What’re you gonna do when the well runs dry? You’re gonna run away and hide. I’m gonna run right by your side. For you pretty baby I’d even die

I’m Walking, sung there by Fats Domino off a compilation album, compiled by Radio 2 deejay, Bob Dylan. And the reason for mentioning Dylan? Not only did Barack Obama say nice things about the late, great Studs Terkel, and I hope students did ask tutors about him, but there were some other really nice tributes.

And whilst I remember, there’s some congrats owed to some students this week. I don’t have quite enough detail just yet. It’s as if people don’t talk to me these days. But consider Fats as your reward, Tam.

Anyway, my fave Studs story? He once started off an interview with Bob Dylan by asking, “Where did you come from, Cotton-Eyed Joe?” To which Dylan replied; “The beginning was there in Minnesota. But that was the beginning before the beginning.” I’m sorry, but that is now my ambition – to achieve “the beginnning before the beginning”. So far, so good. It might yet get me out of some recent trouble.

So that’s sociology out of the way and now for politics.

Barack Obama being elected US President – could that be an example of “Show. Not Tell”?

Obama being elected US President, thus leaving the country without its only black senator. Now, that is “Show. Not Tell.”

Right enough ill-informed comment. I did watch the US elections on BBC and when David Dimbleby didn’t know where to go (but did go to Gore Vidal), I watched online courtesy of the brillliant blogging website the Huffington Post. Some of their video clips were brilliant, and made a lot of the colour pieces in the papers the next day or so, including some really awful Fox news packages, including the one with a Black Panther.

My fave vid from the Post? A preview of the new Heidi Klum advert for Guitar Hero – World Tour. Come on. It was half past two in the morning. My verdict? Eleven IS louder than ten. Seriously.

But wasn’t it all put into perspective by the Glenrothes by-election, where Gordon Brown’s former headmaster won on a programme of better bus services and better health provision? Now did he know whether he was standing for Holyrood or Westminster? “Show. Not Tell” is pretty universal. 

C, you once suggested changes in the Labour party in Scotland, albeit unwittingly. Change, we need. 

And mentioning one of Cumbernauld’s top exports (along with Missie K), do you guys realise how foul-mouthed the fans of your local team are? Clyde, in case you didn’t know you had one. Abuse is pretty universal as well, it seems.

Still one of our number really scored with his shout of “Away and feed your rabbits”. No. I have no idea what it meant, either, but it had the opposition fans worried. Yeah. We know when to crank it up to eleven! Loud.

Anyway, speaking of people worrying, I’ve definitely decided on Whistling in the Dark for the end of my personal closing ceremony and it turns out I’m not alone in thinking these things. Apparently the most popular, according to a recent survey, is Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust. The fact that Every Breath You Take is also very popular suggests to me that not everyone checks their lyrics as closely as I do. Check them out on Sing365. I do.

However, can I thank the coffee drinkers at the coffee table next to the one I was sitting at earlier, and isn’t it good to be able to ask for a large, black without being glared at, for their suggestion of Seasick Steve‘s “I started out with nothin and I still got most of it left”. Read that Son Brian and then worry about your inheritance.

But you’re right, Mister Rainforest riverman, that strawberry and cream shortbread chat up line needs a lot of work. Was it my failure with it that reminded you that I once dallied with a correspondence course from the Rapid Results College, Tuition House, London? And yes, they are still in existence, so it was obviously my fault I failed, both with that chat up line, and whatever it was I was studying at the time.

No I’m soon going to start a Distance Learning Course in conjunction with my new career, and I have had my first “job”. I can’t say too much for reasons of commercial confidence, but those of you who worried that I was getting my business start-up advice in a flat on the notorious Wyndford Estate, might be interested to know my first job was a pick-up was in Possilpark. That’s all I’m saying, c’est tout.

Actually re-reading that sentence it sounds like I have become a taxi-driver with a Glasgow A-Z in the passenger seat. Maybe that should be a career option.

But before I finish, a quick word to some other former students such as Oonagh….not only is Byres Road Oxfam not the same these days but I enjoyed the Napier University rolling website. I enjoyed reading your stuff. Any other examples, folks, send them on. Comment I will not. Reading I will enjoy. What do I know? (I think I got that last one wrong) 

And finally, on a personally serious note, within the next two weeks I attend a Glasgow University Union Reunion dinner, hosted by the Winers’ Club (pretty uncoded and unambiguous), my first for years, and I also have my first cancer Check-up since, well, the All Clear four months ago.

I’m quite happy to use this public platform to say I’m nervous about both. I mean nobody’s going to slip a vodka unnoticed into my tomato juice (at the Beatson?) or anything like that, but there’s a lot passes through your mind at a time like this. So I’ll keep you posted. Updates’r’good. You’d do the same, wouldn’t you?

However, there are two texts saved in my mobile which get me through any worries on the alcohol and cancer front. All bases are, therefore, covered. I won’t say who they came from cos they’ll only get embarrassed. Ah, the joy of txt.

Oh, and bytheway, for no reason, thanks Son Brian and gd frnd Clr….just in case.

Whistling, whistling, dark, dark, dark. Catchy isn’t it? (They Might Be Giants, if you want to check it out)


johnt850 (a well know situationalist. No. I don’t know what it means either but someone used it to describe Russell Brand. That must make it a good eleven on the volume control, mustn’t it?


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