look at me im happy, don’t worry, be happy i give you my phone number, when your worried, call me, i make you happy don’t worry, be happy

Fairly simple, fairly uncoded there, except it is the Bob Marley version, so be careful with the smoke signals, but check out, as well, the recent Infadels lyric on the page below. The lesson is…be aware of the perils/pearls of e-mail, just in case. Good and bad. ‘Nuff said.

I am, however, so happy with so much of last week. Natural highs are seriously good.

It’s all beginning to sink in, but I was interested to hear a friend of mine describe me as having been “discharged” from the Addiction Centre. A wee bit like a bankrupt paying off debts and looking ahead. Yeah. I can see similarities.

I was talking to the gorgeous Doctor Fiona the other day (good looking, spoken for, CD, so no prizes for guessing what you can bring me back from your holidays and well done to you and everyone else.) It was she who set all this in motion almost two years ago when I thought we were testing for diabetes. I think I now know different.

Her first words on seeing me? “You suit your hair long.” Okay. I parapharase. She did say other things, but it was thanks to her that I discovered that I am an alcoholic, albeit now wittingly recovering, and that I had cancer. Not the normal makings of a beautiful friendship, but, I think, an impressive start.

But, being serious, it is now only three and half months until my next check for PSA levels, a phrase which will become as much a part of my life as “a large tomato juice with worcester sauce and tabasco, please”

And can I pay my complements to the Firebird Lounge just across the road from the Art Galleries where I had one of the best and strongest tjs ever, earlier tonight. And the second one was exactly the same.

C, C’s mum and LF, it’s well worth the trip in itself. This potential guest list is getting longer and longer, but no complaints. No celery stick, however, C, but you know my views on those. 

It was a post match drink with J-P, the Learning and Access Curator at the Centre of New Enlightenment. Okay, he’s a Partick Thistle fan who works at the Art Galleries, but that’s honestly his job title. Brilliant DVD, by the way. I’ll have a dozen.

But get this, Dennis and Mr Rainforest Riverman, and other travellers of similar age, New or otherwise. J-P’s dad ran the deli next to the original Goodies in Great Western Road, one of the first all night grocers in Glasgow selling almost anything, including, maybe that as well, if you knew the correct words to pass.

And remember the cat that sat on the rolls in the window? And the woman with the black and white hair who watched the cat? And a QM Board member called Felicity…..I’ve decided to stop. So far, so good but you can’t be too careful. 

Happy daze. Sometimes I don’t mind “greying with age”. Sometimes I worry. Apparently it happens to horses of many colours who mutate into white but in becoming such nice creatures, they develop a greater risk of skin cancer. They lack a certain pigment.

One owner described her grey horses as, “more difficult to keep clean and more likely to get sunburnt”. See me, see mirrors. I still like looking at myself, but maybe now I look for different things.

But, moving on, can I just say thanks to Missie K for her very kind offer (any news for me?). It would be just me and not the rest of the “Partick Thistle Luncheon Club” but I’ll need to check something with Suzy M first. Suddenly Croy Railway Station sounds exciting. Don’t worry. Not until September. Have a good holiday.

And whilst we’re in that neck of the woods, my good friend Claire (any news for me?), you were right, so right about the state of the Labour Party in Scotland. If only the Scottish Leader had listened…. What’s that Little Voices? There is no Scottish Leader. Then why on Earth…? 

(I’m allowed one political reference now and again, okay?)

But this does seem an appropriate time to say thanks to all those people who sent me good wishes, including my friends at BBC-2’s Newsnight who did so literally minutes after the recount. I do hope, Craig W, editor supremo, sir, you didn’t get the congratulations messages mixed up and that the new member for Glasgow East didn’t get too  much of a shock at his good news from the cancer consultant.

And whilst we’re congratulating people, a quick name check to Jackie, Susan and others about to walk the West Highland way to raise money for a new centre for special needs children. Check out www.thedaviecoopercentre.org/ . Another day, another spledge.

Ah, the spirit of bonhomie. But doesn’t Gordon Smith get everywhere?

But will he be at at Loch Lomond next Saturday? I’m still waiting for the ticket, Parfery person, top film studies student to be, but main music columnist Emma J tells me to be patient. It’ll be soon. I’m particularly looking foward to the train journey back from Balloch to Anniesland. There’s bound to be a first class compartment for those of us “sober and solvent free”, isn’t there? Isn’t there? (Gulp)

Maybe Press get upgraded as a matter of course.

By the way Kevin C, did I tell you I grow my own tomatoes? Small, very red but perfectly formed.

And finally, Wednesday’s blog had almost treble its usual readership in as much as you can guesstimate these things with the wordpress graph. Amazing.

The blog will continue but there are high horse level discussions going on as to its future. Watch Wednesday’s edition for details. But if you’ve views then use the blog comment. Maybe the blog’s structure will change, maybe there’s been a touch too much hot air recently, maybe I’ve been too close to things. Maybe Chapter 2 has already started, and I didn’t notice, but it must always be fun. Okay?

Relief is good, complacency is bad, but recovery will always be with me. (Some good friends)

U don’t dance 2 tekno any more (Alabama 3, Balloch, this Saturday)




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