You don’t need to sleep alone You bring the house down Choose your favourite shoes And keep your blues on cruise control

Now I know the lyrics don’t scan and I’m not sure about the music that goes with them, but word on the streets, namely Missie K, and Partick Thistle fan and Herald TV crit Dave Belcher, rate Elbow as an excellent band – but, as ever, what do I know? 

My original choice had been a track from The Fall called Fit and Working. Obviously, their lyrics don’t scan either and I’m not sure about the music, but as I’m neither I thought not.

The hoped for return to college teaching through part-time work has not happened but some other long-term leads have emerged (he said bravely) but one of the advantages has been that I’ve met up with a bunch of like minded men. No. Not the “men only Burly club” from The Arches night club in Glasgow, and I certainly have no intention of providing a link to their website after what I’ve heard about their monthly meetings.

No. My guys are currently on what I’ll refer to as “Maggie’s Farm” and we all have prostate cancer in common, either before, during or after, and it’s been nice to talk over some of the matters affecting us all, and to be reminded of the three in one oil can story which one of them can do with actions! One day readers, one day.

Some of you may have noticed a mild depression in last week’s blog. It’s lifted. After all on days like these you’re never alone with a prostate cancer. Oh, and we discussed the now famous big needle. We’ve missed Laura F, haven’t we folks? She’ll be back.

And fit? I think my libido is returning. The hair certainly is. Women in politics. It’s been a good week. When the eyes of the world have been on former beauty queen, Sarah Palin in the USA, my eyes were caught by a real hot babe, Ukraine Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko. She is so hot, she sizzles. What a personal website. Seriously.

Although I’m a supporter of South Ossetia. That’s all I’m saying.

Check Yulia out on and don’t forget, it’s not what you find on the ‘net, it’s what you do once you’ve found it that counts.

And the ‘net’s been good this week. Many of you will have seen the news that Cumbernauld, probably my all time favourite “new town” because of such famous people as my gd frnd Clr, GK and the Dykeenies, came fourth as the happiest place in the United Kingdom. Oh, and C, nice thought about the “tickle”. It worked really well. 🙂 

Indeed when I trained as a community worker in Easterhouse a few years ago, the residents of the Lochend area all had this ambition of getting ” a front and back” in Cumbernauld. Interesting ambition. Unless you were earning, in which case it was buying a house in Silvertonhill, Hamilton.

Little did they know that Cumbernauld would gain a reputation as the most landscaped town in Britain with nine million trees. Okay, so I watched Beechgrove Garden this week. I need to get out more.

What I couldn’t believe was that Falkirk came in as the third happiest town in the UK! (:

Although, I must confess that my view of Falkirk is jaundiced by the fact that I once almost got arrested for a very unfortunate incident in a gents’ toilet there not that long ago, albeit unwittingly and, indeed, unwillingly. Seriously.

Incidentally the website for the Burly club does look for “bears, skinheads, leather, rubber and kilted guys plus men curious to get tooled up.” It’s like a D-I-Y store when Scotland are playing…in Falkirk.

But, at least Falkirk play in the Premier League. Partick Thistle don’t, and the euphoria of last week was matched by the harsh reality of a one-nil defeat to Ross County. However I thoroughly enjoyed the post match tomato juices in the Doublet afterwards (everyone else drank lager) and the post modern crack (it is the west end, after all) which ranged from players who run like bananas to the Creative Writing department at Glasgow University. Come on, it’s pub logic.

And when I read in the Herald that “constant sobriety is hard work, albeit somewhat dull (but less deadly than alcoholism)”, I agree it is hard work but it doesn’t have to be dull. Try me. I’m handy.

All good fun, except I couldn’t find my car when I left the pub.  Twenty months of sobriety as a recovering alcoholic and I can’t find my effing car after a night of tomato juice. I’d taken a wrong turning. As in finding my car that is, not a comment on my life. But since you ask, the book’s coming along nicely. So far, so good.

Although I do agree with Lorraine Kelly when she says readers are being made “nauseous by a steady diet of doom and gloom blooks.” You’re right, Lorraine, we need more feel good books, maybe like the one you’ve been punting around the bookshops of Scotland this week.

I’m working on mine, with some good help and some good memories. Do you have a favourite word to describe drunks in any state? I’d like to hear it.

Incidentally, watch out Broadwood and adjacent areas of Cumbernauld, in about a fortnight’s time when you are invaded by Partick Thistle. We are tough, macho, very unburly men, all of whom are happily married or partnered to women, all of course except me. Can I do any more to plug my availability?

Lunches, nights out, Barcelona, clubs, (except with burly men, just in case) and indeed nights in, you know where to find me.

Indeed on the subject of things you can do on your own at home, I continue to be amazed at what you can do with Guitar Hero. Did you know that you can get a Christian version which is called “Guitar Praise”? The tagline claims, “you’ll soon be rockin’ with the best whilst praising the Lord.” I pass that on without comment.

And lots of good mentoring movies on TV this week. I see myself as a kinda Mr Dunne from Half Nelson (just “kinda” if College authorities are watching) but I can’t help but agree with him when he says, “Change moves in spirals, not circles.” Barrak Obama, eat your heart out.

But, as my “and finally” this week, can I wish son Brian good luck as he takes the next steps on his ambition to be an accountant (sob) by starting with Price Waterhouse Coopers. He obviously gets his brains from his mum (doh!), and his looks from me (sorry) which possibly explains my availability comment earlier on.

Please feel free to disagree on the Blog comment facility, ladies, please…….


Johnt850 with a fairly empty diary, but not a burly one.

2 Responses to “You don’t need to sleep alone You bring the house down Choose your favourite shoes And keep your blues on cruise control”

  1. JP Says:

    I shudder to think what you got up to upon visiting the Ukraine prime (flesh) minister site. It scared me away from checking it out.

  2. Johnt850 Says:

    I will be returning to her inthe next edition, if you know what i mean!

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