You sit around getting older There’s a joke somewhere and it’s on me I’ll shake this world off my shoulders Come on baby this laugh’s on me….even if we’re just dancing in the dark

Bruce Springsteen there and I know that I once said, being a Steve Earle man, I’d never use the words of the Boss, but I was compared to him earlier this week. “You’re nothing like Bruce Springsteen.” was the exact quote but, hey, it’s a comparison.

And can I point out that the track I’ve just used is Dancing in the Dark, not Whistling. Whistling I lay claim to for my own personal Closing Ceremony. I’m still trying to organise the Access All Areas badges but I’m getting there. Opening music? Check Blog number 1.

All of which might sound a bit gloomy but the meeting with my cancer consultant is this Tuesday and I’m still not telling anyone the date. As I say, I think we’ll be going for the large jags option (calm down Laura F) and if I could find a bookies to take the bet that’s where my money would be going. (Incidentally, LF, I’ve been watching Forensic Detectives on the Discovery Channel. But is it true to life?) 

And a wee serious cancer message is that if you’re not sure, go see the doc…just in case.

I was once in a lift with my son, Tam Cowan, Stu Cosgrove and two others and, Tam, serious for once, said, “Statistically, one of us in this lift will have testicular cancer.” We all looked at each other. If in doubt, check it out.

But moving effortlessly on, and speaking of large amounts of monies being won without any effort, the syndicate is back, G,G,C and C, with your unique no-risk, it’s all Johnt850’s money guarantee. Keep your eye on the Open for Justin Rose and Paul Lawrie finishing within the first four (that’s right isn’t it, Gary the Pollok Punters’ Pal?…fourth place pays? I still laugh at Nia Roo. It’s a pub, not a horse, folks)

A successful result could lead to champagne in the attic, Missie K, except, obviously, for me, but I could afford extra tabasco for my tomato juice.

And by the way, I’m told by someone who was within the ropes at Loch Lomond that Ian Poulter did say what Ian Poulter denied saying, and he did preface it with the word “poncey”, which is a good and innovative use of language, albeit somewhat unwittingly.

Yeah. This is much better than being morbid. Keeping it fun is good.

So, let’s go for Smile of the Week and that goes to the newsreader Fiona Bruce who had a strange twinkle on her lips as she said the words, ” Max Moseley sado-masochism sex trial.” Go on, try it. Out loud. On a train.

I laughed so much I bit my lip. I drew blood. Not an unpleasant experience……..

Can I also say thanks to people like Stevie Boy, J-P and the Parfery person for making such life changing suggestions for me (and it’s always worth looking back at previous blogs for comments. You never know). Partick Thistle and Alabama 3 may seem an unlikely combination but stranger things have happened.

On the football front, can I ask members of the Tartan Army such as my son, Brian, and David Taylor’s mate, Dennis, as opposed to Dennis Taylor’s mate, David, what do you think of this idea of asking fans about ticket prices? Should it be extended to picking the team? And what does George Burley do other than take part in photo calls for the red tops?

And my good friend Claire, (vowels are okay early morning) size and length isn’t everything. (It’s okay. I’m not going to do the bit here where I say, “It’s what you do with it that counts”. That would be so seriously unprofessional). 

It’s quality that’s important. If Days Like This asks for a maximum of 1,000 words, then you don’t need to write as much as that if it doesn’t warrant it.

Okay, that was just a bit cheap and gratuitous, but by now people will have started to see and hear the trailers on BBC Scotland for this writing competition about a real day in the life. Modesty forbids, but for the third and final time I publish the link John Thompson, such a talent. Read it! Shame about the “p”. Anyone want to take the “p” out of Thompson?

Speaking of which, can I just say, C, that the High Horse Challenge was never resolved. After all, who turned up for the wrong Induction Day just under a year ago? Eh,? Fifteen-love to me, I think. (Could I be about to regret this?) CD, I’m still willing to match my hot chocolate fondant pudding against her flapjacks. Is there any contest?

Incidentally, one of the kiosk operators down at the ASDA for the summer is called Layla. You don’t think, do you? Here, in Summerston? And was Eric Clapton really a guitar hero of mine? Actually, no.

I have a bootleg cassette with “Led Zeppelin in Concert-A Copy of the Original Concert (1969)” written on it. I have no idea where it came from. It is awful.

And I noticed this morning, on the way down to the supermarket, that there’s a large hole in the left hand pocket of my jeans, down which my keys slipped. Not an unpleasant experience……..

And finally Stevie Boy. Glad you enjoyed your family holiday but I note what you say about your young daughter and how she passed the thyme (clever that, eh?). Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. That’s all I’ll say. But glad you enjoyed your holidays and the same to those just back, about to go or are in the middle of them somewhere.

I bet you’ve got some stories to tell. Y’know where to tell them.

And yes, it has been a quiet week up ’til now. Big adventures ahead though, like going back to Bishopbriggs to get my car fixed. Last time I was there I was shouted at because of the distance I had travelled. So far, so booed.



7 Responses to “You sit around getting older There’s a joke somewhere and it’s on me I’ll shake this world off my shoulders Come on baby this laugh’s on me….even if we’re just dancing in the dark”

  1. Gary 'The Priesty Punter' Says:

    Hi John

    The first four in the Open will pay out on each-way, I’ve still to decide who else I’m going to lump my 50p each-way on.
    Bye the way, the Nia Roo is not the fine establishment it once was, better aff at the Cavie in Nitsy!

  2. Johnt850 Says:

    Ah! The Royal Oak, the Caravel and the Provanmill Inn should all have been listed buildings before they em, disappeared in a cloud of metaphorical smoke. But the Cavie sounds just right for a celery stick in my tomato juice.
    And before anyone points it out. I didn’t say Clapton played for Led Zep. There’s a space between the two pars.
    You can never find an Indesign guru when you need one.

  3. Gary 'The Priesty Punter' Says:

    The Cavie is also known as the Cavendish bar, which is near the resting place of the Royal Oak.

  4. Dennis Kelly Says:

    Frankly I would have paid £50 to see Argentina and said so in my response but it was bombed out. To be honest I think it is Gordon – the SFA boss, dipping out of making big decisions. Poor management style if you ask me. On the names thing, Brad Pitt called his son Shiloh. Think about it – that will work well in the school playgroound.

  5. Johnt850 Says:

    Was there really a professor butter who called his son, Roland? I’ve always wondered.

  6. Son Says:

    I would like to point out that not all members of the supporters club were asked their opinion. I agree with Dennis and would have paid the 50 pounds to see argentina, and no one can make the comment about students having too much money

  7. Johnt850 Says:

    Last time I went to see Scotland was a friendly so there may be people like me who’d go but are not committed to following like the Tartan Army.
    Plus, following the persuasive powers of the Parfery person, I’ve just booked a ticket to go see Alabama 3 down at Loch Lomond. It’s about the same cost.

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