Sick at heart and lonely, deep in dark despair, Thinking one thought only, where is she, tell me where……I’ve gotta heart full of soul.

Absolutely not a single coded, or uncoded, message there from the Yardbirds. Seriously. Instead a realistic attempt to be my age for which I give credit to the Jung Wan down at Maggie’s Farm but, hey, I’m willing to give it a go. It’s a point of view.

So in a blog which has given lots of coverage to guitar heroes over the last six months, including Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, Liv’s dad, we pay homage not to Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton, but to the grand daddy of them all, Jeff Beck, who taught them both.

We’ve also blog featured The Infadels, Elbow, The Delays and Supergrass amongst others, but whilst previously admitting I preferred Billy J Kramer to the Beatles, I also preferred the Yardbirds to the Rolling Stones.

And, to be honest, my hairstyle is still based on vocalist Keith Relf. Hey, I was ten years old at the time, okay? Check out Heart Full of Soul on YouTube. It’s in something we used to call black and white, and guitar heroes, keep the cursor hand over Beck’s stratocaster, and dream.

That’s why I chose that track. That, and the reverb. Ask the Jung Wan.

Meanwhile back in 2008, albeit unwittingly, maybe.

Well done to my new friends down at Maggie’s who did so well in an incredibly wet Life Walk around the streets of Glasgow’s West End. No. I didn’t spledge anyone. Cancer Research UK seems to get every penny Works and Pensions gives me these days. No. I don’t grudge it. I don’t eat anyway.

No. All I did was stand outside in the pouring rain and hug wet women. They seemed grateful. And so, without going down that particular road any more than I need to, I would just like to say how grateful the staff and volunteers at Maggie’s were, as well, for everyone’s efforts. Oh, and I also shook a few manly hands.

Incidentally, before I see the dietician (and thanks Doctor Fiona for those thirty minutes the other day. I’m not so sure your ten past three, your twenty past three and your half past three were that impressed, but I certainly was) does a Special K chocolate chip bar count as a breakfast? 

Elsewhere my University writing tutor gave a new meaning to Hamlet, when she told us the colonial version beginning with, “Not everything is kosher here in the state of Denmark”. Mmmmmm.

I’m told that making speech mistakes in the States these days is known as a palin-drome. Figures of speech gags? They’re almost as funny as accountants’ gags.

But it’s good to see former students doing well. Step forward Gary, the punter’s pal, and well done for a full page in a national tabloid. But you were right. Most of the games you predicted were called off. We now may never know and you’ve not given me a horse for a while, by the way.

And former students amongst you may remember that, as we approach Remembrance Day, I used to set an exercise based on my mum’s experience of World War Two whilst she was growing up in Springburn (three years ago this week……thanks for asking). Well, Lorraine Kelly, as you know not my most favourite of columnists, helped launch this Year’s Appeal. Except two days before, I saw MPs wearing poppies in the House. Do they have a bootleg supplier? I think we should be told.

Also, a wee while ago, I asked Max Clifford if he might do something for some Met students (initial approach from one prostate to another, as it were). In fact, I was still College employed at the time. Well he got back to me this week, on the same day that Kerry car crashed daytime TV. Now I know, high horse level committee, it’s a bit of name dropping, but he did pass on his best wishes. It’s the thought that counts.

And the answer was “no”. I just wish I could remember the question.

Incidentally, mention of the Strath One, as opposed to the Torrance One – the Vampire Slayer, from whom I’ve not heard from for a while, reminds me……for those of you studying new media who want to know what really good blogging can achieve in the world of journalism, check out the following link (Why I Blog by Andrew Sullivan in the Atlantic magazine……just in case). It makes me feel really inadequate.

(All the erectile dysfunction gags were done a long time ago, and actually….., okay, but just saying it in italics can still make strong men clear a table for you)

Although I did notice one researcher say that it was a sign that you’d have a heart attack in three years’ time. I’ll just keep that October free, shall I?

Of course coming up is the week when I visit a business advice person in the legendary Wyndford Housing Scheme (stereotypes’r’us us but updates’r’good) and can I just say to those who question what my new trade is going to be, that I am not going to a certain flat on a certain floor at a certain number and even if I had been there before, I certainly wouldn’t remember. Mmmmm, not sure that paragraph will find its way into the final version when published.

And to my former best man, the Rainforest riverman, can I recommend this marvellous invention, the radio alarm clock? It means I can listen to your radio interviews at quarter to and quarter past six, and then fall back asleep. Not that your phone call on the phone downstairs wasn’t appreciated. I just couldn’t remember where it was. The phone that is, not downstairs.

Still, Long Tall Salli at that time of day makes the going easier even if the taxi had no idea where it was going. Sometimes, it’s the coming back that’s the hard bit. (I’ll maybe think about that as well before I hit the “publish” button. I’m not too sure about it)

And finally, Bryan Cooney of the Sunday Herald, himself diagnosed with prostate cancer, wrote last week of a recent interview he did with Eddie Thompson. He finished his piece, very personally ; “I have three-monthly check-ups and so far, so good. I got lucky, initially anyway”. I think, my gd frnd Clr and I would agree, that’s a good use of that phrase, often seen here.


Johnt850 (and in keeping with my vow at the start of this woefully inadequate blog, in the week when Britannia High, and High School Musical 3 are launched on the world, I want you all to know I am that Kid from Fame. I am going to live for ever. It’s a point of view)

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