yeah, i know nobody knows where it comes and where it goes. I know it’s everybody’s sin. You got to lose to know how to win

And I make no apologies for returning to Aerosmith there for lyrics which sum up a large part of my own recent life. But more of that later and thanks to the lovely Lesley for suggesting them. (Please, high horse level committee, the odd hat-tip where credit’s due, eh, please?) and there are just so many guitar heroes out there these days, although I never did carry out my threat to buy it on Nintendo DS.

But I did buy a new electronic notebook. Why, asked one of my new friends, the decorators, did I not just get a pad and pen? Tricky one to explain, particularly as one of them asked for my advice on a relationship – his. Now many of you will know that, as helpful as I am willing to be, there are two things I will not do; lend large sums of money and give relationship advice, well, not that often. Okay, but only if asked.

However, I did tell him, “He may be your best mate but if she’s finished with him then get right in there.”, which is what I think he wanted to hear, and advice, which once upon a time….and which is why Aerosmith’s Dream On might be really appropriate.

But, yes, I do wear my sleeves rolled up like Don Johnson did in Miami Vice. Nothing wrong with that until I read fashion guru Gok Wan does it. (Wonder what it’s like having the World’s simplest anagram as your name? Mmm). My son’s been telling me about that for years…the sleeves thing, not Gok’s name being an anagram.

But gurus are good, particularly in the world of cancer awareness. Jimmy Calderwood, “owner of Scottish football’s most famous sun tan” has been publicising the need for a full body mole examination to highlight the dangers of the sun. Good thinking.

The British mens’ coxless fours have been appearing naked in the pages of Cosmopolitan to “break the taboos about prostate and testicular cancer”, their modesty protected only by strategically placed oars…..just in case.

The rest of the gag’s yours to complete (it’s in the spoken word), but I’m not too sure what the taboo is. Any questions, just ask and I’ll do my best to answer them. And if I can’t, I know people who can.

Now, is it me or is there a certain “Carry On” element slipping into today’s blog, albeit unwittingly? Apart from the odd line, I never really liked them as movies, he says, only too aware that the Laura F element is missing from these blogs. (You need to see C, She-with-the-twelve-votes, LF, but NCIS is on every day of the week. You’re doing a brilliant job, bytheway)

The other raising of cancer awareness that caught my eye was the story that giving cannabis to cancer patients could cause tumours to shrink. The tests were on mice. Except, for me, this raised many more questions than it answered. I’ll move on. You think your own thoughts.

But, yes, the decorators are in. Which is why I’m writing this standing up. Does it show?

As no-one ever accepted my offer of being the first to colour in the squares on the wall, Martin and Jed have stripped all the paper off and it’s being replaced with the colour…..em, except I can’t remember what the colour is. Angela across the road picked it for me. I must take more responsibility for my own decisions. What do you think?

Mind you, I’m now exactly twenty months “sober and solvent free” (Sunday, when it’s the 10th of the month is the measure), or “clean and clear” as I like to call it, “at the moment”. So far, so good, so fingers crossed.

Which is why I’ve bought an electronic notebook. I plan to do some more writing. There might be some developments on the online front. (There might not). I enjoyed writing the piece for Days Like This and I’m pleased to see some of Scotland’s top writers (to be) getting involved in that.

And speaking of former students of mine (what a clever college segue, eh? 2B? Oh, please yourselves, he said sounding like Kenneth Williams. This is worrying. There is a very strong Sid James/Barbara Windsor influence creeping in), how nice it was to meet a former first year journo student on her way back from ASDA this afternoon, on the other side of the Vampire free cemetary, complete with carrier bags and cheap wine. Kind offer. Thanks, but I did have other things to do. Honest.

Which brings me to today’s big favour. The book. I’ve done some planning for it already over the last few days and there has already been some quite high quality input although bringing back that particular memory was not intentional, I know, but thanks. It’s a man thing.

It’s going to be a fun look at my alcoholism and cancer and stuff. No, seriously, I mean fun. Good people, good attitudes, you know what I mean. Whether it gets published, it will at least be written and presented to a literary agent or ten.

Which is where I need your help. There are gaps. Do you have any thoughts, theories, stories or opinions about me over the last three and a half years, say from October 2005 onwards, especially for the following year or so? (NQ Communication and Media as was, that’s you that is, and some journalism students as well) but anyone who knows me, please tell me, either through the blog comment (gulp) or the other address. And ask around.

I’m sounding like Kirsty Young on Crimewatch….well more like one of the male ones on Crimewatch, anyway. The testosterone is returning. But please feel free to pass on your thoughts.

And finally, speaking of addiction but in a fun kinda way. I recently mentioned that, much as I enjoyed Alabama 3’s set at Balloch, I was slightly disappointed with their music. Some good friends, I keep telling you I have more than just the one, have pointed out that they’re playing the Carling Academy on 11th December. Tickets go on sale later this month (23rd).

I think I’ll go. Anyone else fancy it? Mail or text me.

I promise I won’t sing all the words to Hypo Full Of Love and I won’t do all the actions to Bulletproof, just the little dance. Honest. 

Some of you will just be back from a holiday abroad by the 23rd. Some of you may be about to go. Think of your feel-good factor. Think of your sun factor. And think about Alabama 3. The perfect combination. Tell me soon.



2 Responses to “yeah, i know nobody knows where it comes and where it goes. I know it’s everybody’s sin. You got to lose to know how to win”

  1. Dennis Kelly Says:

    So you accept somebody else’s suggestions for lyrics but not mine. Twice I sent in recommendations and twice I was ignored, binned, sidelined, marginalised and any other similar type word.
    With regard to your request for info on yourself I will hopefully see you in November and can try and reminisce then. Of course, I will expect the Wurzels to have made by that time.


  2. Johnt850 Says:

    Can I just say that the amazing Missie K and the lovely Lesley have a better knowledge of my music collection than you do (ask no questions). I just don’t have the Wurzels or Fran and Anna but if you want to go back in time how about some early Idelwild? I can do that for you!!!!
    And yes. I’ll be there in November. The thirtieth anniversary (in years) of the Winers’ Club is the ultimate challenege for me. Gulp.

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