There’s No Light On The Christmas Tree Mama, They’re Burning Big Louie Tonight

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band there, and Yes, after twenty years, my C’mas tree lights have given up the Ghost of Christmas Present. I have changed  the fuse. No. No difference.

Is there a way you can work out which bulb is dead without trying them all?

Happy Hogmanany thing



3 Responses to “There’s No Light On The Christmas Tree Mama, They’re Burning Big Louie Tonight”

  1. Brian McBride Says:

    Twassock! The fuse-light is a different colour, a wee white bit at the end I think. As I am the least handy/diy person I know and I remember this from last time I did it 18 years ago then shame on you!! Get on with it and avoid the dying embers of the Woollie’s queues.

  2. johnt850 Says:

    I have no idea where these other posts have come from and I’ll maybe leave them until I’ve had a wee bit more cough syrup. In the meantime, I’m amazed to say it, the lights are back on, if not all over Europe, but my front room, and to all those ecologists and safety people who told me to switch them off in the first place, when leaving the house…never again, until January, anyway. Ta

  3. Cialis Says:

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