, as an industry, is dying.” Oops. Throw into that, the bad news of redundancies from many newspaper groups, and his colleague on the day, Robert Fisk’s distrust of the internet, and it looks bad. But yet….

If things are that bad, then why the day before, did the Radio Academy play host to a conference called “Foot In The Door” to tell College students of the opportunities in the media? Because they are always looking for talent. And look at the listing for that conference. Everyone of those people mentioned is a potential contact for a future job. And to those I’m trying to help with some visits’n’stuff, I’ll be in touch soon.

It’s the same every time you hear an editor’s name mentioned. Put them in your contacts book or folder. 

But think about what you have to offer. A good degree is good, but a good degree with cuttings from your student newspaper, or The Skinny or Scotcampus, is even better. Are you working for Sub City radio or hospital radio or student TV? Do you, and your mates, have your own website?

And this is a big thing for me. First of all, let’s remember that the bad news has been written by men and women in suits with journalism training (I don’t have a suit yet. I’m waiting for news of a shopping trip). It has then been pondered over by people in newsrooms before it hits our screens or our streets. There are still people out there doing journalistic jobs.

Plus look at how often, these days, BBC NEWS and the other channels have dotCom or dotNet people in to analyse the news. Websites are important and, I think it’s important that you use them and draw them to peoples’ attention. I’ve mentioned before but there’s nothing to stop you thinking about contributing to it, showing it to your politics lecturer and then adding that to your CV. One of the most impressive things I’ve seen recently from that POV was a student who had had to take a year off and showed me a scrapbook with her cuttings from a local newspaper. Brill. Champion hairdressers are what people want to read about. Seriously. It’s news.

I saw another one today which was a football website, called The Away End. Not only did I recognise the name of one former Met student but at least one name from Glasgow Caley Uny who was one of last year’s contenders for The Write Stuff. Incidentally I looked at last year’s contenders and there was a name I didn’t recognise from the Met. Rules are meant, at the very least, to be tested, if not broken. Trust me.

I know some Glasgow Uny students who are thinking of doing something similar websitedly cos they feel there’s a gap in the market. But I’m also aware that Glasgow Uny SRC’s position of V/P for Media and Communication (with £15,000 sabbatical salary) was reported as not having a single applicant – a brilliant opportunity to meet the great and the good in Scottish media. But there’s nothing to stop you and your mates getting a website going for your community.


There will be television jobs coming up with the independent companies who make programmes for the BBC such as The Weakest Link and Question Time. They will be moving much of their production to Glasgow in two or three years time. These jobs will be as researchers for audience and competitors. It gets you in. So does applying for tickets for TV and radio programmes being recorded at Pacific Quay.

I’m re-introducing myself, after a couple of years of well documented health issues, to many of the people who might be able to help you as well as me, and I’ll continue to pass on some things like the EITF as and when I know of them, but you’ve got to help me. Feedback is good. Why didn’t you apply?

What I also think is good is seeing journalism students at things like the Nick Davies and Robert Fisk event today. I met one Glasgow Uny student, Hannah, who was there cos she was doing a Politics essay on conflict resolution. That’s hunger…that’s why it was good to see one former Met student make the journey through from Edinburgh Napier.

I know many of you have jobs, and there are students I know, particularly those near me, who have been working in supermarkets for so long that they have better pensions than me and they have probably been offered the chances of full-time and forever work there. Me? I lived in rented flats near Glasgow Uny and worked one summer in a boys’ home in the South side of Glasgow. It was my entree to the world of Glasgow crime and gangs and how to shoplift without being caught.

Ach, you’ll have been told many of these things in classes like Preparing for Employment. Maybe this is all just a wee reminder.

No. I do believe the work is still out there. I have to. I’m looking for it as well. I’ll keep you posted. You do the same. It’s only fair.


Johnt850 (NUJ membership no. xxxxxx I’ll need to get a new pic. I look soooo much younger these days, but it’s not a diet I would recommend!

Hanging out with Scheme Eugene And blame the broken social scene What you don’t have you won’t miss it when you’re gone – Hope you change your mind

March 7, 2009

And if the message fits, wear it. Ach, maybe one day. I can wait. These days I’m a very patient man.

No, the opening music there is Scheme Eugene from Red Light Company and is from their new album and I’ve been waiting for it for a wee while for a wee reason. It brings back a good memory of the Summer.

Cos there I was down at Live at Loch Lomond watching them on the smaller stage (Groove Armada were on elsewhere and whatever delusions I may have about myself and my age, I am a not Groove Armada person), like me and twenty other people, and I’m hanging out, as it were, at the back looking every inch my thirty or so years, and this young lady comes up and she must have sussed me as one of the management, cos, after two minutes, she turned to me and said, “They your boys? They’re f***ing crap.” and moved on.

