I’m so sick and tired of feelin’ sick and tired. I’ve been wired every night of this week. My troubled mind just can’t find no comfort in sleep. I’m on the wrong side of town and I can’t come down. I got holes in my dancin shoes

Bad sign, folks. Just like the one I was born under. We haven’t heard from Alabama 3 for some time. It means I’m a wee bit down. For the last three years, for me, October has been the worstest month in the history of the entire planet and there’s still days to go. And it’s not going well.

Pfft. Sorry. Just had to get that out of my system along with everything else nasty that’s passed through it in those last three years. Yeugh. But, mind you, in some other respects, things aren’t going that badly.

Step forward the blogmeister, for example.

I was concerned when you told me about an inbox being “so full that anything over half a meg was being bounced back”. However, nothing stopped baby Abigail coming through at 7lbs 9 at 3 am the other day. Congrats to you, Janice, Layne and everyone else who had a hand in it, as it were. I look forward to the pix. Seriously. I’ll send them onto Jeanette, aka my conscience. She sends me pix like that as well.

And congrats, as well, to both my gd frnd Clr and Missie K who, as we know, finished second in the recent Cancer Research Race for Life. Well, they both got silver medals, anyway. Turns out you raised almost £1 million. Well, you and some others, albeit very willingly.

You might just have made that total tonight, updated. I’ve just had a very nice phone call from Cancer Research UK telling me how well you did, and would I like to…… some more? So, I did. It’s amazing how far my benefit stretches. I have a very flexible friend. Well done, again. Seriously. I just wish I’d seen you both that morning, C & G. It would have been well worth the money.

Eddie Thompson would have been proud of you. (You expected a mention, didn’t you, dear readers?). My friend Brian describes Eddie as “a genuine man and a very gracious host”. That’ll do for me. Brian buys his round.

I’m beginning to feel much better, already……just in case.

So, well done, to the latest music writer to come from the Hills of Montezuma – I mean the Halls of Glasgow Met. Emma J……a gig review in a national tabloid! Superb. Hey, all I ever did was to correct the odd slepping mistake.

And I did check out www.myspace.com/innerpartysystem to hear more and I might be about to buy my first ever dance album. Sorry, son Brian. Another good looking woman, another visit to Fopp, and another dent in your inheritance.

Hang on. I bought the pies today in our visit to Lochburn Park, Maryhill’s other Field of Dreams, or as the woman in the Social Club, described it, Ionesco’s Theatre of the Absurd. As Sam Beckett once said, “What do I know? I could tell you more about radishes.”

And I don’t really understand what you’re going to town for, son Brian, that costs thirty pounds an hour. Still if you need dropped off in Chinatown, you need dropped off in Chinatown. Sounds the sort of thing Bruce, your step dad, would enjoy.

But the usual finish to a junior football match; two sending offs at the end, including the big fat guy from Yoker, and please would someone tell me that I’m not the only one so old, ill and frail that saying, “Oh, look. A Japanese soldier’s just come out of that undergrowth,” warrants only a very strange look.

It reminded me of a game a few years ago at King George V Park in Bearsden (I don’t think new towns like Cumbernauld have these parks) when the referee attacked one of the players after the game was over. Bet you don’t get that at Old Trafford on Tuesday night, Mr Rainforest Riverman. Fingers crossed.

But, hey I’m getting there. Without giving too much away, Clr+1, aka “the Jung Wan”, down at Maggie’s Farm, may be close to finding the tunnel wherein my mind games have been playing recently. Still a wee bit away from finding the light, and maybe too late for all those people I’ve annoyed recently. So seriously sorry, guys, if that’s the case.

And I was asked recently if I’d burnt many bridges during my alcoholic year. Not a question, I’ve ever been asked in a garden centre before, and the two six year olds at the next table looked very interested in my response. “Possibly significantly more people, recently”, I replied. The kids returned to colouring in a daffodil, red.

Peace and Love, and I’ll sign anything.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time” was first used in a movie in 1931 when an American airman jumped into a bull ring and was gored to death. After it, his mates said…… No. No reason. Just seems appropriate.

Maybe I just like using ellipses. It was Emma J, after all, who told me that it was the correct name for six dots. So, thanks.

And another nice piece in another national tabloid from crime writer Reg McKay, writing about his wife’s All Clear from cancer. Nice to hear of someone else who gave their cancer a name and, I agree, the stomach injections look a lot worse than they actually are. (I’m being brave) 

Reminds me, how’s Laura F doing, C?

I’m feeling so much happier than I did at the start. So far, so good and even more peace and love.

So I didn’t mind it too much when I see a report in a newpaper extolling the virtues of both white, and red, wine, albeit in moderation, except, of course, I can’t have any. Ooops. However it was nice to see the virtues of jelly and jam being extolled because we all know that “it must be jelly cos jam don’t shake like that”, don’t we? I think it’s rude before you google it. (Well, actually, I know it is)

And finally, my biggest disappointment of the week? Not the fact that Joe the Plumber is actually called Sam, has never served an apprenticeship as a plumber and has never earned more than $40,000 dollars in one year.

No. It’s the fact that I mis-heard a presentation announcer on TV and switched on to watch “Twiggy’s Frog Exchange” only to find it was clothes they were swopping and not actual frogs.

Now how about something happy to put on the turntable. I know. How about Mansize Rooster by Supergrass? No. Surely not. Missie K? It couldn’t possibly be a song about…… (count them. There’s six).

cya, peace, love and bring on the wall.



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