The lonely days and nights were paved with dreams. I’ve loved and lost and I do believe a little bit of soul, is worth more than gold. Everybody, needs somebody

Maybe a coded message there, maybe not, but I needed Primal Scream this morning. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a track called “Some b*****d hit my car with a trolley, didn’t stop and the whole bumper now needs replaced” blues. 

But it did mean I saw a fair amount of the countryside. Well, Bishopbriggs via Torrance on the way to the bodyshop. The Accident Care place that is. Not the one that sells that nice strawberry bath oil.

Vampire Slayer! That house with all the buddhist awnings and stuff that I passed on the left on the way past Torrance! I want it! Not the house but all the trappings. They looked seriously good. Y’know my back garden. They’d be perfect. Next time you’re passing on your way to the graveyard, bring it all over please. Ta.

Almost missed Bishopbriggs. Almost arrived in Kirkintilloch by mistake. Gosh. Next stop might have been Croy Railway Station. I wonder, has Michael Palin ever been there, albeit unwittingly? What do you reckon, Missie K? 

1001 railway stations to visit before…..I see my consultant, on a date I  still will not mention although it draws closer.

Although I notice, Stevie Boy and J-P S, that the Harry Wraggs are at home to Burnley the night before. Where do you guys meet before a game these days, just in case? (Incidentally do you remember a guy called Bernie Regan? I’m sure that’s who it was, Oonagh)

But I’m not worried. (That bloody stone is sitting staring at me. Will no-one tell me what you do with a worry stone?)

Actually I am slightly worried. I’ve not actually received a letter confirming my consultant’s appointment on… almost caught me out there, haha….the day after the Burnley game. I have this irrational fear that I will turn up and they won’t be expecting me. But I am big on irrational fears.

I used to think that, because the platform at Buchanan Street Subway station was between the two rail lines, that I would be pushed into the way of the oncoming subway train. So I sat on the steps at the side. With a surprisingly large amount of other people.

Officer Laura F, I have a  high regard for your Sherlock Holmes mind. Eh, that’s it. Nothing to do with the subway. Just thought I’d mention it.

But my doctor assures me everything will be fine. About the appointment that is. Not the subway. I walked into Doctor Dave’s surgery the other day. He asked me how I was. I said, “Superb.” His face fell. You forget that, don’t you, about doctors?

But he asks the right questions. The big one. “How’s the cancer?” And then the “not so big one”. But he manages to say it without using italics.

Moving swiftly on.

Gordon Brown’s campaign against Buy One Get One Free. I put my free one into the freezer until such time as I need it, just like my cheesecake. But there again, I don’t compare myself to Heathcliffe, and make dreadful appearances on Youtube.

But speaking of internet videos. Can I thank a Miss Gabriella Cilmi, she’s a young Australian chanteuse Dennis, who sent me a recent e-mail offering me an official video plus still photos on the click of a button? Gulp.

A nice offer, GC, but one I hesitate to take up without someone else in the room. Can I stress that GC is nothing to do with mes amies, G, G, C and  C who have never…I’ll stop there. Gulp.

Mind you, an interesting message from my good friend Claire (isn’t it great when the vowels are no problem). I’m sure that one of Britain’s top investigative journalists will be delighted by you referring to him as “this eamonn chap”. In four years time I look forward to looking to reading Eamon O’Neill’s website, y’know the one where he lists his awards, and reading the words “that claire woman”.

You’ll get there. Your mother and I were just saying. She and I are getting on okay , now. Bit of a false start before.

(Art Galleries, anyone?)

Incidentally. Talking of talking to mothers. (Nobody go there! Right!) Hey, Art School Lauren! “Paying for petrol” means filling the tank up. Right? But you do suit the colour of that red car. It goes with (some of) the colours in your hair. Seriously.

How’s that, Debbie? Did I say the right thing?

And my thanks to another neighbour, Mary, also a mother, but there is no recurring theme here. Right? Many thanks for coming round and cutting my hedge. M does this every year. Now this may seem to many people slightly ungallant (French pronounciation) but I have to plug the chain saw in, and switch it on. Suddenly whatever the consultant has to tell me pales into insignificance beside this life threatening experience, but, at least M tells me there is a problem with the wiring, and the plug does fit into the socket, eventually.

Pleased to see Jim Duffy, 49 year old football man, is at T in the Park, hoping to see Rage Against The Machine. I really should go to see Alabama 3 at Loch Lomond but sometimes it’s hard to make decisions about going places until you’ve seen your consultant or whatever. I mean, he might be going, and have a spare place in his car. But, seriously, can anyone out there persuade me?  Parfery person, what do you reckon?

And finally, just to reassure Mr Rainforest Riverman, who used to run a computer company, that that superb piece of reality writing by John Thompson (kinda related to Johnt850) is available on the column “Days Like This” on the right and click on “Right Here” There I am, I mean, there he is, still just above Irvine Welsh. Well, with some woman in between. Everybody should try it.

Not quite the literary Brat Pack yet but so far, so good. 

cya tout le monde



2 Responses to “The lonely days and nights were paved with dreams. I’ve loved and lost and I do believe a little bit of soul, is worth more than gold. Everybody, needs somebody”

  1. Parfery Person Says:

    go for it john, why pass up the chance to see your fave bands on the bonny bonny banks of loch lomond. plus if i manage to wangle it off work you might bump into me, though im sure if its later on in the night that wouldnt create the best impression of myself 🙂

  2. Johnt850 Says:

    I can’t think of a better reason to stay on later into the night. Maybe cya then!

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