I’ve liked Red Light Company ever since.  So far, so good.

But it ties in with the sense of self revulsion I felt about myself this week. 

Y’see, I mentioned last week the need to distance The Word Process from the writer of this blog and so I decided to Google my name, Johnt850. I now wish I hadn’t.

Most of it is fine; links, through my signature, to this and other sites such as and The Maggie’s Cancer Care site but this one particular Google link turns out to be a confession. I did have occasion to post a comment on the blog of Lyndsay Cochrane, the Daily Record’s Top Teen Queen, a fairly innocuous one, and it was after she had done the same to me, so it was kinda tit for tat (am I allowed to say that?). It’s a blogging thang.

Okay, so I did see her in Queen Street Station last week (student journo, Rainforest Riverman, student journo) and I did go across and introduce myself to her cos I had met her once before, and then I ran out of things to say. I was awestruck in the presence of greatness. I was lost for words (which is not a great advert for The Word Process). I actually felt like a stalker.

Worse is to follow. Believe me, this is worser, possibly the worsest ever. I need strong tomato juice here…just in case. Gulp.

The next Google link on Johnt850 is to “Dogging Contacts In Airdrie” (listeners of a nervous disposition who do not know what “dogging” is should do their own google search but tell your neighbours first what you’re doing). I looked very briefly at the HomePage on this site and looked away amazingly quickly. I didn’t recognise anyone.

Seriously, I have never knowingly dogged (and only strong drink will explain that reference) and even if I did…. Airdrie? I’m sure it’s a very pleasant place but to me, it’s get off the train, get a taxi to the ground of the football team I hate most in the entire world (Death to the Diamonds) and back out again. Somehow in my blog relating to that game, I have suggested some connection to, that, well…..Never. Not me.

But now Googly, it looks as if Johnt850 is a pervy stalker, or is he/am I a stalking perv?

My gd frnd Clr and the blogmeister, when we started this blog, it was meant to be a force for good and fun in the land of  my treatment for cancer. Em, oops…….I’ll move swiftly on to matters more real and in the real world.

The Vampire Slayer had her photo in the paper this week, in The Times of Evening. I panicked. Had her cover been blown? (I think in the light of all that’s gone above a mild innuendo like that is okay, eh, Big Al, the BBC’s Top Taste Pal) But it was like what  Bruce Wayne does to convince people that he’s not really Batman. (Ooops, I’ve just blown his cover. No. No innuendo. I am, like, normal hetero, like, what is normal?)

No, the VS had completely fooled the paparazzi. She had done a tasteful glam shoot. But can I say, and please look away dear listener while I say this, and Missie K was there as well at the time, I thought your stomach looked pretty okay that day when we three met in the attic off Byres Road. C’est tout. I still think your mum’s pretty cool, btw.

Does anyone actually do that, y’know look away, when they say “you might want to look away now because here are the scores or scenes of violence.” (Or if it’s an Airdrie game, both)

So let’s talk a wee bit about the serious cancer stuff; I’d my blood taken last week ( a little prick) in order to get the PSA level checked before I see my consultant. It’s important cos it’s the only indicator men have of possible problems with the prostate (and they’re not necessarily cancer), but it’s no worse than giving blood which I used to do.

Claire, Jennifer and Shazia, a wee while back, made what could have been an award winning vid about giving blood, well, it would have been except for the scene with the nurse. I watched that entire scene looking at the blank wall, but what a script. No. It’s a fairly simple test, the PSA test. I’ll keep you posted.

Like I keep you posted on bits’n’pieces of my social life which saw me today witnessing the worst own goal I have ever seen, all season, and down at the Mitchell Library listening to Nick Davies and Bob Fisk, but I’m going to do a separate edition of the blog about that cos it, and a couple of other things, have raised a number of issues for those considering a journalistic career. So, give me a couple of hours and there’ll be another blog for you under this name as well as this one…if you dare read the words of Johnt850 ever again.

And for those considering a career in radio, can I recommend the whimsy that is FM on ITV 2 on Wednesday night? That is if you like your whimsy addled with drink, drugs, sex and rock’n’roll. It rang a few bells with me; Toyah Wilcox, a lousy chat up line and an addiction group meeting that bore no semblance to the only one I ever attended.

And if you do watch the final scene from last week, I have never, ever done that on a bus, and definitely, never, ever in Airdrie.

Now let’s just check. Have I done enough to protect the good name of Johnt850?  “Dogging”, “vampire”, “sex”, “nurse” and “Airdrie”……I don’t think I’ll bother switching on the Spam filter tonight. I’ll be fine.


Johnt850, already feeling a little bit moreish.